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Gel nails are glossy and sturdy. These nails are quicker and durable. They look more natural. They are a good choice for busy women who cannot attend multiple manicures. Gel nail art design can last up to three weeks too!  Isn’t that great? If you are going on a holiday, a vacation or a business trip, gel nail art can be an amazing choice for you! You can attend these days even without worrying about your nails. Don’t let bad nails ruin your day, get acquainted with these amazing and lasting gel nails.

Like in a normal manicure at the beginning the nails are cut, soaked and shaped. Cuticles are cut if you want to. Hands are then washed properly. After adding a base coat as a primer, the gel polish is done. The nails are dried under UV light, it is done after every coating. It firms the nails. The topcoat added is glossy that also is dried under UV light. A major drawback of gel nails is regular UV exposure can be harmful to your nails and skin. Remember, don’t overdo it!

It is quite amazing how our nails can be transformed into canvases and can be turned into literal art. No matter what type of nails we decide to get, it will always end up looking like artwork. Another fan favourite is gel nails. Gel nails are quite the trend now and something says to us that it is here to stay for a very long time. Now, to those who are clueless about what a Gel nail art is, Gel nail art is a technique that uses a gel nail polish as opposed to regular nail polish and instead of air drying, it is made hard and made sure that it sticks on to your nails by curing it under a UV light. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? To those who have no clue about gel nails and if you have only seen the different varieties  of designs on social media, here is a quick guide to help you decide on which designs to pick:

Here we list the best Nail Art Design ideas for your gel nails, that can save your time and glam up your nails for a long! Even if you had made your mind to trying gel nail art, confused about the designs? Don’t worry, just follow the pretty designs given below.

Gel Nail Art Designs

Try the pink golden mixture


Gel Nail Art Designs Try the pink golden mixture

Image source: Isabel May

Try to blend the colours. The colour you can probably go with is pink and shimmery golden. These are a good idea to go with if you are new to gel nail art.

You can also add a coating of nail shiner to the end of it.

Ice-blue to get you a formal look

Gel Nail Art Designs Ice-blue to get you a formal look

Image source: Gemma

Always been a formal colour ice blue can probably rock it. If you are up on giving gel nail art a try, go for the ice blue colour. You can also keep on adding some rainbows on some fingers. Since the colour is ice blue the best mixture would be white with it.

The nail has an overall look of the sky which can be a cute design to be given a try.

Try shimmery glittery golden

Gel Nail Art Designs Try shimmery glittery golden

Image source: 9seul_nail

The golden colour has always been that colour we all are attracted to. We accept it or not golden catches most of the eyes. Now, you don’t need to add any other colour to it. Golden can alone rock the game. Yes! So just go for the golden colour in the nails and the edge of the nails should have golden colour as well.

Butterflies all around!

Gel Nail Art Designs Butterflies all around!

Image source: aesthetic. shellac nails

Now, this design is the most elegant one. You need to try a mixture of mauve pink and white colour. Apply mauve pink on some fingers and white colour on some fingers.

Remember that the finger in which you try the mauve purple should have beautiful butterflies in it. Among the butterflies also add a tint of golden shade.

Fan of daisy flowers? Try this

Gel Nail Art Designs Fan of daisy flowers? Try this

Image source: Jazzy Nails

If you are a daisy flower person, then show the love even in your nail art. Draw those beautiful white daisy flowers in your nails. Try drawing them at the start of your nails. Use your artistic skills and draw them.

You can also add some black dots and borders you want to. Apply a coating of nail shiner at the end.

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Purple butterflies all around!

Gel Nail Art Designs Purple butterflies all around!

Image source: Sarahjane

The one shown in the picture is a beautiful gel nail art one can try. This can be easily designed as the extreme fingers will have simple nail paint. The middle 2 fingers will have only purple butterflies in them. Just give them a beautiful coat of nail shiner and you are done!

Remember that the thumb will have only plain nail colour. You can try other colours if you want to like black or blue. This pattern can be tried with any of your favourite nail colours.

Pastel green & colourful galaxy look

Pastel green is one of the most subtle colours and sweetest as well. You can go for plain pastel colour in some fingers. For other ones, just go for that colourful galaxy look you want to. Try to get some glitters into your galaxy.

This is how you are just ready for your all so good nail art.

Pastel purple- Undoubtedly the best one!

Gel Nail Art Designs

Image source: Yaiza Gallardo

For all the pastel lovers out there, this is the best thing they can have. This is just so good in ours. Pastel purple our now so much in trend. Go for applying that in some of your fingers.

Now switch to some other fingers and go for plain nail art. Don’t try to colour those nails. Just transparent nail art. That will do all your work.

Try all at once!

Try all at once!


All the fingers with different designs are something many people wanna give a try. This is what they can opt for then. They can go all different designs at once. As shown in the picture, let the ring finger play the zebra role. Now let the other 3 fingers have the same combo of colours but different designs.

One will have a single leaf, the other a branch or the leaf. Try all these creative ideas at once!

Glittery Pink is all you need!

Glittery Pink is all you need!

Image source: Tina und Caro

Pink is something we all love to some extent. Now what you need to experiment with is adding golden stripes to your pink nail art. You can also go for silver stripes as shown in the figure. The stripe should be a single line. The stripe should be on two fingers side by side. The two fingers left on the extreme right and left will have no stripe on them. They will just have simple glitters on them.

And this is how you are done to carry that pink glittery look of yours.

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Get some marble effect!

Get some marble effect!

Image source: elena_k_nails_

The marble effect nail art is for every other person who loves to try new things. The marble effect nail art is never going to be off-style. The two consecutive fingers should have the same design.

Just as shown in the picture you can try for a little bit of marble effect on 2 fingers. The majority of the marble effect can be on the other two consecutive fingers.

The Nude pink is something Wow!

Get some marble effect!

Image source: Nails by Kelly

This is also a great colour to try on. The nude has always been in trend. Everyone loves to try nudes. Be it in lipstick or nail paints. Just need to add some good gel nail art to it now. This will make the overall look wow.

The design you can try is probably the one shown in the picture. Make some beautiful blue colour branches in it. And that is how you will rock the nude colour like no one!

Try a rainbow now!

Get some marble effect!

Image source: Rute Castro

For all those fashion lovers, who want to stand out of the crowd. This is something just for you. We all now have seen a trend where we can see every other person wearing rainbow tops.

But it’s time to try something different! Try the rainbow look on your nails. Use neon colour as well. Pink, blue, green, neon and every colour you want to. This is a perfect gel nail art you can try!

Try making your blue muffins!

These nails look like you have made muffins on your nail. Isn’t that what sounds interesting! Looks interesting as well. Look at these beautiful sky blue nail art designs. Nobody can resist saying a wow for them!

Let some nails be the simple ones with blue nail paint. Others should have bulged out appearance. You can also add some glassy nail art like the one you can see. Try this extraordinary design and let people wonder how your nails look so beautiful. Let them go damn

Do some nail art on your foot as well!

Do some nail art on your foot as well!

Image source: 1010 NAIL

Not just your hands should carry beautifully. Same how are you should keep your leg nails. Look at these cutie cartoons. These are gonna look so cute when you wear them.

Go for some nude colour. Make a pretty cute face on your toe. Make a cat face if you want to. Just concentrate on the fact that it should look cute enough.

Simple Pastel Swirls Nude Gel Nail Art Design for Summer

Gel Nail Art Pastel Swirls Nude Gel Nail Art Design

Image Source: Marbella Beauty Salon

Pastel lovers! This nail art design is a good choice for you. All you need is a nude base and pastel swirls running beside each other. This nail art design is easy and cute. It is also suitable for people preferring simple designs for normal days. Nail art that is Summer cosy and it goes well with floral dresses.

Tortoise Gold Gel Nail Art Design

Gel Nail Art Tortoise Gold Gel Nail Art Design

Image Source: Jess Rose Beauty

Tortoise Nails! The honey and black colour create this amazing tortoise look. For the additional captivity paint the middle fingernail half. Demarcate the painted and unpainted side with a thin golden stripe, running vertically. This nail art looks amazing with the gel gloss look! This design is a good choice for animal print dresses. Also if you are travelling to the seashore or beaches this tortoise art is a terrific choice.

Embellished Pastel Dots Gel Nail Art Design

Gel Nail Art Embellished Pastel Dots Gel Nail Art Design


Looking for something not too complex yet cute? Here you go with these plain gel nails embellished at the base. Nails are coated with baby pink. Following the nail base curves, there are dots, a sparkling gold at the centre accompanied with the pastel tones in the sequence. This nail art can be a suitable regular day design. It looks gorgeous with golden ring accessories.

Floral Stickers Over Green Gel Nail Art Design

Gel Nail Art Floral Stickers Over Green Gel Nail Art Design

Image Source: California Nails AS

Look at these pastel flower stickers! They look so cute over the light green glossy nails. It looks like a light spring flowering. This nail art is a good choice for spring. This nail art design could be a lovely idea for flora lovers too! Khaki or floral outfits could be the right match for this nail art. You can surely try them for spring’s welcome!

Blue Waves Crash Gel Nail Art Design

Gel Nail Art Blue Waves Crash Gel Nail Art Design

Image Source: nogti shok

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Water time! The glossy white base with blue waves crashing at the base looks enchanting. This nail art design will take you to the seas. If you are having a seashore or beach vacation. This could be a wise choice for you. Have fun with water nails, water signs ( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) should try these nails too!

White Swirls Gel Nail Art Design

Gel Nail Art White Swirls Gel Nail Art Design

Image Source: Educadora Nail Designer

There is a shiny nude base coat. All nail tips are painted white except for the ring and middle fingers. For these remaining nails, white swirls are going vertically. The glowing glossy nails are ready. This nail art looks super cute. You can wear a white shirt or T-shirt with this nail art. Any outfit that has white is a good choice, even the white shoes! This can be styled with comfy baby doll dresses too.

Leaf and Flower Gold Gel Nail Art Design

Gel Nail Art

Image Source: Carrie Murphy

Cute and Leafy! This nail art has several elements. You have a few metallic blue nails and white nails for the ring and middle finger. Over the white nails, we have cute tiny flowers and adorable leaves. There is also a golden touch over these white nails. This nail art is a good choice for summers and summer outfits. It looks equally good with baggy winter clothes.

Blue Candy, Sparkle Coated Leaf Gel Nail Art Design

Blue Candy, Sparkle Coated Leaf Gel Nail Art Design

Image Source: The Nail Room

Candy sweet nails! Look at these adorable sky-blue glossy candy nails. They are eye glittering. For the ring fingernails, there is a diagonal leaf too. The left is coated with sparkling glitter paint. This nail art will look gorgeous with silver or german silver accessories. This design fits well with vibrant outfits too.

Gold Rose Galaxy Gel Nail Art Design

Gold Rose Galaxy Gel Nail Art Design

Image Source: Linh Nguyen

This nail art design looks heavenly! These white pink marble nails look like a shrine. There are golden stars and dots over little fingers. Golden Rose for one middle finger and golden moon, stars and dots for another middle finger. At some nails bases, there are metallic cuffs too. This nail art design is remarkably unique! This design is amazing for blooming spring outfits.

Pink Glitter White Gel Nail Art Design

Pink Glitter White Gel Nail Art Design

Image Source: Yaiza Gallardo

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The ring fingernail is glitter pink. The middle fingernail is also glitter pink but is accompanied by white stripes from both sides. The remaining nails are marbled white. These nails look elegant. This nail design is a sparking choice. This nail art design is a stunning choice for plain sarees too! You can even try this out with your embellished dresses.

Bee Stripes Gel Nail Art Design

Bee Stripes Gel Nail Art Design

Image Source: JoLinn Phx AZ Nails

This nail art has three colours from the flag of Germany and Belgium! Moreover, this reminds me of a striped bee. There are black, red, orange and yellow stripes. The yellow covers a major portion of the nail tip. Overall this nail art looks great. You can try this nail design with mustard yellow outfits or with contrasting vibrant colours. That would look stunning.

Multicolour Vertical Swirls Gel Nail Art Design

Multicolor Vertical Swirls Gel Nail Art Design

Image Source: aymee lacandyx

This nail art is funky. It has many bright colours. The bright swirls run vertically through the nails beside each other. There is orange, yellow, red, pink and dark pink. These colours together look cool and hypnotic. This nail art design is a great choice with bright coloured outfits. The unusual and bold outfits would look good with this funky nail design.

Baby Pink Tip Decorated Gel Nail Art Design

Baby Pink Tip Decorated Gel Nail Art Design

Image Source: The Nail Room

All the nails are painted baby pink. The tip is slightly decorated; the tip from inside is outlined with a thin golden curve that protrudes out from places towards the tip. A few pink and brown small line segments are also added at the tip vertically. This nail art design is ready. This one is really cute and easy to make. These glossy gel nails can be styled with any soft or off coloured outfit.

Cute Illustrations Gel Nail Art Design

Cute Illustrations Gel Nail Art Design

Image Source: Nancy Luong

Cute and cool! This nail art is everything. These glass nails are given some cool and crisp tips. There is a different colour and illustration at the tip of each nail. There is cloud, strawberry, cherry, watermelon, fire heart, mushroom and so on. This nail art is so winsome and adorable. This nail art is a good choice for a kindergarten teacher too! Kids will be terrifically obsessed.

Pastel Blue Embellished Shiny Nail Art Design

Pastel Blue Embellished Shiny Nail Art Design

Image Source: The Nail Room

There are many things in this pastel blue nail art design. There are shiny coated pastel blue nails for little fingers and thumbs. For the forefinger of one hand and the ring finger of the other hand, there is a white flower at the end of the nail. Ring finger for one hand and middle finger for other is coated white and is remarkably embellished. The two left nails are coated pastel blue with some unorganized white lines running at the nail tip. This nail art is on fleek! This nail art is a good choice for pastel and white outfits.

Halloween Nails

Halloween is coming soon and maybe it is time to get your spook on by getting Halloween themed nails like shown below. You can get tiny pumpkins with the colour of your choice and another great idea would be to use that same colour on your other nails for a monochrome moment.

On Cloud Nine

Gel Nail Art On Cloud Nine

Image source: nail allure

Get clouds on your nails in your favourite colours and flaunt them all over. All you need is a transparent base coat, gel nail polishes in your favourite colours and you are done.

Starry Nights

Gel Nail Art Starry Nights

Image source: House Of Beauty

Choose a background colour of your liking and add some embellishments in the shape of the moon and the stars and get them on your nails ASAP. We assure you that your nails are going to be dreamy and you’ll never take your eyes off of it.

Drown In Brown

Gel Nail Art Drown In Brown

Image source: Private Salon Blanche

For the past few years, this colour has been gaining momentum and it is quite aesthetic. So, pick this colour for your next manicure session and add your magic to it or you could accentuate your design by adding a gold line and so on.

Greed For Green – Simple Nail Art

Gel Nail Art Greed For Green

Image source: Aggie K-a

Green is such a beautiful colour and instead of getting a plain old full green manicure, why ‘ you take it up a notch by giving it a marble design? All you need is a simple white base coat and a small pointed brush to mimic the marble design and as a cherry on top of the cake, highlight your design with a bit of gold paint and you are done.

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Care For Bears?

Gel Nail Art Care For Bears?

Image source: oneulnail.eun

Bring back some nostalgia by getting a bear design on your nails and it’s going to look so cute and whimsical. Don’t forget to add your statement designs and make them unique.

Be Glitter And Not Bitter

Gel Nail Art Be Glitter And Not Bitter

Image source: Meme

Shine on by getting glitter gel nail art. It is your wish to make it extravagant or to keep it simple. To recreate this look below, all you need is a transparent base coat and some glitter polish of your choice and it’s done!

When Life Gives You Lemons, Nail Art It

When Life Gives You Lemons, Nail Art It

Image source: MaoNails&Store

Brighten up your summer day with this citrus design. This design is very easy to pull off and it does not take a nail art maestro to do it.

Bloom Baby Bloom

Bloom Baby Bloom

Image source: The Nail Room

If minimalism is your thing, then go for this look by just painting dainty little flowers on the tip of your nails and just call it a day.

Heart The Art

Heart The Art

Image source: MaoNails&Store

If valentine day’s coming up, then get this look by just adding some hearts on your nails and prove that love is in the air. This look is quite simple to get:  a base coat, some red polish for the hearts and you’re all set!

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Beleaf In Your Nails

Beleaf In Your Nails

Image source: Masako Beck

If you love plants, then get this look of the Calathea plant on your nails and show off your green thumb.

This look is really cool and very unique.

Shine Like A Diamond

Shine Like A Diamond

Image source: NYC Nails By Fran

This look might be over the top but this shows that you are fierce and bold. It forces you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and make you more confident.

Geometric Nails

Geometric Nails

Image source: The Nail Nest

Geometric nails look cool and they add a different vibe to your look. So, choose your favourite colours and have a go at them with different lines and you are done.

Wavy Baby

Wavy Baby

Image source: Sky Nails & beauty

Get the ultimate ocean look by adding some wave shapes in different hues of blue and get this intricate yet fun look. All you need are different shades of blue and have a go at them by drawing wavy lines.

Autumn Look

Autumn Look

Image source: nail allure

Embrace the fall by getting this look that reminds you of fall and all things cosy.

Make it extra special by getting this on your toes and get comfy and cosy.

Gel nail art, if done right will last longer and look stylish for weeks by giving the proper care and love to your toenails and fingernails. It can change your mood, your style and go with any outfit that you like and will change the game. It might cost more than your average manicure but we urge you to go for it so that you experiment with different styles. No matter how much fun you have with all these nail designs, please do not forget to take care of your nails and keep them moisturized frequently at all times.

In this article, we tried to bring you some of the amazing gel nail art designs.  They are a strong and lasting choice. They give your nails an extra shine. They tend to dry up faster hence you don’t end up messing with any of them. Now you can do only one thing. Don’t give it a second thought and just go for the nail arts.

Here we explore a wide range of gel nail art designs from simply cute to complex bold. There are gel nail art designs for all sorts of seasons and days may it be summer, spring, winter and so on. Pick any one of them!

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