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We all wear jeans and it is a staple to almost everyone all around the world. It is such versatile clothing that it pairs up with every other outfit. The option of mixing and matching is real with this. So, if you are a real denim lover, then why don’t you just do jeans nail art? It might sound tacky and unusual but we promise you that this design is going to be really unique. The options with this nail art are endless. You could mix and match, add a zipper detail, maybe add some texture, add tiny patches of your favorite design,  create a ripped-like design to emulate the ripped jeans and the list goes on.

So, in order to convince you fully, here is a list of jeans and zipper nail art choices for you:

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Denim Lovers- Just Say YES To This Trend

Patch It Up

Jeans and Zipper Nail Art Patch It Up

Image Source: Paznokciesylwiak

For this look, you could choose a denim sticker of your favorite kind and stick it onto your nails. To make it a bit more stylish, add a design of your choice. You could either use a sticker and call it a day or you could try to do it yourself with nail polishes. The addition of a design resembling a patch that you might add to your jeans will make it more personalized.

Matte For You

Jeans and Zipper Nail Art Matte For You

Image Source: Jowita Mathers

Instead of taking the shiny and glossy route, choose a matte look. For the design below, you will need a matte denim blue nail polish and a sticker with a torn ripped pattern. Paint the blue nail polish and let it dry. Next, add your sticker wherever you like, and voila! You are done.

Bejeweled Nails

Jeans and Zipper Nail Art Bejeweled Nails

Image Source: PB Nails

For this one, you could paint your nails in a proper denim blue color and maybe paint on the tattered design. You could also add some writing of your choice. To take this to the next level, add rhinestones on one of your nails to make this look more trendy.

Back In Black

Jeans and Zipper Nail Art Back In Black

Image Source: Ewa Szczerbiak

Take a black nail polish and paint them over your nails. Add a zipper decal to it. Congratulations, you have just got yourself a badass look for your nails.

Light Blue Jeans Nail Art

Jeans and Zipper Nail Art Light Blue Jeans Nail Art

Image Source: Desiree Casalis

Choose a light blue color instead of the usual dark blue color and paint them on your nails. Add a jean textured decal. Line the edges of your nails to resemble the stitches of your jeans. Then maybe add another sticker of say, a floral lace design, to make it look a bit quaint.

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Double The Color, Double The Trouble

Jeans and Zipper Nail Art Double The Color, Double The Trouble

Image Source: Diy Nails Toronto

This one is an eye-catching look, believe us when we say that. So paint your nails in your favorite denim color, be it blue or black. Then add the zipper decals to it. Now, add another bright, bold color below the zipper decal to give it the illusion of zip opening up a bright, fun color.

Multicolored Nails

Jeans and Zipper Nail Art Multicolored Nails

Image Source: Life Inspired Nails

Ditch the usual denim look and go for colors! Choose different colors of your choice and paint them like a rainbow. Now add your zipper details. We recommend you paint them on by yourself so that you can immerse yourself in this whole experience. But you could still use a zipper decal for more of a clean and polished look.

Texture In The Mixture

Jeans and Zipper Nail Art Texture In The Mixture

Image Source: Tara

This one has a textured look to it which is the key focus of a jean nail art and in jeans as well. So paint on your base coat, add the texture to it by sticking the textured decals that you can get, and add your zipper decals. You can add a topcoat if you want to make it glossy (not to mention the protective benefit of it) or choose to make it matte.

Shabby Jeans Art

Jeans and Zipper Nail Art Shabby Jeans Art

Image Source: Margo

Add a bit of a shabby look to your nails by using light-colored nail polish with a bit of texture. Now, stick your denim design to one of your nails. This is a very unique look and if done right, it will simple and elegant.

Multiple Zipper Designs

Jeans and Zipper Nail Art Multiple Zipper Designs

Image Source: The Nail Studio

Instead of choosing a denim pattern altogether, ditch it and choose simple colors. Now, maybe add some designs like polka dots. Next, add the zipper decal. There you go, you have got yourself this distinctive yet funky look on your nails.

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White And Zippers

Jeans and Zipper Nail Art White And Zippers

Image Source: Danielle Kadish

Take a white nail polish and paint them on. Now use a gold-colored zipper decal on all your nails. This nail look is stunning and is very gorgeous and you might even find it chic.

Orange And Pink Nails

Orange And Pink Nails

Image Source: Carries Nail Nook

For this look, we are going to keep the main focus on the colors, orange, and pink. Add designs of your choice like a zebra one or maybe a split-half orange half pink design. Don’t forget to add the zipper decal and now you are ready to flaunt your creation.

Glamorous Jeans

Glamorous Jeans

Image Source: Unghie and Bellezza

Take the denim design onto your nail tips. Add the necessary details like the texture of it and whatnot. Now, to the other part add in a flamboyant lace design or so and some rhinestones to keep it ultra-glamorous.

Zipper Nails

Zipper Nails

Image Source: Marcia

Take a neutral color base coat and apply it. Add in beads for a rustic look. Add the zipper beads to your nails and you are done. This will go well with pairing a leather jacket with your outfit too.

A Cute Jean

A Cute Jean

Image Source: Nails Univer

Given below are the steps on how to recreate a very cute jean look. Paint blue nail polish. Now paint a section of your nails in a triangle shape in a beige color. Add some black horizontal lines and white lines on the blue polish area to represent the stitched portion. Add a criss-cross pattern on the beige portion for the tattered look. Now add a bow bead and you are done.

A Step By Step Look

A Step By Step Look

Image Source: Paznokciesylwiak

This look below is also a step-by-step how-to for the patch nail art look. You would have to use modeling clay to create the tattered effect and paint on your patch design. Follow this look to the point to achieve the glamorous look.

Keep it minimal or bling it up, it is your choice. But whatever you do, it is going to be quirky and fun to have a change from your usual nail art. Jeans and zipper nail art can be achieved by using a variety of colors, techniques, embellishments, stamps, and stickers, and so on to get a striking resemblance of the real denim material. So, go on and give it a try.

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