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Blouse designs are a great way to showcase your style and creativity. They make your saree outfit more trendy and stylish. They give a special charm and grace to your look for the day. You can add embroidery designs, a thread Dori and even decorations of all kinds. You can experiment with a lot of styles when it comes to blouse designs. Deep-cut blouse patterns are a lot in trend lately. You can also add a cut out of different shapes for a great look. Adding different embroidery works like zari silk, zardozi designs etc even make your blouses look grand.

Blouse designs have a great hold on how your outfit looks. They add a great style to your saree. The back of the blouse is the area where you can get creative. You can all sorts of embroidery or styles to make your blouse perfectly stylish. So here are some great blouse designs for the back neck portion of your blouse!

Pink Blouse with Blue and Golden Neck Design

Add this beautiful detailing to your blouses for a great look. The design is suitable for the back neck pattern on a blouse. It is a traditional arch pattern made with a royal blue material.

The material is bordered with a designed golden lace with intricate patterns. Rectangular cuttings of pink, blue and golden shades have also been included in the neck design. One extra detail which adds to the beauty is the golden beadwork on the rectangular patterns. Overall, this is a great design which you could make on the neck of your blouse for a beautiful effect.

Blue and Golden Blouse Back Neck Design

This is a unique and trendy look for your blouse. It’s a wonderful combination of blue and golden. It’s a deep back neckline. It has a layered pattern. A deep cut shape is made and a golden material is stitched inside the shape with a wineglass pattern. Another highlight is the triangular blue and golden shapes made on the middle of the back of the blouse in an alternating manner. A row of golden beads also run through the blue outline of the blouse. Golden bead details are also made on the triangular shapes.

Vibrant Yellow and Maroon Blouse Design for the Back

A striking colour combination is made in this blouse design. It is a combination of a bright and peppy yellow with a dark maroon shade. A deep design is cut on the blouse design and maroon loops have been given on the border to make a thread Dori. Beside the loops, a small yellow border is made. After which, comes the maroon border. A small lace of white beads and ruffled pleated material is stitched onto the border. It’s a great trendy-looking blouse design to make your blouse more stylish.

Orange and Blue Blouse Back Design with Floral Piece

This design can make your blouse more elegant. It has a beautiful style to it. The design makes the blouse look like an article of wrap-on clothing. It looks perfectly gorgeous. The colour combination is very unique and lovely. The neckline has an orange border running along half the way. The other half has orange material with blue stripes. An added detail is the floral embellishment with shiny stones, which adds a grand look to the blouse design.

Trendy Green and Blue Blouse Design

If you want a blouse design for the back neck, this would look perfect, as it is trendy as well as simple. This blouse has a deep ‘U’ pattern. The highlight is the small window cut-out on the blouse. A small blue cloth bead is also added to the blouse. The cutout pattern is made on the green layer of material. A blue border is also provided which has green petal designs which look great. They add a special effect which is lovely. This blouse back design is perfect if you want a simple daily wear design.

Stylish Orange Blouse Back Design

This is a great trendy blouse design for the backside. It’s a wrap-on pattern. The material is bright orange. Piping is given with a darker shade of orange. While one side of the blouse is fully orange, the other side has golden material. The whole of the nack neckline has orange piping. The highlight is the floral decoration studded on the blouse. It also has stones that give the blouse a shiny and glamorous look. It’s perfect for a party look.

The modern blouse designs give more priority to the back of the blouses. It is the most visible portion of the blouse. Sarees are a timeless trend and I hope we never run out of this trend. It feels great to wrap yourself in a saree with your best blouse. Try out these great blouse designs so that you can give a stylish twist to your normal daily wear sarees. Get moving in style and class! Give your sarees a classy and stylish twist with these awesome blouse designs!

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