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Royal Finger Mehndi Designs in Khafif Style (Back Side)

Khafif Henna Mehandi Designs For Fingers
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Mehndi, an ornamental and historical item that decorates hands of the person. Originating in India, it has been a creative art for the body since ages. Captivating through various designs, the mehndi provides a luminosity that attracts the eyes of various people. The Arabic word ‘Khafif’ means complex or intricate. Royal mehndi designs for fingers with Khafif elements are quite popular these days.

Easy Royal Mehndi Designs For Fingers (Back Hand)

1. Khafif Royal Finger Design

Khafif Royal Finger Mehndi Designs
Image Source: Henna BH

Mehndi is an ancient art form renowned for its therapeutic values. It is soothing for headaches, arthritis or open wounds. Mehndi has become an essential craft in Indian traditions like weddings, Holi, Karva Chauth, and Raksha Bandhan. The fingers are elegantly enclosed by the attractive lacey patterns, with the red nails perched above them. The hands radiant a stunning look, and are bound to find their route in the groom’s heart during the wedding. Mehndi would look alluring if the bride combines her look with red embellished lehengas, teardrop earrings and a matching neck piece.

2. Stylish Khafif Stunning Mehandi Design

Khafif Stunning Mehndi Designs For Fingers
Image Source: Ruqaya Henna

Mehndi ceremony is a much-awaited function during the marriages. Bollywood actresses Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, and Anushka Sharma have a gone a long way in globalizing Mehndi. The fingers look stunning with intricate circles, rings and dots combined into a delicate filigree emanating a classy look. Spiral like patters looks like proud towers, perched on the fingers. Womenfolk can adorn lovely netted pink lehengas, golden anklets, Kundan earrings and a neck piece.

3. Khafif Queenly Finger Design

Khafif Queenly Mehndi Designs For Fingers
Image Source: Mooane

In ancient days king and queens ornamented their hands with mehndi to amplify their beauty. According to primeval tales, Queen Cleopatra loved the art form that she adorned her hands with henna. Back of the hand is fabulously adorned with leafy-vines, diamonds, and floras gracefully enclosing the fingers. The superb art is destined to go on the bride’s Instagram stories. Mehndi can be worn during Diwali, Holi, and Karva–Chauth by the pretty girls. Embroidered red Lehengas with lovely meenakari jhumaks, maang tikka, stone stud anklets, is a good pairing for any Bride with the mehndi. 

4. Khafif Leafy Delicate Finger Henna Design with Touch of Nature

Khafif Leafy Delicate Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Cd7k

The Hindi movies like Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham, and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayengay depict marriages filled with celebration, fun, laughter, and dance, fashion makeup and art. Indian weddings too are incomplete without mehndi. The designs popular among the millennial and modern women are Moroccan, Indian and Kahfif designs. Beautiful and elusive creepers and vines entwine the fingers. The arch-shaped alleys with slanting lines, give a stunning balance of rustiness and modernity. Women will look dapper with stylish Chandbali jhumaks, bangles, anklets, and Chikankari lehengas at the sangeet, haldi or the wedding day.

5. Dreamy Khafif Back Finger Mehandi Design

Dreamy Khafif Mehandi Design
Image Source: Henna BH

Women love to dress and experiment in stunning apparel for parties, night outs, and farewells. Priyanka Chopra who is the fashion icon for the millennial has globalized Indian wear and art forms on varied platforms. Mehndi is synonymous with celebration, fun and good luck. The mehndi looks exceedingly ecstatic in contrast to the red roses. The flowery vines, entwine the fingers exhibiting a fine net-like pattern. Mehndi has created itself a special niche in the Indian festivities like Holi, Diwali, Weddings and Id. The Instagram and Facebook photographs are the testimony to its popularity at marriages, haldi and sangeet. The Indian traditional bride is incomplete without Red sindoor and stunning mehndi.

6. Gorgeous Khafif Finger Mehandi Design for Queen Ladies

Gorgeous Khafif Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Mooane

Beautiful celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, and Anushka Sharma have made mehndi a quintessential part of Indian traditional weddings. The Moroccan, Rajasthani and Arabic designs are favourite with the young girls at Haldi, Sangeet or Diwali. The exquisite designs on their body express their inner personality, desires and ambition in a subtle manner. The design looks extremely enchanted and romantic as the floral on the finger interlock each other beautifully. They delicately spread on the back of the hand, leaving a splendid trail of flowers on its way. A Blue Ikkat lehenga, temple jhumaks, anklets, and a bracelet will complete the look for the beautiful bride at the wedding.

7. Khafif Jeweled Finger Design for Royal People

Khafif Jeweled Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Love Henna By Farah

Mehndi has the power to tell stories. The brides use the art as a tool to subtly express their love, desires, and expectations, while they are getting into the wedlock. Most of the patterns are customized as per the tastes of the bride. Dulha-Dulhan motifs, or the couple names are widely demanded by the bride. The fingers are beautifully enclosed with intricate alleys of lines, curves, and floral woven into a beautiful piece of art. A minimalist bride will take great pride in flaunting the design, as its displays magnificence. Yellow Benarasi lehenga, golden anklets, maang tikka, pearl jhumaks will complete her look.

8. Kingly Blossom Mehandi Design

Khafif Blossom Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Mooane

Mehndi symbolizes love, success and good fortune in the Indian culture. Women exclusively prefer customized and trendy mehndi styles like the Holograms of the couple, duo portraits, peacock or elephant designs, idol portraits, and lotus or rose motifs. Facebook, and Instagram are flooded with the dreamy, and unique themes of mehndi. The finger is impressively bejewelled with the dangling blossom, exhibiting an exquisite look. The other fingers are inquisitively adorned like fabulous rings, suitable for a minimalist bride.  A Sabyasachi lehenga, pearl jhumaks, anklets, maang tikka, are the perfect way to dress on a regal wedding.

9. Trendy Khafif Mehandi Design

Trendy Khafif Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Cd7k

The Indian traditional wedding, is a unique fusion of naach, gaana, masti and food. The bride is resolute to impress her to be mother-in-law and husband with her taste in fashion and style. The bridal mehndi is an exquisite art that subtly exhibits her inner love and emotions. The unique art form has the power to portray through pictures the underlying essence of marriage. The bridal design is stunningly adorned in the form of hoops, interwoven with minute spaces exhibiting a divine look. The bride will look stunning with an orange paneled lehenga, diamond jhumkas, anklets and neckpiece, during Haldi or Sangeet.

10. Superior Jewelled Khafif Mehandi Design

Jewelled Khafif Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Henna BH

Mehndi is an essential ingredient of Indian traditional rituals and festivities. The dhol, gaana, baraat, mehndi, sangeet, and food are the heart of the Big Fat Indian Wedding. The Bride and her gang of girls raise the USP of the wedding through their vibrant and stunning saris, lehengas, mehndi and make-up. The elegant patterns, entwine the fingers like an exquisite piece of Arabic handmade jewellery lifted from a shop. The stunning bride is bound to radiate her beauty with a red sharara cut lehenga, gotta patti jhumkas, neckpiece, bangles, and a cute smile.

11. Khafif Half Flower Finger (Back Hand) Design with Royal Touch

Khafif Half Flower Back Hand Design
Image Source: Mooane

Mehndi is an ancient art form that has been widely popular in India, Iran, Egypt, and Africa. It is an indispensable ingredient in Hindu weddings, as it is believed to bring good luck and success. The finger is marvelously adorned with a half and half flower, while delicate creeper entwines itself to the other finger. The pattern is Minimalist and exhibits beauty and grace, as the flower silently paves its way on the hand. Women who like unique and austere designs, can surely go for it. A gorgeous Long choli lehenga, Kashmiri jhumaks, anklets, bangles, maang tikka and matching neck piece will surely radiate the beauty of the bride.

12. Khafif Brocade Back Hand Mehandi

Khafif Brocade Back Hand Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Henna BH

Mehndi has gained popularity over the years due to the celebrities flaunting them in their traditional Indian weddings. Demand for customized mehndi designs has been on the rise as the brides are looking out for a fusion of modern and rustiness. The fingers are immersed in a stunning brocade, with fine outlines and curves interwoven nicely. It looks contemporary and unique. A vibrant orange Benarasi Sari, Chandbali jhumkas, maang tikka, anklets, and matching neck piece will be a perfect blend for the beautiful Indian Bride.

13. Noble Vine Mehandi Design

Khafif Vine Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Cd7k

Indian weddings are a fusion of naach, gaana, dhol, food, mehndi, and fashion. The brides eagerly wait for their marriage, to fulfil their wishes of adorning their hands with Mehndi. The fingers are beautifully wrapped up in magnificent and elegant flowery ‘rings’. The design seems elegant and alluring as the bride matches it with purple nails. This pattern is perfect for brides, who prefer simplicity yet uniqueness. As mehndi is becoming popular, brides are opting for photography in their marriages to frame their perfect “Mehndi Shot”. A gorgeous Velvet lehenga, Chandbali, anklets, and a cute smile will be a perfect combination for a stunning bride. 

14. Royal & Elegant Khafif Filigree Mehandi Design

 Khafif Filigree Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Henna BH

Indian brides love experimenting with their looks and apparel. Brides copy actresses like Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma who are the nation’s style icons. Ladies drool over their bridal, mehandi designs as they look royal and elegant. The fingers are beautifully embossed with elegant circlets, nets, leaves, vines florals, and outlines that radiate a very humble yet classy look. the Indian traditional bride will look superb in a Red and white Kanchipuram sari with a golden border. The sari can be paired with ancient gold jhumaks, neck piece, earrings and anklets during, sangeet, or Haldi. 

15. Khafif Creeper Mehandi Design in Imperial Style

Khafif Creeper Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Love Henna By Farah

Stunning bold circulets like structure perch elegantly on the fingers, while curly and wavy climbers hang onto the hand as temple bells. The pattern has a blend of modernity and rustiness. Indian weddings are a mixture of dhol, naach, gaana, masti and food. The mehndi ceremony is a crucial ritual before a day of the wedding, which involves smearing mehndi or henna to the bride and the bridegroom. Women love customized mehndi in the form of a couple of portraits or holograms of their names. Some brides are ardent enthusiasts of simple designs. The bride will look attractive in a Fish tailed lehenga, chandbalis, anklets, bindi, and neckpiece on the wedding day.

16. Khafif Lacery Mehandi Design for Fingers with Royal Touch

Khafif Lacery Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Henna BH

The fingers are stunningly enclosed within the delicate and thin lattice. The curls are interwoven intricately and bordered with leaves, beads and spirals. Mehndi is a tattoo that has changed itself from intricate and complex patterns to simple and modest designs. Modern brides desire geometrical patterns or plain outlines that will display their nature. Double flared maroon lehenga, pearl jhumaks, bangles, anklets, bindi, and a maang tikka are a perfect match for the stunning bride.

17. Royal Curly Vines Finger Mehandi Design

 Khafif Curly Vines Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Mooane

The fingers are elegantly adorned with the small intricate flowers interwoven together. They perch on the fingers as a beautiful piece of jewellery, radiating simplicity. Indian marriages are synonymous with celebration and fun. Mehndi ceremony is an enjoyable ritual as the bride and groom apply mehndi along with their mates. It is extremely exciting to watch them, as they immerse in mehndi and take cool photographs. Brides will look stunning, in multicolour lehengas, paired with golden jhmkas, anklets, maang tikka, with a red bindi.

18. Khafif  Pyramid Finger Mehandi  Design for Royal Look

Khafif  Pyramid  Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Ruqaya Henna

The fingers are wrapped up in beautiful and fine pyramids, intricate circles, loops and bold discs. The design looks earthy yet contemporary, as they blend with the warm nail blue colour. The modern women prefer a simple yet elegant design. As a result, the mehndi over the years has transformed and customized according to the tastes and inclinations. Indian weddings are a platform to display fashion, oomph, and style. The bridal look can be completed with a mirror work lehenga, paired with Chandbalis, maang tikka, bindi, and red lipstick to enhance the look.

19. Khafif Flower Mix Net Design for Fingers

 Khafif  Flower Mix Net Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Henna BH

The hand is half immersed in a gorgeous mesh of chainy floras, alleys of fine curly outlines and dots. The fingers are laced intricately with tiny arches, lines, and coils. The mehndi looks divine and rustic. Mehndi is an art form that portrays inner feelings and emotions subtly through its designs. It signifies, good luck, and success. The Indian traditional brides like the modern Moroccan and minimalist designs as they are time saving and simple. The bride will look stunning in traditional Kanchipuram sari, golden jhumkas, neckpiece, bindi, and a maang tikka. 

20. Royal Paisley Mehandi  Design for Fingers

Khafif Paisley Mehndi Design For Fingers
Image Source: Love Henna By Farah

The fingers are elegantly adorned with the small intricate flowers interwoven together. They perch on the fingers as a beautiful piece of jewellery, radiating simplicity. Indian marriages are synonymous with celebration and fun. Mehndi ceremony is an enjoyable ritual as the bride and groom apply mehndi along with their mates. It is extremely exciting to watch them, as they immerse in mehndi and take cool photographs. Brides will look stunning, in multicoloured lehengas, paired with golden jhumkas, anklets, maang tikka, with a red bindi. 

Holding the lushness of the Indian tradition along with medical awareness, the mehndi today has become popular all over the country. It is not only used as a decorative item but holds various medical properties according to the Indian Vedic’s.  However, there are some side-effects of mehndi which can increase the inflammation level on the skin. This further can lead to various skin diseases such as itching and blisters on the skin. In the light of darkening and increasing the colour, there are various chemicals added in the mehndi mixtures that can result in allergy on the skin. 

These designs, today also include the sequins that shine across the hands of the bride making it a jewel. The various designs that are sculpted across the hands and legs of the bride represent its unique cultural significance. These rich convoluted designs have also attracted the NRIs, thus increasing the demand for it. An increase in demand has evolved in the opening up of various online mehndi parlors thus spreading its popularity not only in India but also across the world. The Bollywood movies, from the early ’70s to date, have not only popularized the decorative designs of the mehndi but also its importance for women across all age groups.

Simple Mehndi Designs for Front & Back Hand

Simple Mehndi Designs for Front & Back Hand

About Mehndi Tradition

As a prevalent body art among the women, it is made through a mix of henna and turmeric powder. The word ‘mehndi’ is originated  from a Sanskrit term ‘mendhika’ , which also refers to the henna plant. The leaves of the henna plant are crushed to make a paste, which is then designed on the hands of the women.

This impermanent form of skin craft is usually done during the festive seasons and other family functions such as, marriages and parties. Along with positive likeness, the henna paste ensembles good luck. In a traditional way, the art on the bride’s hand not only signifies the freshening but also the confiscating of stress from the body, especially the nervous system. This as an outcome not only lets’s down the stress from the body, but also cools down the nerves.

This art is popular across all age groups, wherein the women who also attend the wedding or parties get their hands decorated with designs. It is considered as an imitation of expensive jewellery that decorates the body of the bride. Another belief of mehndi is that the darker and longer the design stays, the more caring and love the bride will receive from her husband. 

Inspiring about the richness of Indian culture along with awareness on therapeutic herbs, the mehndi ritual not only brings about exquisite sentiments but also fills it with fun and joy for every propitious function.

How to Darken Mehndi Design?

The henna paste which is contained in a cone is applied and left to dry for around 15-20 minutes. Post which the design begins to crack. Applying a mix of lemon juice with sugar over the design, makes it look duskier that is visible to all. Depending on the quality of henna the design stays over the hands.

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