Diwali Makeup Tutorials to Nail that Perfect Look

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Festivals are around the corner and I guess we all are pretty excited to have some celebrations after such a long time. The pandemic has sucked our souls out and we deserve all the joy and celebration to fix it. So go crazy and indulge in some makeup therapy! Celebrations are the perfect time to glam up and have fun with your loved ones. This festive season, look and feel like a diva with our stylist-approved makeup tutorials.

Also, what’s a perfect outfit without the perfect makeup? That’s another reason to go all-out and find the best makeup look that suits your style. For a top-notch look this Diwali, ensure that you follow the best of makeup tutorials. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert in makeup or a complete newbie, we got you covered with all sorts of makeup looks.

The makeup up you go for really seals a great outfit and it affects your overall look for a function. It can make or break your look. Now, don’t be all worried as we are here with the best makeup tutorials you could get inspired from. We are gonna give you some awesome makeup tutorials to achieve the perfect Diwali look without the hassle of searching for it. Now get ready with your makeup products and brushes. Get. Set. Glam up!

Diwali Makeup Tutorials to Nail the Perfect Look

1. Bring out your ethnic side with this makeup look

This traditional look will surely make your look a grand success at the function. This video is very popular and a lot of people vouch that this look gave them an awesome makeup look. The look is tried and tested by a lot of people and they swear by it. So just go ahead and try this look without any second thoughts.

This tutorial was posted by Smitha Deepak, who very clearly guides us through the steps and shows us how to achieve this look to the dot. This tutorial would work better if you are moderate to expert level with makeup skills. But again, you can try it out even if you are a beginner and are up for it. Try this flawless makeup look and get ready to be showered with compliments!

2. Easy and Elegant makeup look

You can totally nail this look this Diwali. It’s a very simple and natural look that can make you look and feel serenely beautiful. This is the perfect look if you are looking for a subtle and natural makeup look. The video also mentions the products she has used. The look gives off a very serenely beautiful vibe. It’s an easy look, so it doesn’t matter if you are not an expert in using makeup products. The steps are clearly demonstrated and explained to the viewers. Highly recommended for beginners in the makeup arena. The tutorial was uploaded by Jyothi Sethi, who is a very popular beauty blogger on Youtube.

3. Perfect Diwali look on a Budget

For a good makeup look, you don’t need to splurge a lot of money. You can also get a beautiful makeup look with affordable makeup products and ensure a drool-worthy makeup look. This look ensures an affordable yet beautiful look that will make you feel like a diva! The video was posted by Ankita Chaturvedi. The look tried out here is very simple and easy. It is highly recommended for a beginner-level makeup user. The products used have been listed in the description of the Youtube video. Now rock at that Diwali party without burning a hole in your pockets.

4. Transform into a Desi Diva with this look!

This is a glowy natural look for you to bring out your Diwali diva this festival season. It’s a traditional look and the finish is wonderful. The music in the video deserves a special mention because it brings out the festive vibe and makes us groove along with it. The artist truly nails this glowy and ethnic makeup. This look is mainly recommended for people who know your makeup well. So do try out this look and feel fabulous and awesome at that Diwali event with your friends and family. The video was posted by Smitha Deepak. She mentions the products she has used including the makeup brushes which she uses. She also gives out makeup tips that might be helpful to you. So go check out this video here!

5. Glowy Natural Diwali Look

This is a soft glam look that is simple yet perfectly beautiful. It is a tutorial video by Kritika Khurana, who is a popular beauty blogger as well as a social media influencer who works under the tag of ‘That Boho girl’. The video includes the details of all the products used and also suggestions for a lot of other makeup products you can try out. The look is fairly light easy and can be easily achieved even if you are a beginner. It can surely help you get that picture-perfect Diwali to look this year. Do try and have fun achieving this look.

6. Quick, Easy and Stylish Makeup Look

This is the final look on the list. If you are someone who can’t work on your look for a long time, this one is for you. This makeup look ensures a quick, simple yet elegant look for your Diwali event. It’s easy to recreate and also makes you stand out from the crowd. Go for this look if you are a newbie in makeup and beauty stuff. The video was posted by Avneet Kaur, who is a verified Youtuber producing content related to makeup and fashion. The look is easy-breezy and doesn’t require a lot of time. She also provides information about additional products like cleansers and moisturizing lotions in the video.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get ready to bring out the perfect Diwali Diva look with these awesome and simple makeup looks. And don’t forget to get a lot of pictures clicked!

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