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Even in 21st Century, the craze of saree speaks louder than any other dress. A traditional dress which never fails to attract anyone’s attention. No matter, how many dresses we carry, Sare always capture a special place in our wardrobe.

A cultural cloth fits itself in every genre rather it is case of being sexy or being delightful. It is always in trend. Truthfully, we all girls have different kind of avarice for saree. You can’t deny for your love to saree but the problem arises here is how to look slim in it. Many girls skip wearing saree due to fear of looking bulky.

Saree looks elegant if it suits on you. You must know, how you have to look slim while wearing a saree?. Otherwise, your whole look will be ruined and wrong draping of saree can lead you to look less than average. The way you carry the saree and style it that plays the most important role. Not every colour and design will suits on you.

Saree gives finishing to your figure but what about those one’s who don’t have perfect figure. So, they don’t deserve to wear a saree, obviously they do. You don’t need to have either perfect figure or good height. Here, we will discuss some points on how to style saree, which can help to bring your best side out:-

Tips to look slim in saree

1. Ways to draping a saree

Saree belongs to one of those cultural dresses which enhance your inner beauty. You might be already familiar with two or three ways of draping saree as our mothers used to wear them. Here, draping does not only means to drape but also about pleating, making palla, etc.

Yes, you can wear saree easily but if you want to drape it properly then you should be little more conscious. Keep some tips in your mind while wearing a saree.

2. Not every fabric suits on everyone

The foremost thing, you should know which fabric puts you in comfort zone. Do not choose that kind of fabric whom you can’t carry or which is too much smooth to hold. There are tons of artificial fabrics in the market and you have to be more careful in choosing the fabric which may not sting you. The right fabric should be your first priority and designs or prints on them, should be second. Because prints over sarees increases their beauty.

3. Make sure, you tuck the saree neatly and properly

The saree over your waist should not be in three-four layers, it can make you look bulky. This draping can refine your curve shape. Tie the pleats in the middle below your navel. If you are going to cover your whole tummy with saree then you can also try body shaper. Do not make more than five to six pleats, they can make your tummy look heavy and seems like it is bulking outside.

To look slim and tall, drape your saree tight over your thighs. If you are not tall then heals will be good choice for you. Heals will give shape to your body. Make sure you are comfortable with them. Long sleeves can cover hands but don’t wear full sleeves until you are going to attend any traditional function.

There are too many ways to hold palla. You can either let the palla open or tie it by folding it in some pleats. Bollywood actresses were spotted many times in the new style of dapping like Sara Ali Khan been spotted at Femina in a white sari and check jacket over it, which was tied with classic belt on stomach. Like Sara you can also create your own new style. So, be experimental but sure at home.

We suggest you to make open palla, it will hide all flaws of your body.

If you are healthy then we suggest you to go for lighter fabric. Fabric likes Chicken, Chiffon, Crepe, Georgette, Cotton lawn, linen, organdie, cotton voile etc. If you find some other fabric in which you are comfortable, you can go with them too. But please don’t go for transparent sarees. Do not pick heavy sarees or sarees having heavy borders or too much embroidery work over it. The more lighter you fabric will be the more lighter you will feel.

Each and every small factor related to saree, can affect your looks in it. You should be conscious about prints, colour, border designs, blouse’s neck, sleeve’s length etc. You must sure that prints should go with saree (Colour and fabric). Plain sarees with borders having embroidery are in trend, you can also go with them.

Matching blouse completes the look of sari. To choose right blouse is equally important as choosing your saree. Often, Sarees come with blouse but readymade blouses are trending. Do not go for tight blouse, if the blouse will be tight it can ominous the heaviness of your body. If you don’t want this to happen then wear fit blouse which is neither too lose nor too tight. You should avoid having such blouses which give exposure to your body like sleeveless, deep necked, backless, off shoulders. Such kind of blouses highlights the breadth of your body. Also keep a point in your mind to not to wear short blouse it will make your tummy visible.

If you wanna hide your tummy but still want to look cool and beautiful both at a same time then there are some options for them too. There are too many ways to hide your stomach. Indo-Western dresses are trending, nowadays. You can add jackets, blazers, waistcoats. Moreover, you can design belt with your saree. These are trending tips which are even followed by actresses.

4. Go for accessories

Do not forget to choose right accessories with your saree. They fulfil the vacant space of your body, but do not carry too much jewellery as it will look overdressed. As not every top suits on every jeans similarly not every ornament goes with every sarees, so you should check them before going out.

We hope these guidelines will help you. At last but not the least, we would like to tell you that you should not compromise on your taste. You can look best in your own way but yes, for that you have to be experimental.