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Tattoos are such an amazing thing to give a try. They are so attention-grabbing. They can grab anybody’s attention towards you. These are also in trend now. Tattoos come in a variety of designs. Whoever tries them is going to look awesome undoubtedly.

But what if you love the designs of the tattoo but are not the one who’s much inclined to draw them on your skin? Ok, that’s pretty fine. This article is for you then. This article has a very good solution for you. Don’t try tattoos instead if you are a tattoo design lover, try tattoo design nail art.

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Tattoo Nail Art: Who Said Tattoos Are Only For Skin

Anime Tattoos are so Elegant!

Anime has undoubtedly a great fanbase. So their nail art will also have the same. Try to draw this beautiful anime nail art and give away that gorgeous look. You can go for vibrant tattoo designs in all the nails as that will enrich the look even more.  Try keeping a background of white with red and black colour. You can also draw texts which will give a clean look to the nail art.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art 1 Anime tattoos are so elegant!
Image Source: Cosmic Genus

Eye Tattoos With the Golden Combo

Lover of eye tattoos? Then try this. Try to make different textures of eye tattoos you can make in nail art. Every nail will have some of your different favourites of eye tattoo design. You can then decorate the edge of the nail with the golden glittery nail art. Try this to get an eye tattooed look with will look wow! Golden with add the glittering look that will drive the major focus towards your tattoos. Don’t try to skip the golden nail art if trying this.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art 1 Eye tattoos with the golden combo
Image Source: Swak Nails

 Heart tattoos with Nude Nail Colour

The nude nail colour is always intended. Love nude colours and tattoos at the same time? Okay, you are at the perfect place. Try this amazing tattoo and nude colour combo and carry a clean look. Tattoos are always meant to give a bold look but with the nude colour, you will look trendy at the same time.

Want a bold and clean look at the same time? Try this amazing nail art without any delay!

Tattoo Designs Nail Art 1 Heart tattoos with nude nail colour
Image Source: Wonderland Nails

 Let Colourful Tattoos Play their Part!

The colourful tattoos give such an impressive look when you apply them to your nails. Try to apply them to all your nails. Use your sense of creativity and find out how many diversity of tattoos are there. Draw them on all your fingers. You can also refer to the picture shown below to take help and you can draw similar tattoos. Try to fill colours inside the tattoos as then they would look more amazing. Try them right now! And make your nails look marvellous.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art 1 Let colourful tattoos play their part!
Image Source: Punky Nails

Black and White always put the Bar High!

The black and white combo is unbeatable. No matter how many colours you bring to the scene of combo, black and white tops the list. Those who are willing to put an effort just to make their nails beautiful and eye-catchy should always refer to this. Now, you may also refer to the picture and try it! Those who are lovers of the black and white combo, what are you waiting for?

Tattoo Designs Nail Art 1 Black and white always put the bar high!
Image Source: Simone Radley Nails

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 Baby Pink with Black Tattoos!

Baby pink is a subtle colour. No matter what outfit you try up with that colour, you are bound to look good. But now, let’s try different. You can try out various shapes of tattoos you want to. You can go for the snake design, the rose design and various others that are trendy. You may also take reference from the picture below and give your nails an extremely glamorous.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art 1 Baby pink with black tattoos!
Image Source: Lili Taylor Nails

Only Tattoos, when Nail Colours Don’t Work!

Maybe you are the one who’s not so driven by nail colours. And maybe not even the nude colours. But maybe you are a die-hard fan of tattoos. No worries! Try this up! This is for you when you are a tattoo lover only. So just draw three or four tattoos without even giving any background colour. See the picture, you see the crown right! So this crown is something you can even draw. Try it out now!

Tattoo Designs Nail Art 1 Only tattoos, when nail colours don't work!
Image Source: unghiedellamadonna

Nude Pink with Sexy Tattoos

Nude pink is no less than a sophisticated colour. And if you choose this colour as a background, it will look even better. You can opt for the sexy black tattoos that you have been dreaming of all this while. It’s nice if you know what designs you want to make. If not, no worries. You can use the picture as a reference for the tattoos. This is a wonderful look you should give a try without hesitation.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art 1 Nude pink with sexy tattoos
Image Source: Queen B Nails

Pastel White with Attractive Black Tattoos

Pastel white is such a mesmerising colour. You can apply it on any occasion and still, you are going to look lovely. Not the dark black, but try to use the sketch black colour. This will define the overall look of your nail art even more. The light black will enhance the look of your tattoos. Your tattoo will give a glimpse of sketched look. Your tattoo’s characters are more precise when you draw them giving a sketched look.

Pastel white with attractive black tattoos
Image Source: Nail Hart

Nude Colour with Sizzling Tattoos

There are no fewer nude fans around us. So if you are also someone who’s a lover of nude colours and tattoos. You are at the right place. You just need to recreate the look that’s given in the picture. The nude background with colourful tattoos is all that you need to do. You can colour your tattoos as white, red or black. You will colour them accordingly to how the figures possess colour in real life.

Nude colour with sizzling tattoos
Image Source: Sophia Does Nailss

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Don’t Need Long Nails for Great Tattoos

There’s no specific category you need to fit into to create remarkable tattoos. Not a fan of keeping long nails? You still have a variety of options to choose from. So this blog has a basic solution for you. Just colour your nails with the nude colour matching your nail colour. Now draw beautiful black tattoos into it. The tattoos should be small as you don’t have long nails. Refer to the picture if you have any doubts on how to draw them. So now, no need to wait for your nails to get longer. Try this right away!

Don't need long nails for great tattoos
Image Source: Nail Edit By Liv

White Background with Black Tattoo

The white background is an illuminating background. Whatever you would draw on that background, the features would be visible. So try tracing beautiful black bold tattoos. You may try drawing various kinds of figures to get an overall look combined.  You may draw a skull to give a Halloween look. You can also try drawing skulls and swords at the same time. You get an opportunity to draw distinct features as you like.

White background with black tattoo
Image Source: Punky Nails CL

 Unicorn Colours Mixed with Black Tattoos

Unicorn nail colour is the best background if you are going to draw black tattoos on it. This unicorn colour mix will give you the cutest look you were aspiring for. But why get too cute? So now, get bold. Try drawing all types of tattoos. You may draw roses, eyes and sizzling fires at the same time. If not sure what to try, take a glance at the picture and start drawing.

 Unicorn colours mixed with black tattoos
Image Source: Swak Nails

Green Colour with Sword-Shaped Tattoos

If you are someone, who loves to take risks and try which nobody has ever given a try to, you are at the right place. You have to pick an uncommon background with the tattoos drawn in it would be very unique. You can try the different swords if you want to. If confused about how to design the sword tattoos, you can take the picture as your reference. So time to take risks!

Green colour with sword-shaped tattoos
Image Source: Girl Gang Nails And Lashes

 Alphabetic Tattoo with Nude Colours

The nude colour is of course the love of many. And if it’s the same for you, then try this nail art of nude background. The nail art would be beautiful alphabets. Now you won’t write alphabets as simply they are written in daily life. You will write them in a way as they as carved when drawn tattoos. If you are still in dilemma, about how to draw them, you can take a look at the pictures and complete your nail art.

Alphabetic tattoo with nude colours
Image Source: Cerys Williams Tattoo

All Eyes on you

This design comprises eyes made on each nail with black nail paint. Now people usually get an actual eye-designed tattoo as it symbolizes that God is keeping an eye on you or is watching you from above. It also symbolizes providence which also means guidance. What’s better than getting the same design on your nails? We also have pastel-coloured water drops dripping below the eye on each nail.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Designs All Eyes On You
Image Source: Frosty Nails

 Funky Things

This design has made use of coffin-shaped nails. The base is translucent and the cuticles have been painted black along with a white lining below. Now those of you who keep pace with the latest tattoos must know that tiny or small tattoos are in trend these days. People usually get this on their hands, forearms, or fingers. However, what if I said you could get these on your nails? Here in this design, we have small shapes drawn on four nails showcasing the same.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Designs Funky Things
Image Source: Charlotte Hennessn

Love and Peace

If you wish to keep tiny nails then look out for this design idea. The base coat here is nude-shaded. We have a heart and bird drawn that symbolizes love and peace. On the rest of the nails, we have small stars drawn. A very cute yet meaningful design.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Designs Love And Peace
Image Source: Carolyn Shank

 Floral Obsession

For the ones who love flowers and greens, this design’s calling out for you! The base here is nude with a glossy finish. Then we have two symmetrical flowers drawn on adjacent nails, which are complete each other. Usually, people get flower tattoos as they symbolize love, compassion, and romance.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Designs Floral Obsession
Image Source:  The Lilac Studio LLC

 Mix and Match

Here in this design, both the nails have been drawn into two very different designs. On one hand, we have a cheetah printed nail art that looks quite simple and trendy. On the other hand, we have the word love written letter by letter on each nail along with a sword inserted onto a heart. I personally love the font style used here. Usually, people who wish to get name tattoos are provided with a white range of font styles to choose from.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Designs Mix And Match
Image Source: Gel Box Nails

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 Call me Badass

Well, if you decide on getting these nails done then you are indeed going to be called out a badass! The base here is nude on gel nails. On top of every nail, we have funky symbols drawn – like a rose, bunny, fire flames, and a scorpion. It indeed is the sickest nail design!

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Designs Call Me Badass
Image Source: Natasha

 It’s a Rosy Affair

We have gel nails used in this design so your nails are surely going to last long. The base here is glossy nude. On top of four nails, we have roses drawn and the rest of the nails have the numbers written in a very unique font type. A rose tattoo is a symbol of love or devotion to a loved one.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Designs It's A Rosy Affair
Image Source: Learnah Starbuck

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Ever thought of getting a matching tattoo with someone? Well, you certainly could get matching nails. This design comprises black and red checks drawn on the cuticles of each nail along with two names written on a heart. You could probably get a loved one’s name written for the same. Sounds cool right?

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Designs Check Mate
Image Source: Elisethe Nail Artist

The Grunge Nails

This design has to be the most unique and coolest of all. It comprises the new design on each nail which is what makes it different and vibrant. Each design is giving out a different vibe and that’s so amazing. We can see wide use of nail colors too here.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Designs The Grunge Nails
Image Source: The Nail Shop

Scorpion Season

If your zodiac side coincidentally happens to be Scorpio – then this design’s waiting to get onto your nails. We have two big scorpions drawn on two nails while on the other nails we have text written in a majestic font. This has been done on a matte nude base. Also, you should know that a scorpion tattoo symbolizes intimidation and fear and also attributes like strength and loyalty.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Designs Scorpion Season
Image Source: Valerie Fritz

All for Aesthetics

The title indeed says it all. This design is here to stay for its aesthetics. The cotton candy shades used here look absolutely insane! We have silver detailing on each nail. So if you’re looking for something that gives out all those aesthetic vibes then you should definitely go for this!

All For Aesthetics
Image Source: Isla Evill

 Sense of Thunder

This design speaks out lightning and thunderstorms as it is here to slay on your nails! The type of nails used here is ombre. So basically ombre nails are done when you wish to use two colours on the same nail and you want them to merge together. For instance, you have translucent nail paint and sea green merged here together. On top of them, we have symbols drawn like sparks, thunder, heart, eyes, etc.

Sense Of Thunder
Image Source: Elisethe Nail Artist

 War and Peace

I personally love the base coat of these nails. The nail paint used here is a shade of blue that is teal blue. On top of it, we have symbols of peace and love drawn on one hand and that of death drawn on the other. Quite a choice between the two but we are all in for love and peace only.

War And Peace
Image Source: Frenchie Fabulous

All Hearts for You

This design here is giving out all vibrant and joyous feels. The choice of colours is so good as it includes a lot of bright colours. You can call these ombre nails again as you can clearly see the merging effect between the colours. On top of every nail, we have hearts drawn so pour out some love honey!

All Hearts For You
Image Source: Liv 4 Nails

The Sun Inspired Tattoo Nail Art Design

Here, it is particularly shown that the theme chosen is the sun inspired characters. Rays of the sun in different combinations of bright colours such as yellow, red, orange and green are used to draw sunrays patterns. Then also bright and happy characters for instance fire-like dice, a mushroom, the sun with a music or sun sign pattern inside, and a butterfly are painted on the fingernails in bright colours.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art The Sun inspired tattoo nail art design
Image Source: Ashley Cristobal

Floral Theme Tattoo Nail Art Design

Nude nail polish is used as a base here for all the fingernails. Sword pierced into rose patterns are made on most of the fingernails using tattoo ink and gel nail polish. This is an uncomplicated design that you might want to try.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Floral theme tattoo nail art design
Image Source: Linkin Nails

Love Theme Tattoo Nail Art Design

Love is in the air it seems as that is used as the inspiration for this below nail art design. Cupid’s arrow, a rose, a sword pierced into the heart and the “Love” word are painted and done on various fingernails in bright red colour. You want to impress someone you love then this is what you might try.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Love theme tattoo nail art design
Image Source: Springwithfriends

Lion Theme Tattoo Nail Art Design

Here also we see that nude nail paint is used as the base for the fingernails. And above that, a half lion face with an arrow pointed upwards, a crown, a full lion face and some leaves are painted on the four fingernails of both hands in black. This is a classy yet bold look that you must go for.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Lion theme tattoo nail art design
Image Source: Valerie Camuso

Stamping Tattoo Nail Art Design

Complex and beautiful stamp-like patterns are made on various nails using white and silver. Also accompanying those patterns are the characters such as a butterfly, cherries, a flower in white. All these are done on the pink nail base coat.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Stamping tattoo nail art design
Image Source: Lauren

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Stars-like Tattoo Nail Art Design

The base coat here is done in nude and yellow nail paint combination. Then various patterns like stars, lines, circles are made above the base using white nail polish.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Stars-like tattoo nail art design
Image Source: Lucy Booth

Leaf Theme Tattoo Nail Art Design

Different shades of blue such as light blue, violet and pinkish-blue are used to paint the fingernails using matte nail polish and then on the ring fingernails of both hands have the leaves drawn on them in black ink. Stones in shiny silver are applied to this design.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Leaf theme tattoo nail art design
Image Source: T. Matruk Nails

Flower Based Tattoo Nail Art Design

Matte skin colour nail polish is used as the base on all the fingernails and then black tattoo ink is used to make line patterns on them. Small red rhinestones are attached to the end of the nails in the middle finger. And a red floral pattern is made on the ring fingernail.

Flower based tattoo nail art design
Image Source: Szkolenia Paznokci Lodz

Another Flower Theme Tattoo Nail Art Design

Three of the fingernails are coated in simple black nail polish. Two of them have light pink as the base. Then over that, a tiger skin like pattern and a rose is made using brown. We also see small jewellery stones being used to complete the design.

Another flower theme tattoo nail art design
Image Source: Brittany

Summer Flowers Tattoo Nail Art Design

Hibiscus and rose are used in this amazing design. All the fingernails are painted and then they either have hibiscus or rose or both done on them using black tattoo ink with glittered silver on two of the fingers and just glittered silver on the rest.

Summer flowers tattoo nail art design
Image Source: Margo

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Funny Patterns Tattoo Nail Art Design

Some funny people are portrayed in this below design. A dice, a sword and the word “Luck” and a flower are seen here done in white and brown on the nude fingernails. They look charming.

Funny patterns tattoo nail art design
Image Source: Frenchie Fabulous

Checkered and other Patterns Tattoo Nail Art Design

The whole design inspires a black and white colour nail art design and is completed using tattoo ink. Variations of personalities can be seen here like a flower, a dog, a chess board checkers, a face, the letter “N”, a cat, and square patterns all done in B&W.

Checkered and other patterns tattoo nail art design
Image Source: Ewa Wojcik

Letters and Numbers Theme Tattoo Nail Art Design

A blackout nail polish is used as the base with green and purple creating a dragon fruit pattern vibe. Then English alphabets such as A, R, D, V and K are done with #1 and #4 brushes in blanc gel pod. This overall look gives a cool, trendy and funky vibe suitable for the free-spirited personality type.

Tattoo Designs Nail Art Letters and numbers theme tattoo nail art design
Image Source: Christi

If you have been trying nail art all this while, it’s time to try something different. Tattoo love is always underrated. But now it’s time to give your tattoos the most space. You should now get out from the old trend of nail arts containing florals and stuff and stick to the tattoos by now.

The tattoo nail art makes you look bold and fashionable at the same time. And who doesn’t want to look both! So try all these exclusive designs and make your nail art go from floral to bold. In case you are very stressed about which design to try, this blog is your best friend.

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