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Clothing Tips To Look Stylish Even In Your 60s

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Sophistication and good taste are the main components of the image of each woman in 60. Sometimes, the simplest wardrobe changes can have a magical effect on your personality, especially when you’re in your sixties. Just because you’re a certain age doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. Neutral and calm tones displace screaming colors, restrained cuts replace intriguing, and elegance takes the place of sensuality. Today we will talk about these natural transformations, we will talk about the key points of styling in your 60s.

Let me make it clear to you, dressing to look young doesn’t mean dressing like younger women, it just means dressing well for a woman of your age and we are here to help you. Let’s see how you should dress in 60s and many more years.

Trendy Fashion Guide For 60 Plus Women

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Preference is given to the models that provide the most advantageous area of the abdomen and hips. In top positions, of course, we assign a pencil skirt. This thing accentuates the waist, hides the tummy, and visually pulls the figure. Skirts-trapezes and A-shaped models have a modeling effect. Watch the landing. If the model is on a figure, the fabric should be dense enough. The magnificent A-skirts can afford easier invoices. Pay attention to the length: the minimum allowed – is 5 cm above the knees. Everything above is under the anesthetic ban.


If you have enough confidence and your legs boast of a slim shape, you should bravely wear trousers with long sweaters and blouses. One hundred percent confidence will be given by free-cut models: straight jeans, gaffes, classic trousers. The latter is the must-have wardrobe of every 60-year-old woman. Neutral shades allow combining classic trousers with office shirts, everyday tops, and evening blouses. Shortened trousers, which are popular among young people today, are also acceptable and gracefully open ankles. But in extreme cases you should not rush: torn jeans, skinny models, and boyfriends will be left to the younger generation.


Choosing the top, we operate on the following criteria: the most accurate correspondence of size, lack of bagging and sloppy cut, and correctly selected palette. Absolutely advantageous are fitted blazers and shirts, tops and cardigans with a strap on the waist. The color is worth paying special attention to being in close proximity to the face, the top of the wrong shade can give a painful and tired look. Refresh and give a healthy look with light pink and peach shades, and pastel tones. The most accurate color recommendation can be obtained by defining your own color type of appearance.

The Dress

The right dress can work miracles: hide minor flaws, draw the waist and visually stretch the figure. Dress with a smell proudly carries all these charms, and therefore will certainly take a leading position in your wardrobe. The same preferred dress case, model direct cut and with an emphasis on the waist. The length rule is the same as the skirt: the starting value is 5 cm above the knees. Make sure your hands are covered. Sleeveless dresses can be complemented with blouses and turtlenecks.

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Fitting in shape and classic fit – traditional wishes for the choice of outerwear. Note the drape or woolen coat with a waist strap, traditional mac or trench coat. Have in your arsenal the outerwear of the free cut. Such models are extremely comfortable and will look harmoniously with the bottom of the figure. Abandon short models in favor of long outerwear. Otherwise, a short coat or jacket may cause a ridiculous image and health problems.


We spoil our images with the most elegant little things. Lightweight airy scarves, laconic jewelry and brooches, pearls, exquisite hats, and gloves must become part of your images. To avoid overdoing your jewelry, use the paired principle: earrings/bracelets, earrings/necklaces, ring/necklace, etc. It is worth giving up massive plastic accessories: this material is no longer worthy of your age. If you avoid bright shades of clothing, give this role to accessories. Elegant red, yellow, and green shades with dignity will set the accents in the image. The main criterion for choosing shoes should be comfortable. Of course, if you are still full of strength, you can safely run on heels. However, shoes at low speed will become the best friend of your feet.

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