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Preppy Style Clothing Are Back In Trends To Elevate Your Style

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Neat, dignified, discreet, and elegant, in the best traditions and at the same time fashionable – all this is a “preppy” style. The form of the students of status schools laid the foundation of this style, which is why its foundation is things with “elite cleanliness”, needlework, quality, and branding. One of the best parts about classic pieces is seeing how each generation chooses to style them. Most preppy outfits and pieces literally never go out of style. Women’s preppy style is crisp, clean, and dedicated to considered staples that walk the line between casual and sophisticated. The preppy style being an organic mix of business style and smart casual, they have now gained a lot of popularity again, and so would be happy to tell you more about it.

Preppy Style Essentials For Your Closet

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Knitted Vests, Jumper And Cardigans

The list of basic things in the wardrobe in the style of “preppy” necessarily includes knitted vests, jumpers, and cardigans in a cage or rhombus. Already in these details, we see notes of the student form, however, at a choice of things, it is necessary to pay attention to quality which is very important for style “preppy”. Materials are only natural – cotton, wool, cashmere.

Plaid Skirt

Another integral part of the “preppy” image is a familiar skirt in a cage. The preferred cut is a pleated, pencil or A-silhouette. It is perfectly combined with a shirt, and with a jumper, and with a blazer. Despite the usual length to the knee, the skirt should not be too short, so that the image does not turn out to be vulgar.

Golfs and Berets

Speaking of accessories for the image in the style of “preppy”, it is worth paying attention to berets. They are the ones that blend in harmoniously with the preppy look, emphasizing the restrained elegance and accuracy of the image. Another detail – golf – will be very useful in such a set. Choose this accessory in the basic colors – dark blue, red, sand, gray, white, khaki, and beige.

Tweed Fabric

As we have already mentioned, the quality of materials is of great importance when choosing things for preppy style. Tweed products are perfect for this look – skirt, blazer, coat, or jacket. Since the material is very dense, it should be combined with lighter things like a cotton shirt or blouse. It is worth saying that tweeds are warm enough, so they are ideal for cold weather so that your image is not only stylish but also comfortable.

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Chinos Pants

Perhaps the preppy style is one of the few where jeans that are loved by everyone are unacceptable for creating such an image. Consider stylish chinos instead. They are free to sit, slightly narrowed downwards, and in warm weather, they are recommended to turn up. This versatile model, which is very easy to combine with any things, is really capable of replacing jeans. For a preppy image, both single-colored models and with a checkered or rhombus print are suitable.


Preppy style does not allow high heels or heels, so for this image is best suited to fashionable shoes on low heels – loafers, ballet, loafers, oxfords, brooches. They fit perfectly into the overall concept of the image – stylishly, comfortably, and discreetly. These models are popular not the first season, so it is not difficult to choose a suitable pair.

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