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We all know that nail art (also known as nail painting) is a way to decorate our nails to not only enhance our beauty but to give us a sense of fulfillment. The fashion world has gladly excepted it and over the years we have seen it growing more and more as people are coming up with unique ways to showcase their talents through their nail creativity. Ladies are coming up with various ways to give their nails charming and attractive looks by trying different methods like applying stickers, gluing jewelry like rhinestones, painting with airbrushes, and going as far as attaching heavy objects.

Women and ladies all around the world love to belong in the fashion world with such kinds of showing offs. Teenagers to adults feel like they gain an identity. So we have below some of the best designs if you love airbrush painting on your nails. Take a look at them.

Salon Like Airbrush Nail Art Ideas

Nail art has always made headlines with its changing trends. Airbrush Nail art is a way of painting nails using an airbrush spray tool which gives an option of choosing varieties of different colors. Colors that are resistant to the water are used, mostly Arcylic based colors are used in airbrush nail art. If you are looking for some interesting and vibrant looks to steal the show then you are at the right stop. We also have some easy designs for beginners so let’s get started.

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A Night In A Day

Airbrush Nail Art Designs A Night In A Day
Image Source: Alessandra Kelly Macaiewski

This nail art has one of the hottest shades with a cooling look of the night and day pattern.  This nail art has a forest look using subtle colors. This nail art has experimented with fashion and has brought out the best of the trends. This trending manicure has a vibrant yellow color as the sun and other colors are excellently responding to it. what more do we need? Grab this design and start painting your nails.

Perfectly Being Monochrome

Airbrush Nail Art Designs Perfectly Being Monochrome
Image Source: Negar Teymori

This nail art has an ombre feel. This nail art is standing tall with the monochrome of pink. This pastel shade will look gorgeous on the nails. It gives a fresh touch to the nails. This nail art is minimalistic with its look but will create a heavy impact on the audience. This nail art is best for lazy days or off-to-office days.

Ombre Nails For Beginners

Airbrush Nail Art Designs Ombre Nails
Image Source: Anna Nails It

This nail art looks obsessed with the ombre. It has a pretty design and looks professional. The colors are mixed beautifully perfectly suiting our mood. This stunning pink with black is a perfect combo to have. This nail art can be worn in every season no matter how rainy or how sunny a day is. The matte finish looks classic and elegant.  This nail is a classic gradient that can be worn for the whole year.

Shinning In The Spot Like A Star

Airbrush Nail Art Designs Shinning In The Spot
Image Source: Julianna Alves

This nail art is glossy with a sassy attitude. The fun ombre is best to wear for this spring or winter. This mani is love, as it has its unique glow on it with the lighter shades of the soft colors. This nail art is easy to apply in no time and will never let you down with its glowing shine. This nail art will make people get obsessed with it. The light purple and baby blue combination is a heart stealer. A little spark is just adding a lot more shine and glow to it.

Patched With The Ombre

Airbrush Nail Art Designs Patched With The Ombre
Image Source: Lili

This nail art has a patchy design. The baby pink ombre colors look phenomenal to witness. In addition to that, it has patchy look done with soft colors and feels like nothing can be much better than this. This designer inspiration is in desperate need of attention and one cant keep calm painting them. It is bliss for all pink lovers. This beautiful mani is best for the spring season.

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Subtle And Glowing With Rhinestone

Airbrush Nail Art Designs Subtle And Glowing
Image Source: Andressa Becker

This nail art is a true symbol of serenity. The light shades of white and baby pink are the purest. These colors are so pretty and they remind me of love and only love. The pop of glitter on the ombre on the selective nails is looking pretty together. The pop-up of glitter looks gradient and perfect. This is the easy way to be neutral yet get noticed with this pretty press.

Beach Vibes With Palm, Dolphin And A Heart

Beach Vibes
Image Source: Naileen

This nail art looks stunning filled with warm and vibrant colors. It has one of the unique designs of airbrushes that one can have. This mani is here to enjoy the summer on the beach. The dolphin print with the airbrush looks joyful. The heart print on the nail took our hearts. This nail art looks like a vacation dream come true. Painting these nails with this nail art will surely be a fun activity to light ourselves.

Hypnotizing The Fashion With Multicolor

Hypnotizing The Fashion
Image Source: Nail Tenshi Annie

This nail will hypnotize you with its charming and wild nature. This Illusion nail art has a unique style to steal the limelight of other nail trends to itself. This looks unapologetically cool and happening. The colors used here are mismatched but are synchronized with each other. Looks like this mani has some plans to steal the night and trend with new hashtags in the world of fashion. The black liner gel just makes it an Illusion to believe.

King Of Patterns Like A Cheetah

Airbrush Nail Art Designs King Of Patterns
Image Source: Tata Customizacao and Cia

This nail art is equipped with multiple types of patterns on each fingernail. Looks like it won’t keep quiet at all. This nail art has an animal print airbrush design which makes it more unique and cool. On the ring finger, the rhinestone is dividing the pattern into halves creating a different set of designs on both sides and looks completely different altogether. The vibrant yellow-orange shads look bright and bold. In addition, the cheetah print makes it run faster to trend in the fashion world.

Rain Dew On The Nail

Rain Dew On The Nail
Image Source:  Mentoria Nails

This nail art whole fully gives us the winter vibes. The soft colors are finely divided into symmetry.  Each code of color has a story to tell. The white leaf print on it looks promising to set a goal to trend in the fashion world. The dew on it looks pleasing to see. This nail art altogether looks perfect and inspiring.

Rain Dew On The Nail
Image Source: Chicago Nail Tech

 Blue Ombre With Sparkle And Flowers

Blue Ombre
Image Source: Aerografia em Unhas

This nail art has everything about blue. The peach base on the ring fingernail looks natural and the blue flowers on it make it more cute and pretty. The rhinestones on one of the fingernails at the corner pull the best out of the design. The glitter nail will make our hearts glitter with it. peach and baby blue are the perfect combinations to have. It is a combo for a good day. The pearls like a stone on the flowers look like heaven.  What are you waiting for? steal this design and paint your heaven.

Horizon Match Symmetry 

Horizon Match Symmetry 
Image Source: Aerografia Em Unhas

This airbrush nail art is vibrant and warm. This nail art looks gradient. The colors used here are used in a slightly horizontal pattern with pairing it up with a single color shade or painting it using different colors. The rhinestones are attached to the different color painted nails making them more noticeable. The pointed nails are powerful to handle and make the look even more perfect. The pink ombre nails look best and completely vibes with the other nails.

Playboy Bunny On Your Nails

Got Bunny On The Nails
Image Source: Ana Lopez

This airbrush nail art is fun to watch. The elongated nails add more fun and personality to it. The bunny on the airbrush nails looks cute and sober on it. Nothing can be cuter than this. The heart on the nail has my heart to it. The baby pink and black looks good together. They match with the bunny and pull out more fun to it.

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Disney Fantasy With A Mickey Mouse

Disney Fantasy
Image Source: Tata Customizacao and Cia

This nail art has my Disney fantasies. Micky mouse on the airbrush nail looks “AWWW” to handle. This nail art is a dream come true. This airbrush nail art is one of the cutest nail designs.  The almond shape nails and the matte finish look attractive. This has created a large impact with minimal art. This is a superb option for those who love Disney and are eager to have a Disney nail art like this. This nail art will instantly light a big smile on your face.

Mismatched Bold Party Nail Art

Color Or No No Color 
Image Source: Nailsdesign Shop

This nail art balances each and everyone’s pick. It has an illusion pattern that hypnotizes everyone towards it. Cheetah print on one of the fingers nail makes it even more interesting to have. Rhinestones are added to it to make a new chemistry cooking. Looking at this airbrush design I can spend hours describing it. It is inspiring and unique. This design looks sleek and fashionable.

Snakeskin Cute Nail Art Design

Airbrush Nail Art Designs Airbrush nail art design in yellow and pink
Image Source: Janete Brunelli Nail Designer

This first image is done with an airbrush. They look kind of inspires by the snakeskin-like patterns. With polygon-like markings drawn in white, we have light yellow and light pink nail paint as a base. In addition to that, diamond-like stones are also glued at the end of the middle and ring fingers to give the whole look a sparkly effect.

Airbrush With Pink And White Glitter Nail Art design

Airbrush Nail Art Designs Airbrush with pink glitter nail art design
Image Source: Andressa Unhas de Fibra

This is a simple nail art design. The complete look is done with an airbrush. The colors used here are white and skinnish pink. The outlines on the acrylic nails are very beautiful and elegant and give out a sophisticated vibe overall. You will love this if you want anything for daily life use.

Mickey Mouse Inspired Airbrush Nail Art Design

Airbrush Nail Art Designs Mickey Mouse inspired airbrush nail art design
Image Source: Unhas Artisticas Por Nicolli

This one is clearly inspired by Disney’s Mickey Mouse. The airbrush design is done to show many Mickey’s patterns on the middle finger as well as Mickey’s face on the ring finger in black. The overall look has a skinnish and reddish color hue to give them the elegant look altogether.

Flower themed airbrush nail art design

Airbrush Nail Art Designs Flower themed airbrush nail art design
Image Source: Motico

Here, we see a really beautiful design overall. Four of the fingers from both hands have the floral markings done on them in white, pink, violet, and reddish shades and the rest of the fingers are coated with only pink nail paint. Among the four, two fingers also had some black patterns on them.

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Another Floral Themed Airbrush Nail Art Design

Airbrush Nail Art Designs Another floral themed airbrush nail art design
Image Source: Alinne Dam

This one is another beautiful nail artwork. Using small crystals and stones that are glued at the end of the fingers gives out a more enhanced look in an elegant manner. The flower pattern is painted on the ring finger in white with an airbrush. And the last pinky finger glitters in pink and white. The overall look is done in pink and white color.

Airbrush Nail Art Design In Deep Pink And Yellow Hue

Airbrush Nail Art Designs Airbrush nail art design in deep pink and yellow hue
Image Source: Tata Customizacao and Cia

This design is a bold one. With deep pink and light yellow color with white effects, we have here a very daring look. It also has some black markings on them. At the end of the middle finger, white and blue stones are glued on them to even enhance that daring attractive look. Ladies who want something bold, you might wanna take a look at it.

Dark Love And Black Heart

Airbrush Nail Art Designs Love theme airbrush nail art design
Image Source: Dania

In all black with small stones attached to the design, it gives out a daring look. The loves are marked in all the fingers with airbrush and also have whitish surrounding the patterns. It is such a lovely design and the whole look is designed with keeping in mind for someone who loves anything about love but also has a bold personality.

Blacky Airbrush Nail Art Design

Blacky airbrush nail art design
Image Source: Tata Customizacao and Cia

This one is another bold design. With black as the major color, the airbrush pattern is done white on the ring finger like a wavy pattern. The middle finger glitters in black as well. The rest of the fingers have a simple nude nail paint as base paint with black at the top.

Crown On My Almond Shaped Nails

Fleeky yellow airbrush nail art design
Image Source: Sandra

We have a charming and lovely nail art design done with an airbrush. With light yellow and white as the base paint, the design indeed looks elegant. The highlight of the whole outline is the single jewel glued on the middle finger of the acrylic nail. This is completely unique and beautiful.

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Airbrush Nail Art Design In Baby Brown

Airbrush nail art design in baby brown
Image Source: Julianna Alves

The index and the ring finger of both hands have glittery patterns on them done in brown. And the rest of the fingers are painted in brown baby color with white mixed on them. The overall look is beautiful if you want something simple but glamorous for party-like occasions.

Combo Of Color Explosion With Airbrush Nail art

Combo of colour explosion with airbrush nail art
Image Source: Ellen

We have here the color explosion with various color combinations using pink, white, violet, blue. The glittery vibe on the design enhances the complete look. Fans of something simple yet classy should definitely go for this kind of design for their nails to showcase the world.

Black Fire With Sparkle On Nails

Firy theme airbrush nail art
Image Source: Pallomah Ferpx

This looks like it is inspired by the outer space or universe theme. All the fingers except the ring finger is done in black and skin color with stars and planets like patterns painted on them using silver glitters and small circle airbrush markings. The middle finger is the star of the design with a fire-like pattern done on black and glittery markings on them.

Universe Themed Airbrush Nail Art

Universe themed airbrush nail art
Image Source: Tata Customizacao and Cia

Big planets like patterns are painted on the acrylic nails The look is inspired by the universe or outer space just like the previous ones but different design from that. We can also see small stars drawn on around the planets. If you love anything about space, then you can show your love for that via your nail artwork just like the below picture.

Multiple Layers Airbrush Nail Art Design

Multiple layers airbrush nail art design
Image Source: Chloe

The majority of the design has blue nail paint as the base coat. The four fingers on both hands have snakeskin-like patterns on them done in the combination of violet, blue, green, and dark blue colors. This is really beautiful to look at. Anyone who loves blue color to the core, then they should definitely give this nail artwork a try.

Playboy Rabbit With A Heart On Sky Nail Art

Various patterns with airbrush nail art
Image Source: Iceylana


Various patterns with airbrush nail art
Image Source: Nails by Debby
Various patterns with airbrush nail art
Image Source: Stockton ca

This one is a bit unique design from the rest. Different patterns are painted on each finger with none matching with the other. We have patterns like love, rabbit, some kind of song tone, strips all are done in white and blue and they also some stars patterns surrounding the overall look.

These nail arts are unique in their way. The airbrush nail art is new in the trend and is creating sensational openings. These nail arts can be worn in any season as they are vibrant and cold at the same time. These fashionable designs have shown their uniqueness with the leopard patterns and using rhinestones on the nails. This kind of uniqueness is popular to stay in the trend. You will be the coolest person standing in the crowd by painting your nails with these patterns. They are too cool to handle. One can’t miss, not trying these airbrush nail arts.

Nails are tried with multiple layers kind of creating a canvas and professions have come up for that opportunity in today’s modern world. The experts in this profession know to come up with unique and creative designs.

So from the above nail artworks done by using an airbrush, I hope you guys enjoyed having a good glimpse of them. The growing popularity of nail art has changed the fashion world completely. Everyone wants to try it, be it a teenager or a youngster in their early 20s or someone in late 20s and early 30s, even old people want to give it a try.

So for your happiness and guidance, we feel privileged to showcase some of the designs from the best of the best. Whether you want to do it yourself or want to get the artwork done by a professional, it is for you to decide. But we hope we did our best to make it easy for you. Hence if anyone wants to try any designs from the above ones, then paint your nails with some cool and funky patterns.

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