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Trendy Bengali Bridal Shola Ghar Design

Gold And Red Mix Shola Ghar
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Weddings are undoubtedly a great affair in India. Just like we have three different seasons in India we have another one called the Wedding season. It’s the period when people usually choose to get married or tie the knot. It is usually the months between May to October. Due to India’s vast diversity, we get to see all kinds of Weddings here with different rituals and cultures.

We have the Maharashtrian style of wedding where the Haldi ceremony is of great importance, we have the Christian style of wedding that takes place in the church, we have the Sikh style of wedding that takes place in a Gurdwara. We then also have the Hindu style of wedding that takes place in a temple.

In this article, we are specifically going to talk about the Bengali style of wedding. Now in what style do Bengalis get married? A Bengali wedding is usually more than a week-long affair where there are almost 9 wedding rituals along with 10 or more pre and post-wedding rituals. The Saant Pank ( seven walks ) is one of the many interesting rituals in a Bengali Wedding. This is a ritual where the bride is made to sit on a ‘Piri’ and is then lifted by her brothers after which she takes seven rounds around her husband while she sits on it.

The bride usually is dressed in a red Banarasi saree while the groom is dressed in a dhoti kurta. The bride also wears a ‘Shola Ghar’ on her head during the Wedding. A Shola Ghar or a mukut is something that the bride wears on the head that symbolizes purity and is believed to bring in good luck. It is a part of the accessories that she wears for her wedding. It is usually white.

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Check Out Below Some Trendy Bengali Mukut Designs  

Simple White Shola Ghar

Bengali bridal Shola Ghar Design Simple White Shola Ghar
Image Source: Tanima Banerjee

Starting with a simple design of shola ghar. It’s white in color with this leaf-like design in the middle. It is surrounded by small circles. The placement of the shola ghar is at the center of the head. It goes perfectly well with the blue saree and gold jewelry worn by the bride.

Gold And Red Mix Shola Ghar

Bengali bridal Shola Ghar Design Gold And Red Mix Shola Ghar
Image Source: Biswajit Sarkar

This shola ghar perfectly matches the outfit of the bride. The color combination here is white, gold and red. As you can see, the bride has worn a red saree with a yellow blouse along with golden borders in the saree. The shola ghar also has the same colors in it along with some mirror work at the center.

Shells And Pearls

Bengali bridal Shola Ghar Design Shells And Pearls
Image Source: Makeup Artist Anamika Bose

How beautiful is this design of shola ghar? It’s a simple design that has been decorated with shells and pearls. The pearls have been placed inside of the shells which look so subtle and pretty. Talking about the bride’s outfit, the combination of gold and green looks really good. The accessories too have been matched accordingly.

The Swan Of Love

Bengali bridal Shola Ghar Design The Swan Of Love
Image Source: Subham’s Photography

It must be a well-known fact to all that swans are highly possessive of their mate. They do fall in love and stick to their mate for a very long time! So what’s better than a swan-shaped shola ghar that you could wear on the wedding day that would mark the love of you and your significant other? The design’s utterly beautiful where there are two swans made facing opposite sides. Pearls and embellishments have also been added.

The Feather Of Love

Bengali bridal Shola Ghar Design The Feather Of Love
Image Source: Aninda De

Here’s a very elegant design of shola ghar that also goes perfectly well with the bride’s outfit here. The design of this shola ghar matches with the print at the border of the bride’s saree. It has been outlined with maroon embellishments. It also has this red feather at the tip of the crown.

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Crown Me Up

Bengali bridal Shola Ghar Design Crown Me Up
Image Source: Makeover by Sheetal Dey

Here’s yet another design where we see two swans faced opposite of each other. The base of this crown is red in color. We also see golden embellishments around the center of the crown. The other embellishments used here are pearls and shells. It again is matching with the bride’s red saree.

The Royal Crown

Bengali bridal Shola Ghar Design The Royal Crown
Image Source: Biswajit Sarkar

Well, this design does scream out royalty indeed. We have a flower made at the center out of pearl embellishments. Two red flowers can be seen on top and bottom of the same. The border of the shola ghar has been outlined with silver linings and embellishments.

A Boat Of Swans

Bengali bridal Shola Ghar Design A Boat Of Swans
Image Source: Biswajit Sarkar

Here in this design of shola ghar we can see a family of swans here. At the center we have the biggest swan out of all who’s probably the mother swan along with two other swans – one at the front and the other at the back who are probably the baby swans. We also see a feather at the head of the mother swan. The bride looks all pretty in a red saree.

The Crown Of Pearls

The Crown Of Pearls
Image Source: Tanima Banerjee

Here’s another shola ghar with leaf-like designs at the front. We also see this cute red rose placed in the middle. The border of the crown is red. We see the pearl, golden, and red stone embellishments all around the crown. The crown again perfectly matches with the brides’ outfit where the color combination of both is well.

The Peacock Crown

The Peacock Crown
Image Source: Tanima Banerjee

Here’s another pretty design where the crown is designed with peacocks all around it. We have a small one at the center and two bigger ones at the two sides of the crown. Peacocks symbolize love, good luck, and prosperity and hence, they are perfect for this big day of yours.

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Flowers And Diamonds

Flowers And Diamonds
Image Source: Harish Baruah Photography

Well, aren’t these two the only two things girls like or are fond of? So this crown brings the flowers and diamonds to one place for you. We have a big red flower at the center of the crown. Around these flowers, we have diamond-like embellishments.

Feather On Top

Feather On Top
Image Source: Rupam Das

This is a very simple design with a big flower at the center along with similar patterns at the sides. We have a red feather at the tip of the crown. A golden accessory has been placed just at the front of the crown.

Swans On My Head

Swans On My Head
Image Source: Susmita Das

This crown is taller than the other ones you saw above. It is again designed in the shape of a swan that goes up till the tp. The tip of the crown has a red feather. The crown goes well with the red saree and gold accessories of the bride.

Hello Swan

Hello Swan
Image Source: Memories and Moment

Guess the swan’s here to stay at your wedding and spread love. This crown has this big swan at the center with small flower-like embellishments at the border of the crown. It seems like the red feather is here to stay as well as it can be seen at the tip of almost every crown.

Protection From The Evil

Protection From The Evil
Image Source: Sourav Paul

This design of shola ghar is just perfect if you wish to keep all the negative energy out of your big day. The crown has this small evil eye made at the center which could help you to keep out all the evil and negative energy away and far from you. It has again been topped off with this red feather and we also have a smaller golden crown placed right in front of the bigger crown.

So that’s a wrap on this article of Bengali bridal designs of shola ghar. We hope you could find the right crown that’s going to make you look like the absolute queen that you are and make you shine on your big day!

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