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With Gen Z staying up to date with all the latest trends in town, how can we miss out on the trendiest of all – NAIL ART? Getting your nails done for the first time? Not sure of what design to choose from zillions of appealing options? Or are you confused about what type of nails to put on? Whether to go for a minimalistic or out-of-the-book design? Don’t worry, all of your confusion is going to woo away by the end of this article.

So with nail art being the latest trend in the market – we’ve enlisted here a few Shellac Nail art designs for you. Now, what exactly are shellac nails? Shellac nails are a mixture of gel and traditional nail polish. The mixture of both these nail polishes gives a better finish to the nails and makes them stand out.

Now which one’s better – shellac or gel nails? Gel manicures are good for those who have weak nails and are afraid of the nail paint wearing off. However, the removal of gel nail paints is lengthy and hence might take a lot of your time. Shellac nails are harder as compared to gel ones and are usually thinner than the latter. It also has high durability.

So let’s take a look at some of the coolest shellac nail art designs

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Shades Of Brown

Shellac Nail Art Designs Shades Of Brown
Image source: Karen Mackman

I personally feel like there’s something about the color brown – not like it’s usually people’s favorite color but Brown says stability, reliability, and approachability. It is the color of the earth and is associated with all things natural or organic. It’s a color that’s natural, wholesome, comfortable, and earthy. So if you wish to paint your nails in shades of brown – dark to light, then here’s a design for you. All nails are painted from dark to light brown with golden linings at the bottom. Looks elegant, doesn’t it?

Grey With A Hint Of Pink

Shellac Nail Art Designs Grey With A Hint Of Pink
Image source: Nail By Sam

It is quite known to all that grey’s usually not a color preferred by most people. In fact, many of us use grey as a color that signifies sadness, grief, or pain. But I think this color has the ability to signify power, royalty, and great ideals. I mean how elegant would this color look on your nails? And the color grey and pink make quite the perfect combination, don’t they?

Simple Translucent Nails

 Shellac Nail Art Designs Simple Translucent Nails
Image source: Sunshine on My Nails

Nothing ever goes wrong with these simple translucent nails! The perfect fit for you if you’re getting your nails done for the first time. This look comprises a  translucent base topped off with white nail paint over the cuticles. Pretty sophisticated, right?

For The Love Of Pastels

 Shellac Nail Art Designs For The Love Of Pastels
Image source: London Nail Company

Calling out all the pastel lovers here. There’s almost every pastel color here – pastel pink, yellow, blue, purple, and green. Looks very pretty yet simple. There’s just something about pastel colors – Pastels are less saturated than primary colors, making them feel light, soft, and calming. For spring, they work well with neutral colors to create a feeling of earthiness and sophistication. So do it for the love of pastels!

Tropical Vibes

 Shellac Nail Art Designs Tropical Vibes
Image source: Gemma

Now this nail art comprises a variety of designs – the use of sage green color, zebra print, and the green leaves over a baby pink base. I think this design totally qualifies for being unique and gives out major tropical vibes (probably because of the green leaves in the middle) but an overall thumbs up for this look!

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Shimmery Nails

Shellac Nail Art Designs Shimmery Nails
Image source: Beauty Essentials

Now in case you’re getting all party-ready and are confused about what nails to get done, then this one’s got to be the savior for you! This design comprises a translucent base with glitters on the edges of each nail which gives out a shimmery look. Definitely your go-to party nails!

The Floral Nail Art

Shellac Nail Art Designs The Floral Nail Art
Image source: Gemma

I think this has to be the most beautiful design out of all – I mean flowers are pretty, aren’t they? So why not let them bloom on your nails? This design comprises a translucent glossy base with half-drawn flowers at the tip of each nail. I love how multicolored the flowers are! The color palette used here is all pastels and we’re here for it! A total minimalistic look.

A Hint Of Neon

Shellac Nail Art Designs A Hint Of Neon
Image source: Nail Art Tbilisi

Now I would classify this as a rather simple yet trendy nail art design. It’s all done on a clear base with a matte finish with neon colors added to the edges of each nail. The color palette used here is neon orange, blue, pink, and yellow. The use of neon colors here is what is making this look stand out!

You’re A Rainbow

You're A Rainbow
Image source: Ragdoll Nails Leeds

Are you looking for something colorful or just a splash of colors on your nails? Here’s the perfect fit for you! The base used here is translucent again, which ought to be very trendy indeed. We can see colorful foils at the tip of the nails which is basically the highlight of this design.

The Tangy Affair

The Tangy Affair
Image source: Nail By Sam

I love the color combination used in this one – neon orangish shade and matte white color. We can also see a pinch of silver here. A very neat and simple design I’d say. The horizontal and vertical stripes are totally standing out and you must go for this if you do not wish to experiment much with the design.

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The Polka Dotted Nails

The Polka Dotted Nails
Image source: Gemma

This design’s extremely simple yet elegant. Takes you back to the 90s, doesn’t it? Where the only colors that existed were black and white. The base here used is translucent again where the sides of the nails have been colored with black and white polka dots alternatively.

Pink Shellac Nails

Pink Shellac Nails
Image source: Nail By Sam

The perfect fit for you if you are trying out shellac nails for the first time. Totally simple and glossy, you just put on the shellac nails and a pink nail polish topped off with a glossy effect. You can also see some simple silver designs on two of the nails. Also, a big thumbs up for this look if you love the color pink.

Shades Of Blue And Purple

Shades Of Blue And Purple
Image source: Shellac Passion

So here in this design, we see two varieties of the color purple and blue. One is the normal shade of the two while the others are shiny with a foil-like texture. You could pair up the same with silver rings or jewelry.  Your go-to chic nails!

The Matte Black Floral Nails

The Matte Black Floral Nails
Image source: Lili Nspo Nails

Calling out all the black lovers out here! I’ve always believed that black is a color of power and strength and it can never go out of trend or style! What’s unique about this design is the little flowers on top of the matte black base. I love how posh the entire design looks.

Pastel Color Pop

Pastel Color Pop
Image source: The Nail Room

Looks like pastel colors are definitely here for all the wins, aren’t they? I mean looking at these colors itself could make you feel so calm and happy. Now the nails used here are a bit longer with a translucent base again with a variety of pastel colors used at the edges of each nail topped off with polka dots, again using different colors. A very chic and trendy design.

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Uncover The Glossy

Shellac Nail Art Designs Uncover The Glossy
Image Source: Gemma

This nail art is simple and elegant. The pastel looks perfect on the nails. For a Summer date, it is a perfect pick as it assures long-lasting properties. The moisture on the nails looks beautiful and is blended with sophisticated colors. Cream puff color is chosen as the base color for all the nails. The other colors used just highlight the base color so well. The final touch and the stealer is the small flower pattern on the nail which makes it more subtle and calm.

Pious To Be Serene Or Sassy

Shellac Nail Art Designs Pious To Be Serene Or Sassy
Image Source: Lash

This nail art is just insane to describe. The pointed nails look powerful and cold and it is compensated with the subtle and delicate look which makes it serene at the same time it makes it sassy too. The delicate colors used here make it “wannabe”. The jelly texture looks satisfying and makes the art more moist and pleasing.  This nail is best to have in the spring season as it is so pleasant to watch and it will make you refreshing at the same time. Pink, Green and Blue colors lighter and darker shades of strokes on the nail look heavenly.

Emblesshing With The Shine

Shellac Nail Art Designs Emblesshing With The Shine
Image Source: Beauty Essentials

This nail art just shines with its beauty. The glittery gel part looks perfect and is dream come true. This nail art is filled with so much love and the pointed shape of the nails makes the standards of its beauty rise to the next level. The baby pink colors are adoring to watch and the silver glitter just adds a shiny glow to it. This nail art will truly elevate your day.  This nail art is hypnotic and one can’t resist not having it. These jelly shiny nails with a pinch of perfection will make you swirl.

Wavy Factory

 Shellac Nail Art Designs Wavy Factory
Image Source: By Sophie Gillespie

This nail art has different walls for each fingernail. The similar pattern yet a different one to look makes it attractive and unique. The four colors used here are perfectly synchronized with each other.  The shiny jelly look is a show-stealer. The silver shine nail color makes it more noticeable. The Blanc color nail paint cut the similar color shade flow and takes the command.  The blue shades are too good to be true. The overall look on the nails is so devoted to having one.  The different ways altogether catch a train and fit well in the frame.

Fun To Be True

Shellac Nail Art Designs Fun To Be True
Image Source: Gemma

This nail art has a funky and joyful nature in it.  The base of the nails is a cream puff and gel orange, which makes it soothing to watch. The perfectly trimmed nails with a stroke of orange nail color make it bubblier. This nail art is catchy and best for any season. The white nail paint stroke at the corner of the nail makes it pull the look to set new fashion trends and the black dot on it makes it pop up. This nail art looks minimalistic yet promising to steal our hearts.

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Pastel With The Babe

Shellac Nail Art Designs Pastel With The Babe
Image Source: Instabelleza Nails

This nail art looks bold and powerful. The usage of soft colors makes it loveable to watch. The sharp edges of the nails make it look even more convincing to have. This nail art is perfect to have for springs. These pastel gel texture nail looks gorgeous and give the best visual appeal. The ombre pattern color mixing adds to your personality. This whole mani is something that one can not miss this spring and summer. You can stay glam painting the beautiful pastel nails which will make you go “La La La” this spring.

Marble Art This Spring

Shellac Nail Art Designs Marble Art This Spring
Image Source: By Sophie Gillespie

This Marble nail art is too busy to give a damn. The color combination created here is something one cant think of. Who knew that red and blue shades would go well.  These nails are easy to create and will go with any dress you have. You pair it up with anything and it will look good. This marble nail art design will create some headlines as it can’t keep calm glowing. These warm nails will enlighten your mood and will make you ready to enjoy parties.

Funky And Got Noticed

Shellac Nail Art Designs Funnky And Got Noticed
Image Source: Gemma

This nail art looks playful. Both soft and hard colors are used and both are perfectly communicating with each other. To make your day lighter and carefree then these nails are must to have. The eye on the nail will make you check your checklist and will make you do a lot of fun. The yellow colors here give us so much warmth and cheerfulness. The sun on the nails will make your day glow just like it and will never disappoint you. Get your nails done with these naming nail art designs and have all the fun you need.

Glossy For A Party

Shellac Nail Art Designs Glossy For A Party
Image Source: Sarah Heague

This nail art will make you get ready for a party. Painting this nail will surely need a lot of patience to paint the second line in a different color to not be mixed is an art. This nail design offers cool and shiny vibes. These bright and bold nail colors will make you ready to dance at the party. The glittery shine will rock the party and these colors will add on the madness in you. This nail art looks dramatic to steal the show and to get noticed. The coating at the edge of the nails looks heavenly.

Flowing With The Marble Glow

Shellac Nail Art Designs Flowing With The Marble Glow
Image Source: Alize

This marble nail art is aesthetic to watch. These nails showcase the freedom and inspire you to be the best among all. The nicely trimmed curved shape nails add on the sensitivity to it. This hybrid nail design has the power of elegance which will match with every dress you wear. For this season, marble nail art can be the best one for you. Whether it is a formal or informal party, you still can wear it and rock the meetings. The marble art with these promising colors looks attractive on any occasion.

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Yellow With A Bomb

Shellac Nail Art Designs Yellow With A Bomb
Image Source: By Sophie Gillespie

This nail art is simple to wear and is subtle. This nail art brings a positive vibe to us and will make us cheerful. This refreshing nail art is occupied with the yellow color with different designs on each fingernail. The base color used here is a light peach-pink texture to make it natural and pretty. The yellow nail paint looks matte and gives a polished matte look to the index finger. The stroke of yellow at the edge of the middle finger is perfect and looks shiny. The ring finger design looks odd yet fits perfectly.

Run With The Flow

Run With The Flow
Image Source: Gemma

This nail art will not let you miss the football season. If you are a football fan just like this nail art, then this nail art is a perfect choice for you. This nail art will make you wear your team on your nails and cheer for your favorite team. This nail art will make you ready for the match to cheer for your team. You can go with the red strips or the white strips leaving the freedom of choice for you to pick a great one to paint on your nails.

Heavenly Beautiful

Heavinly Beautiful
Image Source: Instabelleza Nails

This nail art will give you immense peace with its beauty. This flawless-looking nail art will have a space in your heart as you can not say no to it. The leaf detailing on the nail with the perfect dark background will make you awestruck by its beauty. This bold design will have your heart and will set a benchmark. The warm colors are complementing each other perfectly. This nail art is such a good way to express yourself. This nail art will let you play with layering. This nail art is best to have a great dinner date with a pretty wine dress.

Monochrome The Style

Monochrome The Style
Image Source: Educadora Nail Designer

This nail art has a monochrome style. The Blanc and Noir colors balance each other out. The shiny glow is adding more texture to it. The nail arts’ delicate design will please everyone. The black stroke at the edge of the nails will add power to the nails and the white dots under it stabilize the power.

I Am Flying

I Am Flying
Image Source: Mao Nails and Store

This nail art looks free-spirited. The colors chosen here are refreshing to our eyes. The sky look is created on the nails and on top of it the golden shine is making it stand out loud. Clouds look great with a cream puff and baby light blue color.  The detailings are tiny but they remained noticeable. Each shading of color brings the dreamy design out. The birds flying is something new and pretty to watch on the nails.

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Floral White and Brown Shellac Nail Art

Shellac Nails Floral White and Brown Shellac Nail Art
Image source: nails_by_roxxy

Woody Nails! All the nails except the ring and middle fingernails are painted woody brown. The remaining nails have a white coloured base and raspberry red floral art. This nail art looks classy. The colour choice is engaging. This nail art design is a good choice for floral dresses. It also goes well for spring. This design will slay with contrasting similar coloured trench coats!

Orange White Glitter Shellac Nail Art

Shellac Nails Orange White Glitter Shellac Nail Art
Image source: Infinity Nails – Kate W

Bright White Blast! All the nails except ring fingernails are painted bright white. For the little and forefinger add a glitter shine at the base of each nail. For ring fingers, there are dissolving orange nail tips. This nail art design is a good choice for bright outfits. This design goes well with white outfits too.

Black Base Abstract Pattern Shellac Nail Art

Shellac Nails Black Base Abstract Pattern Shellac Nail Art
Image source: Evolution Beauty

Are you a lover of abstract art/paintings? Have a look! We have something amazing for you. These abstract shellac nails have a black base. Here, vibrant yellow, blue and brown is the basic colours for the abstract art created. This turned out to be terrifically artistic. These nails look awesome. You can definitely wear these nails for any art exhibition event. This nail art would look good with the colour splattered dresses. Also, this design is a suitable choice for plain outfits too.

String Heart Pastel Green Shellac Nail Art

Shellac Nails String Heart Pastel Green Shellac Nail Art
Image source: Anne Marie Maana

Green lovers, Pastel lovers! Here is something for you. All pastel green nails. The ring fingernail has a black heart passing through a string vertically. This nail art is easy and pretty. This design can be a good choice for beginners. These nails make a good choice for pastel outfits. Basically, any cute outfit would look amazing with these nails.

Sparkle Purple Base Shellac Nail Art

Shellac Nails Sparkle Purple Base Shellac Nail Art
Image source: Katre Beauty Expert Saloon

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These nails at their base have a sparkling glitter purple. This seems to be done over impure white. Like an adulterated white. A white that is slightly purple mixed. The shine over the nails adds an extra charm to these nails. This nail art with an admirable choice of elements looks winsome. These shellac nails are a good choice for embellished outfits. You can go for them with any shade of purple too!

Glossy Natural Pink And Apricot Shellac Nails

Shellac Nails Glossy Natural Pink And Apricot Shellac Nails

Glossy! These nails look extremely clean and fresh. There are natural pink nails with a glossy touch. At the base of these nails, we have apricot moon curves. This nail art is a good choice for you if you are bored playing with colours. Also, if you are not so colour obsessed or confused with colours, try this one. These shellac nails pretty much go with any outfit!

Pastel Grey Gold Mud Sea Shellac Nail Art

Shellac Nails Pastel Gray Gold Mud Sea Shellac Nail Art
Image source: MaoNails&Store

All the nails of one hand are painted pastel grey. For another hand, there is also a pastel grey base. The nails of these hands are different as there are several waves. There is a blue wave, then a thin black, gold wave, and a muddy wave. There are tiny black spots all over the remaining space. This whole pattern looks like a gold mud sea over pastel grey. These shellac nails are a good choice for pastel outfits. This nail art is a good choice for any water day too.

Wedding Rose Shellac Nail Art

Wedding Rose Shellac Nail Art Wedding Rose Shellac Nail Art
Image source: diamondbeautyltd

Wedding Nails! This nail art is extremely cute. All the nails are painted in a gradient of dusky rose fading as we move towards the tip. There are pretty purple and white roses at the base of the ring fingernails. The paired roses, couple roses! It has a soft colour engagement. This nail art is great for white wedding gowns. These are the bridal shellac nails.

Moon And Sun Shellac Nail Art

Moon And Sun Shellac Nail Art
Image source: Kim

Astronomy Nails! Who doesn’t love interstellar space and celestial bodies? We have heavenly shellac nails for you here. Paint all the nails dark green except the middle and ring fingernails. These nails are white. There is a moon symbol over a white ring fingernail and a sun symbol over a white middle fingernail. This nail art is terrific. It is delightful. This nail art will look good with any dark-shaded outfit. Again, a great choice for space freaks!

Shiny Love Shellac Nail Art

Shiny Love Shellac Nail Art
Image source: smorodina nail

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Clean and well-shaped nails. All of these nails are painted plain transparent. A cute love art is made on the ring fingernail. These nails are ready. This nail art is simple and not so colour consuming. A small love art looks engaging and is the major center of attraction. This nail art goes with all sorts of outfits! There is no exception.

Gradient Blue Shellac Nail Art

Gradient Blue Shellac Nail Art
Image source: Ragdoll Nails Leeds

If you are a blues lover, this is the one for you. The intensity of blue seems to increase when we move from the thumb towards the little finger. There is pastel blue, sky blue, vibrant blue, navy blue, and metallic blue. This nail art would look great on sunny days with the clear open sky. Also, this shellac nail art can be styled with any kind of blue outfit.

Floral Yellow Shellac Nail Art

Floral Yellow Shellac Nail Art

Spring Nails! Paint all the nails yellow. For the ring finger, there are two diagonal pink centered semi flowers. These nails look thick-coated, sturdy, and glossy. This nail art is a good choice for springs. Flowers welcoming flowers. These shellac nails would look pretty good with floral dresses too.

Black Lined Olive Green Shellac Nail Art

Black Lined Olive Green Shellac Nail Art
Image source: Annie

The nails are painted olive green from the tip somewhat diagonally. There is a shiny nail coat for the left-out area too. Then horizontal, diagonal and vertical black lines to add more details to the nail art, one in each nail. This nail art is easy and beginner-friendly. These shellac nails can be a good choice for normal day casual outfits.

Pastel Green And Gold Embellished Shellac Nail Art

Pastel Green And Gold Embellished Shellac Nail Art
Image source: Venus Nails Bradford

For ring and forefinger, there are pastel green glossy nails. The forefinger nail is embellished at the base. The little fingernail has a nude brown base continued with pastel green. For the middle fingernail, the nail is divided somewhat diagonally to make a major nude brown and remaining pastel green paint area. These two are separated by a slant gold line. This somewhat complex nail art is a good choice for embellished and pastel outfits. This would look great with a pastel saree with gold accessories too.

Shiny Tip Glossy Shellac Toe Nail Art

Shiny Tip Glossy Shellac Toe Nail Art
Image source: fumika

Finally bringing for you, one of the toenail art designs! This one is really easy and cute. All the toenails are painted nude. The tip of each toenail is painted with shiny silver glitter paint. Easy, simple, and cute! This nail art is all in itself. This nail art goes well with any kind of outfit, there is no colour foundation. 

So that’s a wrap on this article about shellac nails. We sincerely hope that you’ve already found your inspiration out of the designs we could list out for you. After all, nothing improves your mood like a new manicure!

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