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Our nail shows “how healthy we are? Nails and hair both are made up of hard protein called Keratin. Our nails have many layers of Keratin. Mostly, girls are nails lover because they add beauty to their hands. Even nail fashion is trending too (nail art). Mostly, girls want their nail to grow fast and strong. Some people have very slow growth of nails.  They take one-tenth time of a month to grow on average. But still it is very slow. There are some kind of problems with nail like sometimes they split, break, brittle, become yellow, weak etc.

Hormonal activities also influences nail growth. Normally, we have seen nail grows faster among children prior to puberty and pregnant women. Your bad health can also affect your nail growth. The lifestyle, we are living nowadays is kinda very busy. We are not able to maintain balance between our professional and personal life whose results are clearly shown on our skin. Sometimes, bad cosmetic products also torturing them with their inferior quality.

If you also experience that your nails are weak or they breaks easily, they even split from middle and may be sometimes, you get hurt cause of them. We all wishes and fantasies of having perfect nails. We are suggesting you some home remedies whom will help you to grow nails naturally. You don’t have to spend lots of money just to make your nails beautiful. We will see, ”how ingredients already present in kitchen can help you?”.

So, let’s start discussing, “how can we get strong and long nails at home?”

Home Remedies for Strong and Long Nails

For whitening nails

  • For this remedy, you need vinegar, lemon juice and cotton. Mix vinegar and lemon juice in equal quantity. Soak your nails for five minutes in the mixture and then lightly brush up them with cotton. Later, spray water on them. You will notice results after using it for first time. You can try this remedy twice in a week or whenever you take off your nail paint.
  • Vitamin C also whitens and brighten our nails. Lemon contains good essence of vitamin C. We need some lemon juice, cotton and olive oil. Soak cotton pad in lemon juice and swipe over your nails and left them for two minutes. Then, wash them with water and apply olive oil as moisturizer.
  • Take toothbrush and toothpaste. Put some paste on brush and smoothly, scrub it into your nails and don’t forget to scrub it under your nails too.

For Smooth nails

  • If you have rough and dry nails. Then, this remedy is for you. You need Honey, Lemon, Olive oil and Coconut oil, these ingredients are easy available in our homes. Take two tablespoon of Olive oil and some drops of lemon. Mix them and warm the mixture until it can be used to massaged into nails. Left your nails for 20-30 minutes.
  • Warm coconut oil for 1 or 2 minute then massage into your nails. Don’t wash your hands too soon, if you can then leave them for 20-30 minutes.
  • Honey can nourish your nails and it also helps to fight bacteria and fungi. It’s hydrating properties add moisture to nails. Make mask by adding 2 teaspoons of honey with few drops of lemon. When the mixture is thick enough apply it on your nails. Rinse it off after 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Do this remedy for twice in a week for making cuticles soft and nail strong.

For growing nails fast

  • Orange juice have potassium, folate, vitamin C and it is also rich in antioxidants, which maintain nail’s growth. Olive oil is helpful in nourishing as it has vitamin E and help your nails to grow fast. Garlic is rich in selenium and it also promotes nail growth. Take orange juice in little quantity, Garlic paste and Olive oil. Add orange juice and olive oil, apply it over your nails later scrub them with Garlic juice. After 4-5 minute wash your hands and give light massage to your nails with olive oil.
  • Put some chopped garlic’s small pieces in olive oil and warm it for maximum 10 minutes. Then, let the oil cool. Remove those garlic slices from it and use that oil for massaging nails.

For strengthening nails

  • As we have already mentioned, your nails reveal about your health. For having strong nails, you should drink plenty of water. Water is most important and easiest way to hydrate your nails. When our nails start losing their moisture, they became weak and start breaking. Drink atleast 8 glass of water a day, you can also drink more.
  • The nail remover consists of different kinds of chemical which also removes moisture with removing nail paint. Although, acetone based nail paints also contains chemicals yet, we use them to beautify our nails. It made our nails weak. Use nail strengthener or moisturizer consistently.

There are some nail moisturizers which can help you to protect your nails from becoming weak and brittle. They will also make your cuticles soft without doing much stuff for it. So, they are CND SolarOil Nail and Cuticle Care, Coconut Hydrate and Restore cream, Burt’s Bees lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Leven Rose Vitamin E Serum, Butter London Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer and many more. The best thing is that you do not need to roam from shop to shop just to purchase them. These all are available on Amazon, Flipkart. You can also check them on your favourite platforms.

Tips to Grow nails fast

  • Make a mixture of half cup of tomato juice and two teaspoon olive oil. Apply the mixture for 10 minutes on nails. Later, wash your nails with luke warm water.
  • Egg shells are rich in calcium, iron, protein, magnesium and potassium. So, we can use them for nail’s growth.  Blend the shells of egg, almond, flaxseed and pecans in the blender. Make sure, after blending you get smooth powder. Start taking this powder every morning and see results within one month.
  • You may have heard about Horsetail. It is herb with great source of minerals and rich in silica. It’s inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antioxidant property help the nails to grow and not to brittle.

We hope these few suggestions would be helpful for you in taking care of your nails.