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Nails are underrated when it comes to nail care. Have you ever thought about what nails do for you? Nails essentially protect your fingertips and the tips of your toes. Nails make it easy for you to itch, pick and scratch. Even if you are dressed stunningly, everything is on fire but if your nails are undone and untidy, it could be a major disappointment. This is why nail care and nail art are important. The history of nail art started thousands of years back! The amazing thing is nail art never goes out of trend. Manicure is still trending.

There are literally enormous nail art designs. You can even try a different one every day! You will never run out of ideas. You can paint as many less or as many more nails as you want. Here in this article, we are bringing you some of the most alluring and amazing Strawberry Nail Art. Strawberry is a potential multidimensional fruit. It has countless benefits. Strawberries are highly linked to fashion. People love strawberry cardigans, dresses, and even strawberry shoes! Why not include the strawberries in your nail art?  Here are some of them for everybody and every kind of nail!

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Feel The Summer With Strawberry Nail Art Designs

Strawberry Textured Nail Art Design

Strawberry Nail Strawberry Textured Nail Art Design
Image Source: Jmoneynails

Just look at the texture of this nail art. There are green strawberry sepals at the base. Light and dark shades of pinkish red-colored patches make this art look more realistic. The yellow dots are just like the ones you can see in strawberries. This design is just amazing and looks super realistic in texture! This is an amazing choice for picnic dresses and soft-colored outfits.

Contrasting Strawberries Nail Art Design

Strawberry Nail Contrasting Strawberries Nail Art Design
Image Source: Kara

Paint the nails in contrasting shades. Bright pink for the thumb and little finger. Baby pink for forefinger. For the two left fingers apply a transparent base coat and paint strawberries in them.  Both bright pink and baby pink strawberries with white dots give a really cool contrast. This nail art design would look great for both bright and light-colored outfits.

Cream Bright Orange Strawberry Nail Art Design

Strawberry Nail Cream Bright Orange Strawberry Nail Art Design
Image Source: Brittney aka Nailgazms

This nail art gives Summer vibes! This nail art really goes best for summer. Paint your ring fingers bright orange and paint the remaining fingers cream. Decorate bright orange strawberries on the cream nails. Add a little black dot at the base of bright orange nails. You can also add tiny scattered black dots to your forefinger cream nails. Your nail art is ready. Flaunt these nails with your summer attire!

Pink White Strawberries Nail art Design

Strawberry Nail Pink White Strawberries Nail art Design
Image Source: Hard as Nails Studio

Looking for something exceptionally cute? Here you go! Paint a nude pink base. Paint some white dotted pink and white strawberries for each nail. Also, make the green sepals at the base of each strawberry. Add tiny white scattered dots for extra detailing. You can style these nails with comfy baby doll dresses or even the baby pink saree.

Red Baby Pink Strawberry Nail Art Design

Strawberry Nail ed Baby Pink Strawberry Nail Art Design
Image Source: Annie Belliston

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In this nail art design, you will have some red nails and paint other nails baby pink. Leave the red nails plain. Add the red strawberries to the baby pink ring fingernail. For the middle finger paint the tip with a slightly brighter baby pink with a wavy end. Outline this curvy end with a red wavy line from inside. Add some red dots at the base and a checkered red white pattern over this slightly brighter tip. Your nail art is ready. This nail art is suitable for red ethnic dresses like sarees and suits.

Strawberry Floral Yellow Nail Art Design

Strawberry Nail Strawberry Floral Yellow Nail Art Design
Image Source: Klaudia

This nail art design is insanely cute! Paint all the nails yellow. Add some tiny white flowers with a pink center and some white dotted strawberries randomly. Fill in-between spaces with random white dots. Your nail art design is done. Cute and delightful! This nail art goes best with light-colored outfits.

White Tip With Floating Strawberries Nail Art Design

Strawberry Nail White Tip With Floating Strawberries Nail Art Design
Image Source: savi nailz

This nail art is less time-consuming, easy, and cute! You just need to paint all your nail tips white. Now, add some floating white dotted strawberries at the tip region for the middle and forefingers. Your nails are ready! With a little effort, you can style your nails beautifully. This nail art is suitable for white outfits or normal day casual outfits.

Strawberry Checkered Naik Art Design

Strawberry Nail Strawberry Checkered Naik Art Design
Image Source: Gemma

From your little finger by skipping every adjacent nail, paint the next nail tip baby pink. The ending of the painted tip should be wavy. Give a deep pink wavy border to it from inside. Form a checkered pattern of deep pink and white over the same. Now move to the ring finger and paint the nail with a strawberry tip. For your forefinger add some floating strawberries. This nail art would look great with your checkered dresses.

Strawberry Slices Over White Nail Art Design

Strawberry Nail Strawberry Slices Over White Nail Art Design
Image Source: Basia Janas

Paint all your nails in plain white. Now add a few strawberry slices at the tip of your ring and middle fingers. Your nail art is ready! There are fewer things to do but pay attention to the detailing in this art. Make the strawberry slices carefully. This nail art is classy and cute. This nail art would look great with bold white or pink outfits.

Flowering Fruiting Strawberries Over Pastel Nail Art Design

Strawberry Nail Flowering Fruiting Strawberries Over Pastel Nail Art Design
Image Source: Natsuko Kawase

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Doesn’t this design remind you of China, Japan like Asian countries? The tips of this nail art are pastel white and pastel light blue in color. The white dotted strawberries, red dots, tiny white flowers, and leaves are painted in a 3D style. These 3D patterns are added at the end of the painted tips that are close to the nail base. This nail art is a good choice for pastel-colored outfits.

Chocolate Tip Strawberry Nail Art Design

Choclate Tip Strawberry Nail Art Design
Image Source: Inge

Paint the tips chocolate brown for a 3D look you can add a raised surface look as shown. Add a yellow dotted strawberry base to the chocolate tip. This nail art is a good choice for valentine’s week. Surprise your lover with this stunning art! This will also look fabulous with chocolate-colored outfits and boots.

Long Strawberry Peduncle Nail Tip

Long Strawberry Peduncle Nail Tip
Image Source: The GelBottle Inc

Paint the tip of your nails with white dotted strawberries. At the base of the strawberry make sepals and a long peduncle that is the green hanging part. Your nail art design is ready! If you are looking to paint your nail tip in an artistic way. This is a good option for you. This nail art will look great with contrasting vibrant outfits.

Glossy Pink Strawberry Nail Art Design

Glossy Pink Strawberry Nail Art Design

Paint the middle finger shining glossy pink. paint all the other fingers pink. Now add white dotted strawberries to the fingers next to the middle finger and you are done! Nothing much to do, you just need to know how to make strawberries! This nail art is a good choice for light-colored embellished dresses.

Translucent Strawberry Cover Nail Art Design

Translucent Strawberry Cover Nail Art Design
Image Source: Nailpro

Get your nails summer-ready! Make a green strawberry base. Now paint a yellow dotted strawberry translucent red nail. This design is really easy. You just need to have a good color choice. This nail art looks cute. It can also be a preference for a beginner. This is not much detailed and is really easy. This nail art is a good choice for warm summer outfits.

Watermelon Shade Strawberry Nail Art Design

Watermelon Shade Strawberry Nail Art Design
Image Source: natalia sanetra

Paint all the nails pink. Now for the middle finger and little finger add a watermelon green paint on the nail tip and black dots to the pink portion of the nail. This nail art is super easy. It is less time-consuming. This nail art design is also a good choice for beginners! It will look great with green summer outfits.

Embellished Strawberry Nail Art Design

Embellished Strawberry Nail Art Design
Image Source: Katherine Sandoval

This nail art design is not everyone’s piece of cake. It involves significant skills. There are embellishments used at the base of the forefinger nail. The forefinger and middle fingernails are painted with a light pastel red base and red nail tip. For the ring finger, there is a white base and a slightly red tip. Then add strawberries to this nail. Make the middle embellished nail with a glossy-glitter base and paint the strawberry and strawberry slices in it. The design is a stunning choice for embellished outfits.

Sassy strawberries for the High-Spirited!

Strawberry Nail Art Designs for Summer Sassy strawberries for the High-Spirited!
Image source: courtney

If you like pop and feisty colors and are always energetic and lively, then this one is for you! With a vibrant yellow color being the coat this is adding a great look to the whole nail. Where the strawberries are imprinted with expressions blending faultlessly with the yellow coat, this is fantabulous!

Juicy red!

Strawberry Nail Art Designs for Summer JUICY red!
Image source: bmb_nails

If you like to keep a mixture of subtle elements, then this one is going to impress you! With a juicy red coat on the nails with a glossy finish coat, this is aesthetic! On a peachy shade of nail color, the strawberries are blending smoothly, giving it an absolute summer vibe!

So, get ready to apply this masterpiece for your next summer!

Captivating STRAWBERRY Nailart

Strawberry Nail Art Designs for Summer Captivating STRAWBERRY Nailart
Image source: Trysh

Looking for another classy and absolutely stunning nail art to try next?

So, for your next nail art, we’ve got something that will keep you hydrated, since you will feel thirsty after seeing them. With strawberries aesthetically imprinted over a grey coat of nail polish, this is already making me thirsty!

So, say bye-bye to dehydration and say a big hello to hydration by applying this very beautiful nail art!

Perfect for your Summers!

Perfect for your summers!
Image source:  Nail by Riss

If you’re looking for nail art that will go best with your party wears and get-togethers, then this one is what you should look for! With a fun and playful color, this is Pinterest. If you’re a pinteretic person who loves to present herself as to how Pinterest basically looks, then this will surely compliment your look!

So, get your hands on this and apply this nail art with all the love and care, since you’re important and so is your nail art!

A perfect blend of Matte and Gloss!

A perfect Blend of Matte and gloss!
Image source: Daily Inspiration

With a perfect mixture of gloss and matte, this alluring nailer is all set to make up your mood in the finest way! Embellished with strawberries and pink patches, making it look fuller and exotic, this is irresistible! Where the index finger and pinky finger are painted pink with a finishing coat of gloss, this is adding a lot to the whole nail art!

So, this summer, get ready to look aesthetic, exceptional, and exquisite with this nail art!

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Sweet STRAWBERRIES with a Matte Finish

Sweet STAWBERRIES with matte finish
Image source: Hallie Keil

Matte-finished nail polishes are eye captivating and adorning. If you’re an admirer of matte nail polishes and love the shades of pink and green, then this one is for you!

With satisfying colors, the strawberries look perfect on the coat of matte pink. The matte green is absolutely complementing the strawberries.

For the LOVERS of Matte

For the LOVERS of Matte
Image source: Brooke Jensen

Are you a strawberry person? Do you love strawberries? And want a fascinating nail art this summer to flaunt your nails effortlessly? Well, we are at the rescue! These happy, zestful nails will make your mood fresh and enthusiastic.

So, grab your nail polishes, stamps and choose an energetic music playlist, and get ready to get the best nail art on your nails!

An Innovative Way to Show off Your Nails!

An innovative way to show-off your nails!
Image source: Nails by Maya

Do you like adding elements to your nails to make them look appealing and fascinating? This nail art will help you in looking just the way you want! Embellished with the perfect mixture of gloss, glitter, and elements, blending smoothly this is satisfying.

So, if you’re an element person, this one is for you!

Strawberry Summer Nails

Strawberry Summer Nails
Image source: jarknails

Are you looking for a creative nail art to flaunt in front of your friends? Want it to look pretty and enchanting? This surreal nail art will surely do your work. Embellished with stamps of strawberry with a combination of red nail paint combining effortlessly, you have to try this out.

So, get ready to flaunt your nails elegantly.

Strawberries and Ice-Cream!

Strawberries and Ice-Cream!
Image source: Amy Elaine Nails

If your nails don’t grow long enough? And you think that no nail art will suit your nails? They will look pale and not eye captivating, then you’re wrong!

This nail art will not only adorn your nails but also complement your attire.

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Fruit Pink and Yellow Aesthetic Nail Art

Be it summers or winters, fruits are loved. Be it for eating it to stay healthy or wearing an outfit having its designs, they can be a fashion symbol that never goes off trend. Something similar to it is this nail design. With pink and yellow polishes used, the color combination is a must to experiment with this season. Coordinating strawberries with pink shade and lemons with yellow, the design is specially curated to suit your nails. With the imprints of strawberries and lemons as the middle layer between the two layers of the color polish coats, it looks very tempting and eye-captivating. Try the nail art design this Christmas season to match with the fruit cake you are going to bring home!

Baby Pink and Glittery Golden Strawberry Nail Art

Baby Pink and glittery golden strawberry nail art
Image source: Devin Markle

Are you a full-time nail art lover? Do you love to try and experiment on your nails every season? Then you are in the right place because we have someone of the best designs you will surely like. The above design is another piece of art that is sure to steal your heart. Coming with a different design on each nail,  it is super cool for chilly winters.

All you will need is some pink, glitter, and white polish,  a transparent polish, and do not forget to get a strawberry stamp. Starting from your little finger, it is painted partially golden on a coat of pink polish. All the nails are first covered with pink polish. Moving ahead, the nail is covered with some lines of white polish and a strawberry stamp and then the entire nail is just imprinted of strawberry. Try this admirably beautiful nail art and be sure to tell us!

Trendy Pastel Pink Strawberry Nail Art

Trendy Pastel Pink Strawberry nail art
Image source: Christina

Winters demand sober and pastel colors, and to fulfill this need we have got you. If your nails are still transparent and without a design, what are you waiting for? If you had been searching for inspiration then the above design is perfect for winter. With the entire nail coated with a pastel of baby pink, the nail art is super adorable and cute.

The top hems of the nails also come with a painted line of white which coordinates the entire scheme. Adding some strawberry stickers over your nails is like adding a cherry on the cake, something just can’t be avoidable. The super-simple, less time-consuming yet so aesthetic design is sure to gather a dozen or more comments.

Sealing Strawberry Nailart!

Zealing Stawberry Nailart!
Image source: oohlalanails

If strawberries make you feel happy and zestful, then why not show your love for them through a glorious nail art? With stamps of strawberry over a coat of pink nail color complimenting the checks gracefully, this is magical!

If you like to experiment with different nail art, and you’re confident about it, then you’ve to give this one a try!

Mini Strawberries which are Absolutely Adorable!

Mini strawberries which are absolutely adorable!
Image source: By Shelley

Ending our list of strawberry nail art, this one is the simplest nail art. You will need stamps of strawberry and nail colors to get the best result. So play your favorite song, gently stamp the strawberries over a coat of baby link nail paint, add the finishing coat and yes you’re done! How simple right?

To compliment your strawberry nail art, paint the rest of the nails with a candy red color and yes, you’re ready to shine!

The article brings you various types of strawberry nail art. Depending upon the outfits you can choose any design you like. There are many strawberry designs that look great and surprisingly stunning. Give your summers a fruity splash with these designs.

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