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Do you remember the time when we were kids and after it stopped raining we would wait for the rainbows eagerly and on seeing one it creates a different kind of sparkle in our eyes which was the happiest moment of our lives back then? There are some things in the world that cheer you up instantly and are not necessarily materialistic. Rainbow is one of them. We are always in awe of the constituent colors and how each of them has a story of its own. If you want to relive those childhood memories then it’s time to depict them on your tiny little canvas with our collection of rainbow nail art designs.

A rainbow has various meanings be it on a spiritual level or a personal level. It can be associated with a leap of faith or as something that depicts new beginnings. Apart from that, we can’t deny the peace and serenity it brings along. With so many colors in your palette, the world is your oyster and you can use them in any way you want with our rainbow nail art designs.

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Rainbow Nail Art: Let’s Spread Some Colors

Rainbow Dots

When we speak of art it does not necessarily mean to complete the canvas with your color palette. You can simply keep some space bare to elevate the beauty and simplicity of the design just like this rainbow nail art. You can create a rainbow on your thumb and draw dots in the shade of pink, red and black on the other fingers. Simplicity is strong enough to make a statement in itself.

Simple Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Naail Art Bar

Rainbow Drips

This generation is obsessed with neon colors that are bright and vibrant. You can use those neon pigments on your nails in the form of rainbow drips like this design. On the thumb, you can create small random shapes as a mixture of various colors and on the other fingers you can create the rainbow drips of contrasting colors that constituent the rainbow.

Multicolor Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: I’ve Nail’d It

Twisted French Manicure

French manicure usually involves a sheer pink or beige tone with a white polish tip on your nails. However, what’s life without a twist so redecorate your french manicure by adding a splash of colors to the tips which give trippy vibes but look artistic. Focus on the details so that the design of the tips can pop up and it will be the first thing that people will notice.

Twisted French Manicure Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Lizzie Ocean Nails

Playful Tips

You must have seen plenty of Instagram pages or on other beauty blogs regarding painting your tips but have you ever given it a thought of painting each one differently which denotes something. Here’s something for you where you can experiment and represent the various thoughts or the whirlpool of motions that you have through your nails. Complement it by painting a rainbow on the ring finger.



Series Nail Art

You must have come across paintings that are simultaneously connected with each other and when joined together they represent something. Just like that creating a series of nail art that joined together will form something meaningful like this rainbow along with clouds. Create your own source of happiness.

Rainbow and Cloud Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Mannacured

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Ombre Sky Nails

Ombre nail art basically means creating a shading effect by using various colors. Usually, it involves one or two colors at max but maybe you should try and experiment with the constituent colors of the rainbow which will beautify the ombre shade in a better way. Create your own little ombre sky through your nails.

Ombre Sky Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Nails Bab

Rainbow Stripes

Stripes nail art can be horizontal or vertical and involves a single direction. However, you can always go for the unconventional method by creating a series of stripes in a different direction that will show off your artistic skills. It can be created on short, medium, as well as long nails and, is strong enough to create a lasting impression on minds.

Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Lauren Foy Nails

Taste the Rainbow

Some people love monochrome while some love colors. Channelize that love of colors through your nails and put them together on a color palette. It looks like a world that has endless possibilities and can inspire you in some or another way.

Monochrome Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Lauren Foy Nails

Rainbow Color Blocks

You may or may not remember having a pleasant experience with geometry but you can use that in a playful manner on your nail art with radiant and glowing colors. You can definitely rock this rainbow nail art without worrying about it too much. Just grab your kit and glow up.

Color Blocks Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Nail It Mag

Colorful Cuticles and Tips

If you don’t have much time or energy to invest in your nails but wish to have something new and unique you can choose this nail art design where you can paint your cuticles and tips in contrasting colors which is definitely worth small efforts.

Colorful Cuticles Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: The Style Edit Uk

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Splash of colors on Tips

Just had an amazing French manicure but it looks kinda plain and dull? Don’t worry we have something for you which might cheer you up. You can paint your tips in a mixture of colors rather than going for a monochrome or two-toned effect with shiny gel polish as the base coat on your nails in the nude shade.

Monochrome Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Raq My Nails

Rainbow Negative Space

You are running out of time and don’ want to put much effort into your nails but want to achieve that glam look which is splendid in its own way. Don’t you worry girl, use this simple nail art design using rainbow negative space of colors which involves just painting various colors in the form of vertical stripes across your nails.

Simple Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Bham B Nails

Acrylic Paints

If you are in the mood for trying out something crafty and unique and want to give a realistic touch to your nails you can take inspiration from this rainbow nail art design. It uses three-dimensional crafts in the form of clouds, water drips, and rainbows which are cute and will definitely take your heart away.

Acrylic Paint Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: I Heart Nail Art

Just Do It

If you are a fashion influencer or someone in the business of blogging who is associated with a brand then this is the perfect idea for sporting a brand. For example, Nike which has the tagline just do it. You can use the colors just to paint the borders and create the logo of Nike using black or white shade.

Nike Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Nail It Mag

Murakami Nails

Long nails are definitely difficult to maintain but once you achieve those beauties it feels like you have conquered something great and it’s nothing less than a victory. Paint your nails differently along with a cute flower and slay it the way you want.

Long nail Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Lauren Opal

Base It With Milky White

Multicolored milky white rainbow design

Image Source: Go Polished

The beautifully rainbow-striped design makes every girl fall for it. The multicolored rainbow design is simple to create by applying a white coat with single multi-color strips at the end of the nail. This design is simple yet elegant on every girl’s nail. It is an easy way to look beautiful with this design which can go with all types of outfits.


Nail Art Designs on edge of the nail

Image Source: Olive & June

The minimalistic nail art design is what every girl would ask for. The combination of contrasting colors can look fantastic with light-colored outfit. The nail art has to be done on the edge of the nail. Girls can apply glitter or acrylic nail paint to add finesse to the design. Although it looks minimalistic, they look best with t-shirts and hoodies where girls can flaunt their beautiful nails

Sparkle The Rainbow

Two-toned sparkle rainbow designed nail art design

Image Source: Ria Jade Nails

The two-toned sparkle rainbow designed nail art design is really eye-catching and super stylish. The technique used in painting this design is all about painting the nails with three neon colors and adding nail stickers to them. The design goes perfectly well with all neon dresses adding more elegance and beauty to it. Although it seems difficult, it can be easily done with the help of several tools such as nail art brushes. Try this stunning nail art design on the light-colored western outfit. They are bound to look awesome with them. Also, the glittery dress will blend with this nail art easily.

Fierce Like A Fire

The perfect blend of neon and rainbow effect makes the nail look beautiful and sharp. Also, the effect of glitters on the latter part is like cheery on the cake. The sharp look of the nail can be designed by applying all the neon colors such as yellow, orange, green in a mixture which looks inexpressibly sharp and pointed. There can be the addition of silver sparkle to add life to your style. This design can go well with dark-colored dresses to glorify the impact of the nail art design.

Subtle Like Cream

White Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Gesa Nails


The square size of the nail can be achieved by shaping through tools such as a nail shaper which will perfect look to a girl. Adding a small layer of different nail paint at the end of the nail would make it look glossy feminine. The nails can be painted with white-colored based on different colors which will make it look sharp and livid. Girls can perfectly have this design on their nails with blue jeans to showcase the impact of colors more efficiently.

Erupt The Bubbles

Dotted Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: My Town House UK


The dotted nail art design is always on the top list of nail designs for the fact that it never goes out of fashion. There are variations in the design which makes it preferably favorable and suitable for every dress a girl wears. In this type of design, the white-colored base is created on which small dots of different colors are blended together to create an amazing and stunning design. Every girl must try out this design and wear it in western outfits to glorify its impact.

Stick As You Own It

Simple and cute Simley Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Shore Ditch Nails

The simple and cute-looking design would make girls fall for it. The designs have smileys, a love symbol, as well as a rainbow, looks perfect with any western outfit, be it a dungaree or t-shirt and shorts. Girls will find this design really easy and quick to do at their homes. The designs can be done by applying nail stickers which can make it look spectacularly colored.

Strip The Rainbow

Multi-colored stripe Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: So Hot Right Nail

Who would not fall for this amazingly done multi-colored stripe design? Every girl would definitely find it perfect to apply on long and sharp nails. The design, although seemed complicated, can be easily designed by using nail stationary tapes/stickers.  Different types of tapes can be used on polished nails to make them look amazing. Also, the exclusive design can go well with dark-colored dresses to make them look more eye-catchy.

Patt The Matt

Matte colored rainbow nail design

Image Source: Betina R. Goldstein

The simple-looking matte-colored nail design is one of the trendiest nail art designs. It perfectly blends with any party wear or looks exclusive with a traditional outfit. Girls fall for its simple yet elegant look which is added even to their bodies. The smooth and poreless design can be flaunted by girls out during summertime. The effect of the design will be glorified with the use of minimal ornaments and a simple outfit.

Flush The Blush

Beautiful Multicolor Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Keshia

This beautiful design is the culmination of light colors such as orange, pink, sky blue, and purple which can be done at home without any hassles and will make you look super stylish. The effect can be created by mixing the colors in the proper ratio to avoid any further mess of the colors. Though the design seems tricky but can be mastered with a little practice. The color of the nail art is light which can be perfectly seen or observed on dark-colored dresses.  These designs are universal in terms of wearing any outfit.

While having a manicure we wish to put as many colors as we want but what matters the most is how you blend them well in what design. Not every color is suitable for all designs and not every design is suitable for your hands. Take time to know your choices and then go ahead with what suits you the best. Experiments may be successful or may fail either but sometimes it’s worth taking the risk. If you want something super cool or funky then go ahead and try out these rainbow nail art designs which we have presented for you. Flaunt it all among your social media pages and create the oomph factor.

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