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Oversize Fashion Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

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The fashion industry is changing rapidly with time and oversized clothing trends are making a comeback and people are accepting them with open arms. The Oversize dressing is all about loose fit, comfortable, and relaxation. This direction originates in the 20 of the last century. Then after the First World War, the narrow corset was replaced by wide blouses and dresses. In the 70th style, “oversize” was presented in the form of free boho dresses and flared trousers. In the 90’s “oversize” reached its peak thanks to hip-hop culture. Many musicians made stretched T-shirts, massive jewelry, and dimensionless jeans a trend. How “oversize” looks today, to whom, and how to wear three-dimensional things we will tell further.

Change Your Style By Oversized Clothing

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Coat “oversize” fits almost all types of shapes, the main thing is to choose the right model. Hiding the disadvantages of the “apple” figure will help to three-dimensional coat long just below the hip, be careful with too long styles, they will make you huge. An “inverted triangle” is better to choose a model with a flat shoulder line, which will help to balance the figure. “Pears”, on the contrary, should choose a three-dimensional collar. the dimensionless and baggy coat is recommended to wear with heels -such a combination will emphasize the beauty and elegance of the legs.


What could be better for cool weather than a cozy oversize sweater? It can be used to create stylish multi-layered images, putting under it, for example, a “man’s” shirt. The ideal bottom for such a sweater will be jeans or trousers model “skinny” and pencil skirts. A beautiful image can be created by putting on a three-dimensional jacket over a dress-case, and tying a belt on the belt. Slim girls can wear a baggy sweater and with jeans “boyfriend”, such a combination will emphasize the fragility of the figure. Pullover oversize is ideal for “rectangles”, but for “inverted triangles” it is desirable to pay attention to models without collars and with the lowered line of shoulders. Girls with magnificent shapes are also perfect for this thing, you only need to choose less voluminous and textured sweaters. Owners of large hips and massive legs should avoid a model that ends in the middle of the hip, so as not to accentuate the shortcomings.


Create an interesting contrast with a dimensionless cardigan combined with tight pants, jeans, or leggings. This outfit will make almost any figure visually more slender. Carefully be careful with this set of only “inverted triangles”, so as not to unbalance the figure anymore. In addition to the classic colors, this fall in fashion is bright and saturated colors that are easy to choose, knowing their color type of appearance.

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Blouses made of flying and airy fabrics, such as chiffon or silk, give an image of lightness and elegance. Volume shirts of male cut not only give comfort to the owner but also emphasize the slimness and femininity of the figure. Such tops can be worn with high heels and sports shoes.


Wide, often with a low fit jeans are a key element of street style. Comfortable, not restricting movements “boyfriend” jeans are so much loved by modern fashionistas that not the first season occupy a leading position among the main trends. Often a decorative element of such a model are abrasions, cuts, and holes, which makes them more daring and stylish. Such jeans can be worn with sneakers, boots without heels, and you can also wear shoes with boots or shoes on a heel. As the top will be suitable for both tight-fitting and free tops.


You can also support the fashionable style of “oversize” with accessories. In addition to clothing in fashion, voluminous sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves, snood, and bags. By choosing an accessory in the style of “oversize” you make it an accent of the image, attracting the attention of others. Be careful not to add too many large decorations to the image, so that the look does not turn out to be overloaded. With the help of accessories, you can also balance the figure.

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