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Looking for front and back boat neck blouse designs? Here are 10+ front back neck blouse designs you can wear with any saree!

Saree- the six yards of sheer elegance that has mesmerized women across the globe with its simplicity. The stepping stone when a girl becomes a woman. For us, it’s not just an attire but an emotion that carries memories, and draping it across our body reminds us of the centuries-old tradition that never goes wrong no matter how much we adapt our self into the culture of westernization. It enhances your beauty and increases it by ten folds. A woman in a saree can never fail to create wonders. The purity and the virtue of elegance are beyond comparison with a saree-clad woman.
What’s a saree without a perfect and well-fitted blouse that accentuates your beauty. An ill-fitting outdated blouse can reduce the elegance of your saree and can give you a tacky look also. From simple low cut to high neck full hand blouses which were a trend in the old times have been replaced by numerous designs which have given a new look to the sarees. The real beauty may lie in the drape and fabric but if not utilized properly then it can take away the grace and poise which you wanted to achieve. To woo away your dilemmas we have covered it all with an amazing collection of front-back neck blouse designs which will make you the epitome of beauty and poise.

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Front Back Neck Blouse designs

 Boat Neck Square Back Design

Regina Cassandra Boat Neck Square Back Blouse designs

Sari – Little Thing Studio
Jewelry – House Of Doro
Styled By – Divya Niranjan

This red saree is the symbolism of passion and love. A simple saree can never cease to amaze us which is well portrayed by this woman. However, her choice of blouse is the highlighting factor. It is a common belief that vertical stripes make you look slimmer and taller which we can see through this design. The next time you are worried about what to match with your simple and mono-colour saree go for striped design blouse.

The Window Style Back

The Window Style Back Blouse designs

Sari – Mrunalini Rao Design
Jewelry – Amrapali Jewels
Styled By – Nithisha Sriram

With the front part as boat neck design, you can opt for a window style back which has been in the news for the past few years and has been a hit among women. This can give you a sexy and sensuous look without exposing much of your body. They have closures in the form of hooks at the back. Flaunt your radiant you through this blouse back design.

 The Curved Cut-out Back

Shanvi sri Curved Cut-out Back Blouse designs

Sari – @myrahbyharshini
Jewelry – Bcos Its Silver Jewellery
Bangles – Anandita
Styled By – Nishara & Co

If you are someone who is open to experiments and want to go for an unconventional look, then this cut-out style with curves at the back is what you should bookmark in your collection. Neither too much exposure nor too much of covered-up conventional look, it blends in both the opposing terms in the right amount with its simplicity. Elevate your attractiveness with this design.

The Classic String Shape

Sharvari Classic String Shape Blouse designs

Sari – Loka By Veerali Raveshia
Jewelry – Sangeeta Boochra
Shoes – Monrow Shoes
Styled By – Sanam Ratansi

A simple and sexy blouse design, the classic shape with a single string can go a long way. It can make even the simplest of saree designs look graceful. This sleeveless and multi-color blouse design with a single string adorned with tassels brings out the beautiful vibe of this beige and ombre shapes saree. You can adjust the fitting to suit yourself through this string easily.

The Cut-out Style

Karisma Kapoor Cut-out Style Blouse designs

Sari – Manyavar Mohey
Earrings – Jet Gems
Kadas – Anmol Jewellers
Bag – Aloha By Pia & Sonal – Potlis
Styled By – Eshaa Amiin

The cut-out blouse backs have been a trend and the latest addition in the fashion industry. They give you an overall slim look with the regular round neckline on the front. You can have a customized cut-out back design and yet look end up looking elegant in whatever design you choose. Be ready to steal the limelight with this sexy design.

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The Back V-Shaped Design

Priyanka Chopra Back V-Shaped Design Blouse designs

Sari – Tarun Tahiliani
Jewelry – KAJ Fine Jewellery Anmol Jewellers
Styled By – Ami Patel

The best thing about V neck blouse designs its suits women of all sizes and can be as playful and fun as you want them to be. This lavender shade embroidered saree looks magnificent with the blouse. With a low cut V neck design in the front, as well as back the highlighting point, is the brooch that holds it together at the back along with the small strings at the sleeves. This blouse neck design will definitely increase your glam quotient.

The High-Neck Cut out Design

Pragya Jaiswal High-Neck Cut out Design Blouse designs

Sari – Ritu Kumar
Jewelry – E-Designs
Styled By – Anisha Gandhi Rochelle D’sa Syiemiong

The high neck blouse designs remind us of the old times when it was a trend. In the modern days with a lot of changes, you can opt for a sleeveless design with a cut-out back style. If you have a short neck then better not to go ahead with it as it may not work for you. Try out this retro design with a bit of a modish look for your sheer saree.

The Knot Style Back

Kriti Sanon Knot Style Back Blouse designs

Sari – Ekaya Banaras
Jewelry – Minerali Store Sangeeta Boochra
Styled By – Sukriti Grover

Who says that you have to live by the rules when they are meant to be broken. If you are tired of the regular monotonous blouse designs then pave your way out with this strapless knot style back blouse design. Achieve this sexy and bold look and flaunt your radiant and glowing back-line. Bring out the femininity and flaunt it with style and care.

 The Deep Cut Thin Straps

Pragya Jaiswal Deep Cut Thin Straps Blouse designs

Sari – SVA Couture
Jewelry – Musaddilal Gems & Jewels
Styled By – Anisha Gandhi

Sleeveless blouse is not a common choice because it exposes too much of your shoulder area. However, the times have changed and it’s high time you step out of that cocoon and break the shell apart. With a deep cut-back design with thin straps secured with hooks, this blouse piece is literally stunning and dazzles its way throughout. It may be common but can never go old.

 The Ruffle Full Hand Design

Hansika Motwani Ruffle Full Hand Design Blouse designs

Outfit – House Of Neeta Lulla
Shoes – Dune London India
Jewelry – E-Designs
Styled By – Eshaa Amiin

It’s all about adding fun and stylish elements to your look these days. Ruffles in your blouse design is the latest trend these days and give out a stylish vibe with a classy aura. A regular boat neck design can be secured with this ruffle full-hand blouse design. It’s vintage and visually appealing which oozes charm when you carry it well with confidence.

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 The Cut Out Thin Straps

Amruta Khanvilkar Cut Out Thin Straps Blouse designs

Sari – Kalki Fashion
Styled By – Neha Chaudhary

With a low-cut V-shaped design on the front with a deep-cut style secured with straps, this can elevate any simple mono color saree. The focal point of attraction is the golden triangular belt which gives an ultra-modern overall look but the sequins at the front part of the blouse are what steals the show. The quirky detailing in the right amount is just what you need.

Cut it Like you Own it

Cut it Like you Own it Karisma Kapoor Blouse designs

Sari – Manish Malhotra
Clutch – Bottegaveneta

If you want to show off your sexy neckline then don’t shy away. We have got you covered with this amazing design. With a halter neck at the front and a deep neck at the back with cutouts on the side, this design looks sassy and classy and gives you the coveted chic look. give a contemporary touch to your sequin saree which adds up to your overall look.

 The Bare Back with Thin Border

Kriti Sanon Bare Back with Thin Border Blouse designs

Sari – Manish Malhotra
Earrings – Tyaani Fine Jewellery
Bangles – Minerali Store Aquamarine Jewellery
Rings – Manubhai Jewellers
Styled By – Sukriti Grover

With medium straps at the front with a V-shaped design and low cut back style with thin borders, this blouse design makes us drool over it. This dazzling design will work well for everyone and a deep neck is a favorite among women as it balances off everything else. Sophisticated combined with a modern look is a must-try if you are open to experiments.

 The Halter Neck Back

Kriti Sanon Halter Neck Back Blouse designs

Sari – Manish Malhotra
Earrings – Azotiique
Ring & Bracelet – Minawala Jewellers
Styled By – Sukriti Grover

The halter neck styles are fashionable and flimsy. Not everyone can carry it well with confidence and grace as it exposes much of your back and shoulders. If you think you are bold enough, then the world is your oyster. If it looks good on you, then there’s no looking back. Be the social media favorite among your friends with this sensuous design.

When you buy the saree that fulfills your dream of the perfect Indian queen, the most important element in achieving that dreamy look is the perfect blouse. With many rounds to the tailor shop, when you are disappointed with the end result then we are here to save you the efforts. From minimalist to sexy look, we have got your back literally in this. Try out these unique and modern designs and give your regular and simple saree a new and glamorous look which will increase the oomph factor.

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