Mermaid Nail Art Designs You Can Recreate at Home

Mermaid Nail Art Designs
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There’s no doubt that nail art is the trend this season. Starting from fancy embellishments to minimalistic designs – girls are always fascinated by the idea of getting their nails done. After all, matching nails with your outfit would turn around so many eyes at you in a crowd.

We bring to you in this article – some very beautiful ‘ Mermaid nail art designs ‘. So get ready to fall in love with this mythical creature. As we all know, in folklore, a mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. We all lowkey wish they existed for real right?

Mermaids not existing in real life does not mean they can’t exist in reel life – right about on your nails! So let’s dive into the article already and help you find your next nail inspiration-

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Stunning Mermaid Nail Ideas

Translucent Mermaid Nail Art

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Translucent Mermaid Nail Art
Image Source: Leszarts De Marie

As the name suggests – this nail art has been done on a translucent base with a matte finish. On one of the nails, we have a mermaid drawn. For those who don’t recognize it – it’s the face of  Princess Ariel, a fictional character from the Walt Disney-produced film ‘ The Little Mermaid ‘. She looks so pretty, doesn’t she? The other nails have her tail and fins drawn in the color turquoise and purple. We also have little embellishments drawn on two of the nails. An overall pretty and simple nail design to try out.

Spooky Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Spooky Mermaid Nails
Image Source: The Filthy Mermaid

Who else is thinking about getting these nails done on Halloween? I mean if you want to go with a spooky theme, then this one’s the perfect design for you. The mermaid here is definitely not sweet but spooky. We also have a skull drawn on one of the nails. The color combination used here is basically all the shades of blue and black. If you wish to get something funky and scary, then look out for this design.

The Friendship of Ariel and Flounder

Mermaid Nail Art Designs The Friendship Of Ariel And Flounder
Image Source: Leszarts De Marie

Here’s another nail art inspired by the film ‘ The Little Mermaid. What you see here is the film characters – Ariel and Flounder. They are basically sea besties and share a great bond in the film. How cute does Flounder look here? We also have a little foil-like texture drawn on the rest of the nails. We also have a very cute shell drawn. So if you’re the little mermaid fanatic, then here you go!

Pretty Blue Mermaid Tails

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Pretty Blue Mermaid Tails
Image Source: Lauren Davies

Now, this has to be the prettiest nail art out of all. Calling out all the blue lovers here! There have been two shades of blue used here – light blue and glittery blue. The half-drawn mermaid tails here are totally stealing all the attention. The other half of these nails have been painted translucent with glitter on top. An overall shimmery and beautiful design to definitely look out for!

The Pastel Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nail Art Designs The Pastel Mermaid Nails
Image Source: The House of Nails

I think the existence of pastel colors itself is elite. They are the calmest and simple looking shade of colors out there! So here we have nails with a translucent base, on top of which are fin-like lines drawn in all the pastel shades – pastel yellow, purple, pink, and blue. There are two nails that have been with glitter pink nail paint. If you love pastels, what’s stopping you?

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For the Love of the Little Mermaid

Mermaid Nail Art Designs For The Love Of The Little Mermaid
Image Source: Naho Z

I guess we will never get enough of these cute nail art designs inspired by the Walt Disney-produced fictional film – The Little Mermaid. Here we again have Ariel and Flounder drawn with an elevated effect. The shell embellishment is my personal favorite here. The other two nails have been painted with an oceanic blue color representing the same. An overall very cute design.

For the Love of Sea Green

Mermaid Nail Art Designs For The Love Of Sea Green
Image Source: Charmed by Hue

Where do mermaids live? The SEA. So what’s a better color than sea green to paint your nails with? We here see a mixture of glitter and the color sea green of which the fins are made. The distinction between the fin and glitter has been made by a sparkly blue nail color. You’d love how shimmery the overall look of these nails is!

The Neon Fins Mermaid

Mermaid Nail Art Designs The Neon Fins Mermaid
Image Source: Marta

Calling out all the neon lovers here for we’ve got the perfect design for you! The fins here have been made with a combination of neon pink, orange, and yellow color. The base used here is matte white. One of the nails here has been topped off with the quote ‘ under the sea ‘, while another one has a mermaid drawn in black – both with black nail paint. You’ll love this chic look.

The Sea Shells Nail Art Look

Mermaid Nail Art Designs The Sea Shells  Nail Art Look
Image Source: Coco and Cocoa

How pretty is this nail art design? So as the name and the picture below suggest, this look is made up of pretty-looking shells that have been designed in such a way that they also resemble a mermaid’s fins. It also has little pearl embellishments at the bottom of the nails. A few nails are also textured with a resemblance to the sea. The sea-green nail color is exhibiting its own supremacy right here in this design. Overall, this look screams out sophistication!

Pretty White Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Pretty White Mermaid Nails
Image Source:

For those who love the color white, we’ve got you all covered! The white color in itself denotes peace and what it resembles here is the peace that the sea and water display. Here we have fins drawn in different designs – one with plain white and the other with a combination of white and silver, all topped off with embellishments. There’s also a glittery pinky fingernail. I love how calming the overall design is!

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Wrapped in Foils

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Wrapped In Foils
Image Source: Nail Salon Romy

Now, everything about this look screams out superiority and aristocracy! The fins here have been drawn in the most unique design possible. We can see a vivid combination of pink, peach, and blue used here for this art. The silver foil used here is giving out the texture to this entire look. A must-try if you’re looking for a unique design.

For the Love of the Sea

Mermaid Nail Art Designs For The Love Of The Sea
Image Source: Gabrysia

Here’s presenting to you a very simple yet cute design. Several shades of the color blue have been used here – starting from dark blue to light and ending up with white at the end of the nails. These colors have been used to draw a wave-like design which is representing the waves of the sea.  You obviously can not miss out on the black mermaid.

The Pineapple like Mermaid Fins

The Pineapple Like Mermaid Fins
Image Source: Jolie

In this look, we have mermaid fins drawn in such a way that they resemble the shape of a pineapple. I personally love the color combination used here – shades of blue and purple. And how cute is the tail of the mermaid here? The entire design has been outlined using black nail paint. I say you should definitely go for this design for the color combination used here.

Pretty Mermaid like Nails

Pretty Mermaid Like Nails
Image Source: Johanna Stampka

So if you want to go a little over the edge and get long pointy nails, then we’ve got the inspiration for you. The color combination of pastel blue and purple here is literally so pretty. We again have shell and stud embellishments used here which just adds to the beauty of this look.

Sea Shells and Sea Waves

Sea Shells And Sea Waves
Image Source: Aya

So if you’re also planning to get your foot nails done, then we’ve got you all covered. The color combination used here is blue and yellow. The entire design gives out all the beachy / sea vibes and we’re all here for it! We also have little sparkly white nails. The star and studded embellishments are just a cherry on the cake!

Holo Glitter And Seashell Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Holo Glitter And Seashell Mermaid Nails
Image Source: Ryoko Garcia

Glitter mermaid! The little fingers are painted with blue holo glitter. The ring finger is white with a shell-like surface and rhinestones at the base. The middle fingernail also has holo glitter mermaid scales and a cone base. The cone base is surrounded by white dots and a rhinestone design in between. The forefinger nail is plain white and has rhinestones at the base. These nails are good summertime nails. They can be styled with pretty mermaid dresses and beach outfits.

Sea Shell Pearl Nail Art

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Sea Shell Pearl Nail Art
Image Source: Marie Eve Mongeau

The blues! The little fingernail is navy blue and the thumbnail is shiny pastel blue. For the ring finger and forefinger, there are some shining pastel blue fakes. They are dipped inside solid translucent paint. The ring finger has sea shell-like ridges and surfaces. The middle finger with a shiny pastel blue base is decorated with pearls and rhinestones. This nail art will go well with shell craft and shell jewelry. It is a good option for contrasting outfits too.

Orange Golden Mermaid Nail Art

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Orange Golden Mermaid Nail Art
Image Source: Lea

This nail art reminds me of the goldfish colors! The little fingernail is painted golden. The ring finger is a slight ombre with golden mermaid scales. The remaining fingers are painted bright orange. These mermaid nails can be a better idea for bright or vibrant outfits. Golden rings and accessories can prove to be an accurate choice.

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Sea Green Mermaid Nail Art

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Sea Green Mermaid Nail Art
Image Source: Marta Krol Stylizacja paznokci

The ring finger and middle fingernails are glittery sea green. The ring fingernail has white mermaid scales. The remaining fingers are painted nude. This nail art is not difficult one. It is beginner-friendly. The only thing is the correct choice of colors. This nail art would suit better with the dark time outfits. Also, even with the nude outfits with sea-green accessories.

Mermaid Tail Glitter Nail Art

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Mermaid Tail Glitter Nail Art
Image Source: Brittany

Beach Nails! The little fingernail is purple. The ring fingernail is ombre with glitter purple and purple. The middle fingernail has a white mermaid tail over glitter purple. For the forefinger and thumb, there is an off-white and glitter blue ombre. This nail art is a fantastic beach vacation choice. Style these nails with your beach outfits.

Ursula Sea Witch Nail Art Design

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Ursula Sea Witch Nail Art Design
Image Source: Pintala Pau

Remember Ursula from The Little Mermaid? She was the antagonist in the film and had a manipulative personality. Thumb and ring fingers are painted like dissolved pink flakes in white with pearl and golden embellishments at the base. The forefinger nail is pink with a big pink heart. The middle Ursula, the highlight of this nail art. There is a lavender seashell with a pearl at the base for the ring finger. This can obviously be a great choice for women demanding different nails. This nail art is a good choice for unusual outfits and even Halloween!

Blue Mermaid Under Sea Matte Nails

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Blue Mermaid Under Sea Matte Nails
Image Source: Margo

All Blue! Play with different shades of blue. Paint all nails sky blue. Now add an undersea art for each nail. Like there is a big fish, certain smaller ones, corals, and seagrasses for the ring fingernail. A full-body mermaid undersea for the middle fingernail is the major highlight. There are plenty of fishes for the ring fingernail. Again bigger and certain smaller ones for the little fingernail. This matte nail art is about art and creativity. It makes a great choice for sea lovers and blue-toned outfits!

Glittering Aqua Tips Mermaid Nail Idea

Glittering Aqua Tips Mermaid Nail Idea
Image Source: Studio Lamar

This nail art has glittering aqua tips for each nail. For ring fingers and middle fingers, there are black mermaid scales, and you are done. These aqua nails don’t need much detailing and colors. Still, it looks super fine. This nail art is a good choice for net outfits and certain summer outfits. Again, good ones for a beach visit.

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Holo Glitter Mermaid Nail Art

Glittering Aqua Tips Mermaid Nail Idea
Image Source: Heidi

This nail art has brilliant holo colors! The mermaid scales Over the holo colors are made with white stamping polish. This holo glitter mermaid is just like a dreaming mermaid or princess mermaid. This sparkling nail art is eye glittering. It is a good choice for plain white outfits and even embellished and sparkling ones.

Mermaid Pearl Nail Art Design

Mermaid Pearl Nail Art Design Mermaid Pearl Nail Art Design
Image Source: Georgina Cardena

The ring finger has a mermaid tail that has a pearl at the base of the caudal/tail fin.  For the middle fingernail, there is an ombre pattern with mermaid scales. This middle fingernail also has golden shells and pearls embedded. The remaining nails are shiny but pastel purple. The nail art is a good choice for similar toned outfits and beach days.

Mermaid Blue Purple Ombre Scale Nails

Mermaid Blue Purple Ombre Scale Nails Mermaid Blue Purple Ombre Scale Nails
Image Source: Brooke

Ombre Scale Nails! There are little fingernails with shining purple. The middle fingernails are blue with some rhinestones at the base. The forefinger nails have aurora chrome and flecks. On the ring finger, there is an ombre nail art with blue and purple with mermaid scales over the ombre nails. This nail art can be a good choice for mermaid dresses or skirts of contrasting colors.

Ariel Flounder Disney Mermaid Nails

Ariel Flounder Disney Mermaid Nails
Image Source: Alexia Tilia Nails

Disney Nails! Ariel is the famous protagonist from the Disney film – The Little Mermaid. Flounder, a yellow fish, was Ariel’s best friend. For one ring fingernail, we have Ariel and Flounder for another ring fingernail. Two best friends together. Isn’t that adorable? For the middle finger, there are white nails with certain rhinestones at the base. The remaining nails are pastel blue with a basic shine. This nail art is Disney-inspired. It is terrifically cute. It can be a good choice for pastel outfits and also for Disney days.

Ariel Mermaid Seashell Pearl Nail Art

Ariel Mermaid Seashell Pearl Nail Art
Image Source: Alexia Tilia Nails

Shell thumbs! The thumbs have white shell nails with a center pearl and rhinestones at the base. The little fingernails are glittering sky-blue. For the middle fingernail of one hand, we have mermaid scales and Ariel for the other. Then we also have other ombre nails and embellished nails. This nail art is pretty cool. These mermaid’s nails are a lovely idea. They can be a good idea for oversized baby doll dresses.

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Golden Fish And Rose Art Nail Design

Golden Fish And Rose Art Nail Design
Image Source: My Nail Art

The tips of all these nails are sparkling blue. Sea blue! As we move from the little finger to the thumb there are various golden illustrations. We have jumping fish, dwelling mermaid tail, golden rose, fish over water, and thumb art. This nail art is good for summer days. You can style these nails with a golden dress and with accessories like funky rings.

Ariel UnderWater Grunge Nail Art

Ariel Under Water Grunge Nail Art
Image Source: Ashton Harlan

Grunge! For the best part, we have Ariel for the ring finger of one hand. There are fish scales for some nails over iridescent greenish-purple nails. For some others, there are gaseous bubbles over the shining faded green. There is an embellished nail, a middle finger shining purple nail beside Ariel. The ring and little fingernails of the other hand are embedded too. This nail art is complex but stunning. These nails are surely a perfect choice for grunge aesthetic outfits!

Stamp The Design

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Stamp The Design
Image Source: Helen Jones

If you are not a big fan of drawing those intricate lines of a mermaid’s fin, then we have a solution for you. Get a mermaid design sticker or stamp and then stamp them/stick them onto your nails. Now, all you have to do is to make it colorful by painting in the colors with the colors of your choice or if you want to skip the hassle altogether, just get a sticker with the colors already in it and stick them to your nails carefully and neatly.

Princess Ariel Nails

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Princess Ariel Nails
Image Source: Liliana

“The Little Mermaid” is that one movie that really opened our eyes and made our childhoods. So, why not pay homage to it by getting these Princess Ariel-inspired nails? Choose a pastel pink and white nail polish. Now add some shell-shaped beads to them and maybe a Princess Ariel sticker as a nod to the movie.

Blue Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Blue Mermaid Nails
Image Source: Stephanie Navarro

Choose your favorite shade of blue and get them painted on your nails. Now to add some fun, add some glitter on one nail and the mermaid fin pattern on another nail and you have nailed the look below. This is a great, minimal look as it does not overdo the glitter to make it look more unique.

Manicures And Mermaids

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Manicures And Mermaids
Image Source: maral nailartist

For this look, we are going to be combining the mermaid nail art and the classic french manicure look. To get the look below, do a french manicure on some of your nails. For the mermaid part, paint on the fin pattern on the remaining nails. We recommend you use pastel colors as they are more aesthetic. You could add some details by adding some rhinestones and some dots to enhance the look.

Bubbles And Fins

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Bubbles And Fins
Image Source: Sandy

A silver nail polish, some bubble designs to remind you of the sea, and our main star of the show; mermaids. These are all you need to get this look. This will surely be a statement piece to your whole outfit. Adding a bit of white nail polish underneath the designs would be a great way to make the designs pop.

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Sparkly Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Sparkly Mermaid Nails
Image Source: Nadine‘s Nails

Pink and golden colors are really great color combinations and you can use a sparkly version of these nail polishes in an ombre pattern. Now, you can add different mermaid-themed quotes or stickers of mermaids and different motifs to make it a sparkly yet enticing art.

Beachy Mermaid

Mermaid Nail Art Designs Beachy Mermaid
Image Source: Laura

This look really reminds us of the beach so why not turn your nails into a mini beach? This beautiful look needs a sparkly blue gradient to add some holographic mermaid scales stickers and you are done! This look is perfect for those beach days.

Pastel Mermaid Moment

Pastel Mermaid Moment
Image Source: Rachel Cakes

This look is for pastel lovers and this is an intricate look. Do a base coat with pastel blue to represent the underwater. Now add a touch of glitter (not too much) to represent the bubbles. Then, you can either paint on or stick some starfish, shellfish, seahorses, and mermaids in various pastel colors like purple, pink, yellow, and so on. This look is perfect if you are cosplaying for  Ariel.

Ombre Moment

Ombre Moment
Image Source: ale

Green ombre look and a shell bead on one nail. How classy can it get? For this look, make sure to use sparkly green polish for the ombre and a normal base coat on four fingers. Give it a top coat to make it shiny and glossy. For the other nail, add a white shell bead to your nails to give it that under-the-sea element and we assure you that you will have the prettiest nails ever.

Holographic Nails

Holographic Nails
Image Source: Renee Wolff

Choose holographic nail colors and paint them on your nails. Now add the mermaid scale design to one nail with simple white nail polish and add a topcoat. This look might be simple but since you used the holographic nail colors, that is what is going to make this look alluring.

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Purple Power

Purple Power
Image Source: Glitter Room

This look is all about purple. Add the mermaid scales to just one nail and give it a twist by adding the mermaid tails on another nail. You could even add some glitters if you wish and highlight the color purple.

Under The Sea Nails

Under The Sea Nails
Image Source: Anastasia Flanagan

For this look, you could just make the sea the main theme. Paint a blue color and add some details like the bubbles and add your mermaid. We urge you to draw your own mermaids and other details to let you be creative. Enjoy the process as you go.

Mystical Mermaids

Mystical Mermaids
Image Source: Whats Up Nails

Add some drama and mystical vibes to your nail art by throwing in some darker hues of your favorite colors and just swirling the colors. Next in add your favorite motifs and be sure to add some mermaids and other designs to tie in the mysterious look.

A Moment Of Pink

A Moment Of Pink
Image Source: Sapfo nail bar

Throw in a few ombre designs, a dash of sparkles, some mermaid scales, and a hint of shell beads and you have got yourself this look. This one is a gorgeous pink look and it is oh so magical.

Jewels And Pearls

Jewels And Pearls
Image Source: msnail

This one right here is the cherry on top of all the looks. If you are tired of the whole minimalist look, then get this look which is just dramatic and bold. Ask your manicurist to add the jewels and the shells and every embellishment that reminds you of the sea and let them have a go at it.

So that’s pretty much everything we could bring out to you for your next nail art inspiration. We sincerely hope you’re all good to go for your next nail appointment now. So what’s stopping you from bringing your childhood fairytales right on top of your nails? Go ahead, paint your nails in your favorite mermaid design and colors!

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