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Do you think you’re the only one copying celebrity hair? It turns out that they are happy to see each other’s thoughts! Sometimes the hairstyles of stars are so similar that it seems as if the same stylists have worked on them.
Some world-renowned celebrities employ an entire team of stylists and makeup artists to make each of their public appearances spectacular and original. But not everyone manages to look unique with the new look, as different celebrities may like similar hairstyles.
And, by the way, sometimes even celebrities become “the same face to face” … Let’s see and try to find 10 differences!

International Celebrities And Differences Between Their Hairstyles

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Valeriya and Christina Aguilera

Two vocal pop divas were surprisingly united in their choice of hairstyles. Well, they’re both very face-to-face with their bangs! And Valerie’s hair color is much more pleasant!

Star Hairstyles: Victoria Daineko and Jennifer Lopez

Falling on side curls are very popular among celebrities (and not only), and it is clear – the best jewelry for women can not find! That’s why we don’t blame Vicky and Jennifer’s hairstyles for being so similar!

Sofia Rotaru and Demi Moore

We do not think that the respected and always charming Sofia Rotaru suddenly came to mind to copy the hair of the famous actress. But this funny coincidence has made even the faces of these stars very similar. Well, beautiful women know how to submit themselves!

Polina Gagarina and Jennifer Lawrence

Always chasing fashion? Be prepared for the fact that you will have rivals with the same hair! Who is more charming with a fashionable bean haircut, Paulie or Jennifer, do not even try to judge! Both bravo!

Zemfira and Alyssa Milano

They’re so different, but they’re so similar to that haircut! The buckles that stick out in all directions are a great choice for real hooligans from all over the world.

Lera Kudryavtseva and Victoria Beckham

Chic, elegant and inimitable yet “repeated” their haircut. But as it goes to each of the star beauties, without depriving them of their individuality!

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Mariya Berseneva and Megan Fox

Another striking resemblance not only to hair but also to faces! Eh, Megan, unfortunately, you are not the only one of your kind, we also have burning beauties!

Hairstyle of Stars: Maria Kozhevnikova and Natalie Portman

Maria Kozhevnikova made a haircut “like a boy” for the role in the film, Maria Kozhevnikova became very similar to her Hollywood colleague, Natalie Portman. Plagiarism? No! Funny coincidence again!

Nadezhda Babkina and Madonna

An unexpected and hilarious resemblance! We do not know whether Nadezhda Babkina wanted to “cheat” or coincidence, but the two deserved workers of the scene suddenly turned into twins. Thank God, the repertoire of Hope has not changed, fans can be calm!

Oksana Pushkina and JK Rowling

They could definitely be mixed up! And, by the way, it’s not just about the same hairstyles!

Star Hairstyles: Tatyana Tereshina and Rihanna

Bright sweet-haired beauties show off so often with the same hairstyles that it’s hard to call it a coincidence. Tatiana, we assure you, we would have noticed you already!

Svetlana Kamynina and Fanny Ardant

Does your hair change your face? Definitely! Otherwise, how do you explain that such a different charming woman suddenly resembles a sister?

Yulia Kovalchuk and Grace Kelly

The image of the Princess of Monaco was to the liking of many, it is still copied by beauty from all over the world. But our Julia is the best of all!

Julia Kovalchuk and Sarah Jessica Parker

Their resemblance, who hasn’t discussed it, and we couldn’t get past it! Their hairstyles are so similar!

Julia Savicheva and Avril Lavigne

Perhaps at the beginning of her starry career, Julia’s hairstyle did not differ in originality, but now she has no equal!

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