1 Month Baby Photography Ideas

Dainty baby!!
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Is your little baby completing his one month soon? Want to capture that? Looking for extremely great and amazing ways to photoshoot the same? Well, then you’re at the right place and at the right time for sure. These ideas are very creative and can be done at home. So, keep scrolling and the one which you find will suit the best on your little one, hop on to that and get your child that the photoshoot was done.

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Give Your Baby A Creative Gift Of Photography


Image Source: Pragnya Maduskar

Are you looking for some really creative and really fun way to photograph your baby’s picture? So here is an exciting and very adorable photography idea which you can right away do!

Well, all you need is clothes! Yes, and some sticks for the sun! So grab all of them, breathe in, and dive in! Since your child is going to complete 1 month, this is going to stay in your memory forever.

Baby in a BUCKET

Baby in a BUCKET
Image Source: Giaromest Photography

Looking for an awestruck photo? Well, didn’t this make you go aw? How adorable does this little baby look? So, if this picture has got your interest, and you are looking forward to creating this photoshoot idea, I might help you.

You’ll need a bucket, a bundle of soft wool of any color of your choice, and a piece of cardboard of the shape 1. Yes, and a perfect background, and there you go!

Bring the photographer in you and click, and see the magic happening.

Sleeping BEAUTY

Sleeping BEAUTY
Image Source: Pao Carmona

Want a subtle photoshoot? Which looks absolutely professional and photogenic? Then this one is an absolute match for you!

All you will need is a table chair and your little baby dressed up gracefully and yes, make sure she is sleeping!

And with some edits, this is going to come out mind-boggling! You’re going to definitely love this one!

Happy  One Month!

Image Source: Ny Yahn Khaimir

How excited are you about the photoshoot? Well, your little one is finally going to be one month old on this very beautiful planet earth. To make this remarkable and evergreen, you have to capture it and keep it safe until he is that mature to identify himself/herself.

This is yet another creative idea that will make you go aw. How aesthetic and soothing does this look? So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on and yes save it for later!

All pink

All pink
Image Source: Hima Varshinii

A very beautiful and dignified way to photoshoot your little one this time! Trust me, this one is super attractive and charming. It’s all pink, a heart is gracefully made with petals that look effortless and astonishing. Get your hands on this and you will love this like never before. 

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Image Source: Harshit Kakkad

Another very attractive photoshoot idea. And the best part is, you require no props for this. All you will need is 2 dozen of Rose’s and a baby pink colored bedsheet, and make your baby dress red to match with Rose’s and yes, yes we are done! While he is asleep, take his pictures, or if you’re hiring up a photographer that’s perfect!


Image Source: Layers of Goodness

Isn’t this picture too adorable to glare on? Another satisfying and appealing photoshoot, which you can do right away. Get all the props arranged, get your baby dressed up, give him his favorite teddy bear and yes, you’re are ready to click! Click against the sunlight, it will make your picture even more attractive and pleasing.

It’s bathing time!

1 Month Baby Photography Ideas It's bathing time!
Image Source: Kardila Atmodjo

This one is a fun-fun photoshoot. Get your baby’s bathing products, decorate it as shown in the picture, dress her up as if she’s on her way to the bath, and yes some good lighting and here you go! Your masterpiece is ready. This fun photoshoot will surely bring a smile to your face and on your baby’s too!

Angel turning 1 MONTH

Angel turning 1 MONTH
Image Source: Coach Sandy

If you want it to look subtle and surreal, then this one will make your day for sure! A great way to remember your little one’s completing her/his first month. Dress her up like an angel, get flower stick on the number 1, and keep the lighting golden to add the feel, and here you go! This is an absolute which is just irresistible and wonderful.

Momma, I’m 1

Momma I'm 1
Image Source:  Bruno Guimarães

Nothing is more pretty than seeing your child growing up, and it is the time to be happy because you’re little one is on his way to being 1 month old, which is his first step into this life, on earth. Keeping a good memory is always a great idea! And I’m sure, the reason why you’re here is to get your little one’s memory cherished forever. This photoshoot idea will surely make you laugh, smile, and make you feel satisfied.

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Dainty baby!!

Dainty baby!!
Image Source: Cassie

If you’re looking for a creative and innovative idea, then this one will purloin your heart! With an amazing idea where there are numbers knitted on the blanket, and 1 is chosen. This is mind-boggling. So this time, when your

Happy 1 month!

Image Source: Mama Przedszkolanka

Another creative and zestful idea is to photoshoot your child’s photo where she/he is turning 1 month big. All you will need is a basket and your favorite fruit. Yes, and a good location, where there is abundant sunlight. You’re done. Just click pictures with a photographer vibe and then see the magic happening. You’re truly gonna love them so much.

This adorable photo shoot will make you go aw!

This adorable photoshoot will make you go aw!
Image Source: Ashley Peavey

How beautiful does this baby girl look? Imagine your child looking as pretty as she is in the picture. 1 month written on the slate board is absolutely fitting in the frame perfectly, don’t you think? So, get your hands on this beautiful photoshoot idea!

Dazzling bright, dazzling white

Dazzling bright, dazzling white
Image Source: Julianne Liebentritt

This picture truly needs no description, it is self-explanatory, isn’t it? Where the mom is holding the baby gently in her hand, which looks absolutely adorable and pleasant, this looks soothing and stunning. With one 1 month written back on the cardboard, this is adding a lot to the whole look, isn’t it?

Angel BABY

Angel BABY
Image Source: Karen Carreno

Well, we all feel like capturing our little ones, every now and then, we feel we are blessed to have them, don’t we? To depict the same, using edits this picture is extremely satisfying and says it all! All we need is to understand what it means and this one is an amazing way to celebrate one month of your child.

Banana child!

Banana child!
Image Source: Kristina Terzieva

A fun way to photoshoot you’re little baby, wearing a banana outfit complementing the one made out of banana, it’s next to perfect. If you’re a cool mom/dad and want a cool photo too, go for this one! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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