White Nail Art Designs for Short, Medium & Long Nails

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White is the most commonly loved color by everyone because of the serenity and peace associated with it.It is elegant and sophisticated as well as retro and chic. A classic white manicure may seem dull but trust us when we say that it is the best look for your nails. A good shade of white is a must in your nail paint collection because of its versatility and can be used as a base coat or even as the highlighting point in almost every nail art.Be it simple and plain to detailed with delicate intricacies white nail art designs never ceases to amaze us.

While browsing through your Instagram you must be wondering that it is quite difficult to create those beautiful nail art designs. However here we are to fulfill your desires with some simple nail art designs which will cheer you up instantly and are in fact very easy to create with minimal efforts. Have a look at some of the best white nail art designs that we have shortlisted just for you.

White Nail Art Designs

1. Shine with Stars

Shine with Stars White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Olive & June

No wonder you were fascinated with stars and the moon as a child, well who says that while adulting you cannot relive your jubilant childhood. You can create these starry nails by using gold stars on white base coat. You can choose to paint the stars or you can use stickers. This white nail art design is simple and unique in its own way.

2.  White Flowers

White Flowers White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: One Nail To Rule The Mall

Flowers and women go a long way. Be it floral prints on wardrobes, shoes or nails we love to implement them as the tiny little details on every bit of our collection just like this nail art. On nude and natural nail bed, you can create these white flowers with yellow dot and small black lines for the detailing.

3. White Palms with Golden leaves

White Palms with Golden leaves White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: My Town House

You just had a splendid french manicure which leaves you with crisp white tips and a shiny nail bed. Well we have got something for you to add a speckle of gold to it. Use two fingers and paint them white partially. Add golden leaves on them and create magic with it.

4. Black on white Spots

Black on white Spots White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Nails.INC

Coordinating outfits along with your nails never gets old and is always trendy irrespective of the time. To match with your outfit you can create this monochromatic effect using black dots on white nails and create this classic combo in an extra ordinary manner with the best out of the contrasting colors.

5.Tonal Manicures

Tonal Manicures White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Paint Box Nails

Dual toned manicures are nothing new and just like this nail art design you can create a dual tone using white and pink and complement them by adding jewels to them in the form of small and tiny golden beads.The gorgeous white and pink accent adds a unique element to this design where you do not have to worry about going over the top.

6. Floral Prints, White Tips

Floral Prints, White Tips White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Nail 0408

If you wish to give the french manicure a new look, you can increase the intensity of white tips on your shiny nails by using clear gel polish.Along with that create statement nails by using floral prints on single fingers of your hands which cover just the half amount but blend in perfectly along with others.

7. Ice nails with Flowers

Ice nails with Flowers White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Nail Art Tisa Durres

Spring is the most delightful season as it sees the blooming of flowers which is loved by all.If you are a fan of spring then you can represent that on your nails through the depiction of flowers using various colors on one finger to create the highlighting point on your nails.Its a gorgeous look and requires the basic tools for the completion.

8. Grid lines with cherries

Grid lines with cherries White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Michelle Class Nails

Simple lines if used effectively can create wonders just like this nail art design. The use of space with minimal but artistic ways is definitely an inspiration for all of us with a cherry on top. It creates a perfect balance and inspires us to achieve that balance in our life by the utilization of positive and negative energy around us.

9. Geode Manicure

Geode Manicure White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Manicurology

You may have seen the geode nails on social media. Well, you can mimic the texture of crystals by marbling your nails with water, foiling with gold or silver just like this art on white manicure. If you are a crystal lover this is the perfect white nail art design and is the hottest trend that you should definitely try your hands on.

10. The Initials

The Initials White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: My Town House

Well we are obsessed with our name and want to incorporate those designs at every chance we get. So, use your name initials on your nails just on your ring finger and elevate the beauty of your white manicure by adding the initials of your name in gold.

11. Golden Nail Art

Golden White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: The Gel Bottle Inc

We know very well that gold creates a sparkle and glitz. Take your simple white nails to a top notch by adding golden nail art which pop up very well on those white beauties and add glamour to your nails. It is luxurious and chic and gives you a royal feeling.

12. Simple Grids

Simple Grids White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Naild It By Aalyssa

Some of us are obsessed with regular patterns and symmetry. It may seem unusual but has its own charm and gives us a different kind of joy and happiness. On nude nails, you can draw these grid lines using your simple nail art kit and create your own tiny bundle of happiness.

13. Moon Manicure

Moon Manicure White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Purple Nail Box

Have you ever heard of reverse french manicure? Well, it may seem unusual and uncommon but you can try out this new design. Instead of just shiny nail bed and crisp white tips you can have thick tips and thin cuticles by keeping the space left behind as blank.

14. Stars Manicures

Stars Manicures White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Lauren Davis

You deserve to have some fun on your white manicures so lit up your tiny canvas by adding a sprinkle of stars on them either on solid background colors or on nude nails. To complement the stars you can have crisp white tips which will blend in perfectly with those nails.

15. Chanel Branding

Chanel Branding White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Bani Cured

Brands like Chanel is what looks like a dream for few girls while for some its too mainstream. Sport your favorite brands on your nails and express yourself on these tiny little canvases. Do not worry secretly all of us to wish to be a part of this brand more or less just like you!.

16. Random Doodling

Random Doodling White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Manicurology

Doodling on paper seems easy but have you ever given the thought of trying it out on white nails and creating a nail art out of it. Voila, we have something new for you where you can draw caricatures or try out random doodling stuff and channelize the inner artist within you.

17. Faces on Nails

Faces on Nails White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Preen Yourself

A white sheet of paper is the perfect medium for any artwork and showcasing your creativity. On top of that sketching or doodling with black increases the charm of that white sheet. Similarly you can use your white nails as your personal canvas and grab your black shade and draw out your mind on it just like the faces on nails.

18. White Leaves

White Leaves White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Manicurology

For all the nature lovers out there this is the perfect piece of inspiration for your guys where you can create the focal point of your nails as the leaves in the shade of white. No wonder white is associated with peace and brings a serene environment.

19. Inspired by Leaves

Inspired by Leaves White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Aniamaluje

If you thought that the inspiration from leaves was just limited to the white color then gear up your color palette because you are about to create some magic on your nails. With intricate designs like leaves shown on this design you can create your tiny little garden using your nails.

20. Shimmery Nails

Shimmery White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Cynthia Rivas

A little bit of sparkle and dazzle in your life and on your nails does not hurt anyone and works in the best way for all of us. If you have long nails with white manicures then add a speckle of silver to it and give a shimmering look to your plain old nails. It is chic and sparkly in just the right manner.

21. Plain White Nails

Plain White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Exquisit Beauty Julia

Gel polish nails are famous for the texture they create on our nails which gives us a smooth feel in overall and gives us a shiny and glossy look. If you are lazy but still want to flaunt your nails on social media and win the likes of people then just use simple plain white nails.

22. White Hearts

White Hearts White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Gaya Studio

They say that long nails have a great advantage when it comes to nail art because eventually you get a better and bigger picture of what you want to create and see your visions taking the shape of reality. You can create a tiny little heart on your ring finger along with matte nails and perfect your design.

23. White Snowflakes

White Snowflakes White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Diaries Of Danielle

Holidays are the best part of the year with Christmas being our favorite. Dedicate your nails to the snowflakes which are the white magical creatures. Gear up your French manicure with this intricate white snowflakes design along with a touch of glitter for sparkle all the way.

24. Aquatic Life

Aquatic Life White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Vanity Projects

We are a fan of natural beauty and want to keep it that way. However sometimes it can get monotonous so to add some fun to it try out this depiction of dolphins on your nails and represent the aquatic life on it. It is suitable for any length and will be equally beautiful.

25. Minimalist’s Dream

Minimalist's Dream White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Paint Box Nails

Simplicity is elegance. These words are justified by this nail art which just uses graphic black and white manicure as nail art. Just some random abstract art which is pretty enough to create a buzz in our mind as well as our hearts.

26. Warm Bronze Glitter Nails

Warm Bronze Glitter White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Paint Box Nails

Every woman is more or less inclined towards glitter nails and secretly hopes to create a glam look which will be the talk of the town. This is your chance to achieve that too glam to give a damn look by using white and warm bronze glitter on your nails partially.

27. Thunderbolt and Hearts

Thunderbolt and Hearts White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Olive & June

No matter how intricate and delicate designs you see with much precision its the simple designs that steal your heart because of their effortless beauty and the less time it consumes to create them. Recreate this beauty of thunderbolt and hearts on your nails and achieve this absolutely hassle free look.

28. Diamond Manicure

Diamond Manicure White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Michelle Class Nails

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friends but it isn’t really feasible to carry around your best friend everywhere. As an alternative try out these crystals on your nails as a part of the nail art and achieve that fancy look which you have been aspiring for.

29. Rhinestone Nail Art

Rhinestone White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Baresz Nails

The use of jewels on your nails as a part of nail art is definitely something new and unique which you should try your hands on. They give your hands a royal and noble look and oozes elegance out of it. So, go on and grab your kit to try out this splendid beauty.

30. Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Nails & Beauty Lounge

If the word classic and chic had a face then it would be this white nail art for sure. The ombre shade of white along with the acrylic roses and the use of small rhinestones on the ring finger is definitely the inspiration that you have been searching for.

31. Butterfly Nails

Butterfly Nails White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Nails & Beauty Lounge

Do you remember the time chasing behind butterflies where we were awestruck by their colors and would spend hours trying to catch them. That dream may have been a failed attempt but creating them as an art on your nails won’t be a failure. With shiny nude nails and white tips, draw the colorful butterflies and live your dreams.

These designs are dreamy and beautiful. Each design has its own perspective and represents some part of your personality. That is the best thing about art. When words won’t suffice to express what we feel, there art walks in where we channelize our mind and put in our best efforts to create the best out of it with magnificent and splendid results. Do try out these amazing collection of white nail art designs and flaunt it all over your social media handles. Be ready to slay like a queen by the help of your tiny little canvas.

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