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Fashion Trends That’s OK In America But Weird Outside

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Each country has its own unique characteristics, and the United States is no exception.

If you have ever traveled outside the US, you know that the rest of the world is very different from the US. But have you ever thought about how the rest of the world sees us?

While each region of the United States has its own characteristics and identity, there are also some customs that are common across the country. But while these American traditions may seem like common states, they are certainly not universal.

Speaking of fashion trends in America, whether it’s from squeezing in a corset to exercising in a leg warmer to accessorizing every outfit with a Von Dutch hat, here’s a roundup of the most cringe-worthy fashion trends that only happens in  America.

5 Old Things That Only Americans Wear

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Hailey Baldwin black leather jacket with a bright orange crop top

Hailey baldwin black leather jacket with a bright orange crop top
Source: @haileybieber

Many Accessories

American women don’t know the measures in accessories and can’t stop where they should be. They may be wearing a white T-shirt and denim shorts, but on their hands, feet, ears, and hair they will have so many accessories that it seems impossible to count them all.

Modern minimalist style

Modern minimalist style accessories like earrings and rings for women
Source: @aimeesong


Yeah, it’s athletic to the last strand. And this is not a sport-chic and not a street style. American walk around the city in shortened sports tops and tight-fitting legions, which are practiced in the hall. We don’t know why we don’t want to change clothes or throw something on top, but it’s the same as leaving home in pajamas.

Alessandra Ambrosio jogging outfit

Alessandra Ambrosio in black sports bra, grey tights and white shoes
Source: legion-media

High Studs

If the American woman decided to dress up a little bit, the highest heels she can only find in her house, elegant dresses, and shiny handbags are used. Everyone can accept, but not terrifyingly high heels. It’s uncomfortable and often looks like a hello from the early 2000s.

Classic footwear

Black, red and silver high studs for women
Source: @louboutinworld

Bright Logos

American women are obsessed with their appearance, including the importance of showing what brands they are wearing. What is the mistake here? As in the accessories, American girls do not know the maximum number of logos that can be worn in one image. That’s why they often look like advertising poles, where Prada and Balenciaga are both, but here is Gucci on the side.

Chanel spring/summer blue & white T-shirt

Women spring summer blue white T-shirt with white jacket and trousers
Source: @haileybieber


Everybody remembers Carrie Bradshaw walking the streets of New York in her fur coat and shiny sandals in the winter. Weather in America sometimes allows such bold fashion experiments. In summer the situation is exactly the opposite: in the city, you can see girls in short shorts and in tall bots, Cossacks or Chelsea. We strongly advise against repeating this technique (especially in the Russian climate).

Printed thigh high boots

Women's high neck grey oversized sweater with printed thigh high boots
Source: legion-media

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