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Nuts to Eat in Summer

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Summer is a beautiful season that brings clear blue sky, warm environment and sunny days with it. Summer season has hit up our country as of now, we can find sun being bright and people feeling uneasy because of the hot environment. So, as this season is beautiful but it annoys some people because of the heat level increase, it drains out all the nutrients from us humans.

Therefore, to be healthy during summer, let’s start knowing about healthy ways we can help keeping up with yourself that is our health. Nuts being very important element that not only gives us nutrition but are really tasty. So, there are different types of nuts, that not only hydrates but provide nutrients to human body so we will discuss them here.

Summer and Healthy Nuts

1. Coconut

A fruit that has its origination from tropical area is famous for its multiple quality. It’s not only famous for its use as beverage but has a great importance in culinary, health related places.

Let us discuss importance of Coconut:

  1. Great in blending with edible items: It has a great, soft taste with mixes easily so we can say, it is a versatile fruit. It can also be used as food oil to fry and cook food and use it as base. It is used as main component in cooking example: coconut chutney. Sometimes, it is also used garnish too.
  2. Solves health issues: Its pulp helps during dehydration to keep body hydrated and cool. It and this nut takes care of heart problem and keeps blood sugar on check. It helps in boosting energy level in a person.
  3. Nutritious Value: Coconut is said to have Fats that is good for health. It also has vitamin content and protein present in it. It has a great amount of fiber in it too.

Ways it can be consumed in summer

It can be consumed in many ways people can take it as a beverage and eat its endosperm when its raw. When its mature you can eat its flesh as it is known to have a higher nutrition value. Sometimes it is dried up for a long time and used as a sprinkled as a decoration on salads, sweet dishes. It is also served alone.

Thing to care about

It is said to have saturated fats, so we should take in care that we eat it in a controlled way and not over eat it.

2. Walnut

Walnut also known as “chota dimag”, is eatable seed of a drupe that is grown in temperate region. That is places like Jammu and Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh and Himanchal Pradesh. It grows inside a hard shell which when breaks show this beautiful nut.

Let us discuss importance of Walnut:

  1. Use to improve motor functions: It has been found out in researches that it has omega 3 and 6 that helps in cognitive development and fast motor functions
  2. Prevent problems: Problems like prostate and breast cancer stays away from the person who consumes walnut as mentioned in the research.
  3. Takes care of Skin and Hair: It has a great content of vitamin E and antioxidants that means it is a great source to keep skin glowing. It has biotin in it that helps in growth of hairs too and Vitamin E also helps hairs to shine.
  4. Nutritious Value: It has a load of fibers, in it, and proteins in it. It has Vitamins like vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin B7 in it. It also has essential fatty acids and oils in it. It helps in maintaining sperm count too.

Way this nut can be consumed in summer

It can be eaten as morning fresheners along with honey and water, or can eaten alone too. It is served along with oatmeal and is added in sandwich filing sometimes (but in a less amount).

Thing to care about

As we know having anything in high amount can lead to danger, eating this can lead to stone in kidney. So, take two or three walnuts per day.

3. Almonds

It is a famous nut from Iran. It is said to be grown in a place where you can find mild and wet winters with a bit sunshine. That can be taken as temperate region here.

Let us discuss importance of Almonds:

  1. Prevent Cancer: It helps in reducing the risk of having breast cancer three times. Even a research says that nuts help in preventing cancer risk.
  2. Help in Boosting bone health: Almonds has a good amount of calcium, copper, magnesium and Vitamin K which helps in maintaining bone health.
  3. Nutritious Element: Almonds is known to have Vitamin E, minerals, cholesterols, fibers and proteins. Proteins is said to be present in a great amount, that means it can complete a man’s need.

Ways it can be consumed in summer

This nut is eaten after soaking it in water and removing it outer covering. It is sometimes used as garnishing factor in sweet dishes. People can eat almonds be eaten raw or toasted or as snacks.

Thing to care about

It is said to increase body heat, body temperature so to prevent this and give body required nutrient you can soak almond overnight and remove its outer layer as mentioned

4. Cashew nuts

This nut is found in Tropical evergreen forest. They were taken in this category because of its specialty in every field.

Let us discuss importance of Cashew Nuts:

  1. Uses in Culinary: It is used in making vegan gravy by grinding and mixing it along with cream obtained from milk. It is used in making chicken gravies too and plays a great role as garnish in sweet dishes.
  2. Good for healthy muscles: It is known to be a great source of magnesium, that supports muscles and makes it strong.
  3. Promotes RBC formation: It is said to have copper in it which helps in iron metabolism that supports blood formation and also helps in maintaining bone health.

Way this nut can be consumed in summer

Cashew nuts can be consumed in many ways that is, it can be served as roasted and salty snacks. It is used in making creamy gravies and can be taken as a garnish.

 Thing to care about

It is known to be a great reason for kidney stones if taken in a good amount regularly. Therefore, do not take it more than three pieces a day.

5. Peanuts

Also known as “Groundnuts” they are found in every part of India. This nut is said to be grown in a place with warm environment.

Let us discuss importance of Peanuts:

  1. Maintains fertility: It has good amount of folate in it, so it helps female. Even females who consumes it during pregnancy prevent risk of having baby born with a serious neural tube defect by up to 70 percent.
  2. Helps in maintaining blood sugar level: It is known to have low glycemic rate, that means it does not affect blood sugar level.

Ways it can be consumed in summer

It can be served as roasted or salty snack. You can eat it raw, sometimes it is used in sweets etc.

Thing to care about

Peanuts are high calories snack, so if you eat it take in care that you burn those calories.

6. Melon Seeds

So, it is found in musk melon, which is famous for hydrating our body. The same stands with the seeds, they also help in hydrating our body.                                                                                    

Let us discuss importance of Melon Seeds:

  1. Helps in keeping weight in check: It has a good amount of fibers in it. Also, it is rich in magnesium, vitamin A and phosphorus that helps people who are trying to lose weight
  2. Takes care of gut: It is also good in deworming; it helps to maintain a healthy gut by keeping our intestines clean.
  3. Good for eyes: It is said to be rich in lutein and zeaxanthin that is said to be a great help to boost eyesight.

 Way this nut can be consumed in summer

You can take seeds out from musk melon, clean it and keep it for few days in sunshine. Then you can eat it as snack or use it as a garnishing element in sweet dishes.

Thing to care about

Pregnant ladies and ladies who are breastfeeding are asked to avoid this as it can cause harm to the little baby.

7. Pistachios

It is also known as “Pista” here. It is said to be a healthy nut out of all. It is grown in Jammu and Kashmir; it grows in area where loamy soil is present.

Let us discuss importance of Pistachio:

  1. Culinary uses: It is used in making sauces, it is used to make dough and as a garnish in few sweets.
  2. Great for Eyes: It helps in preventing eyes from cataract, as it has a good amount of antioxidant named lutein and zeaxanthin present in it.
  3. Good for gut: As we know it is good fiber, it helps in fighting constipation, as we know it is a great gut problem. That leads to many other problems.
  4. Nutritional Element: It is also known as antioxidant, it is said to have a good carbohydrates content, a great amount of zinc and magnesium.

Ways it can be consumed

People can take it as roasted or salted snack. It can be consumed as garnishing in few sweet dishes.

Things to care about

Eating too much pistachios can lead to bloating, nausea as it has high content of carbohydrates. It sometimes causes high blood pressure, in some cases but yes.

As we know, summer is a season full of warmth so please take in care while eating nuts. Because they are nutritious but generate a great amount of heat in body.

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