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Halloween is that time of the year where you get to dress up and be whoever you want to be, even if it is just for a day. For kids, Halloween is all about dressing up all spooky and getting truckloads of candy, and for adults, Halloween is about dressing up and getting together with friends and partying minus the candy. And let’s be honest, this past year has been rough for all of us, especially the kiddos. They have been cooped up all year without not being able to go out and play or see their friends.

So, why not make this year’s Halloween extra special so that they get to enjoy their little hearts out. Halloween might be the only time where they get to wear what they actually want to wear and as parents, you have no choice but to listen to them. Now, when it comes to costumes here are some outfit inspo so that your tiny tots will be the star of the evening.

Halloween Costumes for Kids of All Ages

1. What’s Up Witches?

The witch costume is near and dear to many of us and there is clearly something mystical about dressing as a witch. Maybe it’s the fact that you are dressed as a witch and that maybe you get to cast a spell on people even it’s just to pretend. So yes, a witch’s outfit is a perfect choice if you are looking to introduce your child to the world of potions and brews, and spells.

Halloween Costumes for Kids Whats Up Witches?

Image Source: Mi-kay-kay

2. Pumped Up For Pumpkins

Pumpkins are Halloween staples. So why not add an extra pumpkin or two to the lot by dressing up your kids as pumpkins! They’ll surely love it and when we say that it’s going to be so cute seeing your toddler dressed up as a pumpkin, we mean it.

3. Monsters University

The 2001 Pixar movie is a classic and we have all dreamed about attending MU, so this would be a great time to introduce your child to this amazing movie which tells them about how the monsters that they are afraid of might be actually really nice. Another great thing about this theme is that, if your child has a friend or a sibling then they can dress up as Sully and Mike and have fun in their own world.

Halloween Costumes for Kids Monsters University

Image Source: Lauren

4. Harlequin Costume 

If your child is scared of clowns, then there is another type of clown which may not be scary to them at all. Introducing the harlequin clown, this checkered clown is not scary at all and your kids might get warmed up to the idea of clowns.

Halloween Costumes for Kids Harlequin Costume

Image Source: Caroline

5. Witch, Please

We said it again and we’ll say it again, we are big fans of witches! So, get your child the costume, a wand and maybe a wig of long hair and your kid will be casting spells everywhere.

Halloween Costumes for Kids Witch, Please

Image Source: Scarlet Darkness

6. Zany Zombie

Zombies are a classic and it is so easy to recreate. Another great thing about this is that you can paint your child’s face using face paint which makes this even more exciting and you can give your children extra props like a foot or eyeballs or head and it is guaranteed that your child will be racing to show off their friends the costume.

Halloween Costumes for Kids Zany Zombie

Image Source: erikaseyama

7. Skele-ton Of Fun

Let the skeletons have some fun out of the graveyard and dress up your children as the skeletons and we have got a winner. The thing about this costume is that you don’t have to spend too much money on this as you can DIY it and you can take it one step further by adding glow in the dark bone stickers to the fabric and by face painting their faces.

Halloween Costumes for Kids Skele-ton Of Fun

Image Source: sara

8. Brewing And Bubbling

Give your kids the chance to be a spooky witch by dressing them as a witch and watch their inner witch come alive and scare you!

Halloween Costumes for Kids Brewing And Bubbling

Image Source: lena_vinera

9. The Three Witches

If you happen to have 3 kids and you are tensed about what to dress them up as, well look no further. Dress them up as the three witches from the beloved Shakespeare play, Macbeth and all eyes will be on them, not to mention how much of a bonding activity it is going to be between them. 

The Three Witches

Image Source: Candice Michelle

10. Boo! I Got You!

This costume right here is the easiest and spookiest costume of all time as all you need is lots of bandages and a bit of face makeup and you are done. Now watch your little one scare, everyone, with their costume.

Boo!i Got You!

Image Source: JULIE & MIKA

11. Maleficent Magnificence

This Disney movie is beloved by all as Angelina Jolie who plays Maleficent is spooky and sends a shiver down the spine. So what better way to embrace Halloween than dressing up your kid as Maleficent.

12. Cartoon Character Costumes

What better opportunity for your child to dress up and be their favorite cartoon character than Halloween? So, pay attention to what your child wants to dress up as and let them live their little hearts out as them even if it is for one day.

Cartoon Character Costumes

Image Source: Lauren Mancke

13. Zombie Costume

Take a lesson or two from all the spooky zombie movies and series and recreate it and have fun with the fake blood and the tattered clothes.

14. Cosplay Time

Cosplay needs no introduction and lets your children have fun with it with the elaborate costumes and over-the-top makeup of the spookiest of characters.

Cosplay Time

Image Source: Creepy AF

15. Coco 

The movie Coco has been a fan favorite and let your child dress up as their favorite character from the movie. This would also be a good time for them to show off their vocal skills by memorizing and singing the songs from the Disney classic.


Image Source: Jack Skellington

No matter what costumes your children choose, we hope that they have fun during the process and while they go trick or treating. If you are DIY-ing their outfits make sure to include them in the process as it helps them to feel like they are a part of something and they will take pride in the fact that they created it.

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