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Fashion rules the world, and of course, different countries have similar hairstyles. But still, each nation has its own unique image, about which we want to tell you today. Hairstyles signify one’s age, tribal affiliation, ethnicity, religion, social status, marital status, and more, and have allowed ethnic and cultural groups to define and even reclaim their identities. Hair always makes a statement about how you see yourself both internally and externally. Through the ages, styles have changed but always seem to find their way to natural long hair for women.

Let’s find out what hairstyles are characteristic of girls from other countries, and let’s refresh our traditions!

Take A Look At Traditional Hairstyles Through The Ages

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Hairstyles From Different Countries: France

French girls appreciate naturalness in everything, so you won’t see any complicated constructions and a ton of styling products on their hair. Easy disarray combined with refinement – that’s the image of an ordinary Frenchwoman. But, of course, we can’t forget about several styles that France gave us: it’s a waterfall, a French scythe, a shell, and a hairstyle of Mireille Mathieu.


Traditions Of England

English women’s hairstyles are characterized by such qualities as restrained elegance, respectability, and accuracy. Nothing yelling, styling should be stylish and “hair to hair”. A classic of the genre is a low beam.

Hairstyles From Different Countries: Korea

That’s where tradition is honored! Korean girls love hairpieces, braids, ornaments, and complex hairstyles. Although you’ll hardly see it in everyday life, you should come to a wedding or other festive event in all its glory.

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“Difficult” Japan

The country with a rich history is famous for the most complicated hairstyles, which can be seen on the heads of local beauties to this day. Traditions dictate wearing hairstyles made of several elements: beams, rollers, pillows, scallops, braids, flowers, hairpins, and sometimes even wigs. All this can be present in one hairstyle at once! Can you imagine what hardships a Japanese girl has to endure during a wedding? Although, there are easier options when a girl leaves a part of her hair loose.

Hairstyles Of Different Countries: China

In everyday life, Chinese women prefer smooth bundles or braids with ribbons and flowers. Married beauties used to be obliged to decorate their heads with sophisticated styling, for which reliability they used rollers and glue. Even now it is customary to build unimaginable stacks weighing several kilograms on holidays. Only brides can’t afford it – they are ordered to wear tight braids.

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Flower Mexico

Mexican girls like to show off their braids, and the hair from the front should traditionally be smooth. But in modern life, it is possible to deviate a little from the traditional style. But without bright, vibrant flowers, you can’t do without them!

Hairstyles From Different Countries: Greece

Every self-respecting Greek woman has to have tight curls and gentle jewelry on her head. And there are many variations of hairstyles, from the famous Greek knot to the styles with the complicated name “carimbos” and “lampadium”. If you look at it, it’s all fantasies about the same installation.

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Traditional Indian Hairstyles

Indian women’s hair is the best piece of jewelry in itself. But traditions dictate that these hot and gentle beauties should put their hair in tight braids, knots, or harnesses, and then decorate it with rich accessories. Oh, how beautiful it is!

Hair Of Different Countries: Spain

It’s hard to imagine a bright Spanish woman without a scarlet bud in her hair. A traditional hairstyle is considered to be a tight knot of several braids. The main thing is to emphasize the contrast between bluish-black hair and the flower of shouting color.

Hairstyles Come From Africa

There are so many tribes, traditions, and customs on the African continent that the eyes are scattered! But it is here that hairstyle dominates the image and sometimes has a sacred meaning. Let’s admire the best samples!

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Traditional Russian Hairstyles

In Russia, the symbol of maiden beauty was a plait decorated with ribbon or plaque (birch bark plaque). During the wedding, two plaits were woven and braided, wrapped around the head.

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