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I bet you will agree with me when I will say that each time you did not know what to wear in a party where you were not sure about the dress code, wearing a kurta or a suit saved you. There are many occasions where it is preferable to wear a Kurta/Kurti. The most important thing to look upon in this case is how to look primo each time you repeat the same type of outfit? Here is a simple answer to the most complicating question. Your neck designs. Yes, a neck design of a kurta is its major highlight and if you end up doing the deed well then you don’t have to worry about looking good anymore. To help you out in the same, here is a list of 15+ neck designs with the trending Potli buttons attached. Have a look!

Potli Button Neck Designs for Kurti

1. Collar Patterned Neck Design

The very appealing neck design is presented right now on your screens. It is a great blend of a creative neckline and Potli buttons added for an essence. Believe me, once worn this kurta can give anyone a great regal look. If you are thinking of getting your kurta stitched for a party or a festival then you should keep this neck design locked for it. It will go fantastically with heavy materialled kurtas as the design is heavy and royal one. If it is a party or a festival that you are wearing it to then definitely try some heavy hoops on your ears.

2. Boat-slit Neck Design

Covering the neckline with a boat shape and then a slit in it followed by Potli buttons running down the kurta, this neck design idea is an example of how beauty and simplicity can always be compared. Try to not emphasize on any other part of the kurta and keep the whole kurta without any embroidery or any other mix, then your neck designs and Potli buttons will be highlighted perfectly. To look more appealing, match some amazing plasso or sleek pants with the Kurta.

3. The Round-shaped Pattern

A glorious Potli button neck design where the neckline is the classic round shape and alluring Potli buttons run down the neckline. The rundown of the Potli buttons is situated on stapled cloth. Prefer to use this ideal design on a printed cloth material so that the neck design looks even more descriptive. As described in the image, get your sleeves stitched long and with a slit attaching more Potli buttons to the Kurta. You can wear churidars on this type of a kurta or you can also choose to wear ankle-length leggings. Pair some metallic jewellery such as bangles and earrings to look even more prominent.

4. High-Neck Collared Pattern

The image only suggests that how beautiful your kurta can look once it gets stitched in this pattern. You can clearly observe here how fabulously two types of clothes are mixed together. This is purely remarkable how a printed materialled cloth and a plain cloth is attached together which is really captivating. Note that how particularly the buttons are of floral print when attached to the plain side of the kurta. Strictly speaking, this type of kurta is voguish and trendsetting therefore this is something not be worn in an official occasion. You can wear it anywhere apart from it

5.The fabulously-cut Pattern

A creative deal of art is again on the trend book right now. The design stands out from all the designs as it is so exotically designed and made. I bet you have never seen this deal of art ever before. The neckline covers most of the area below the neck and cut bide the side leaving a big slit. The Kurta is designed in a way that it looks like a robe or a cape but it is literally stitched and keenly decorated with the Potli buttons.

6. Printed-bordered Neck Pattern

If you have been dragging your feet in an old-fashioned neck design since a long time then here is unique and second to none kind of a neck design idea for you. You can look in the image that the deep-V neckline is bordered inside with a broad beautiful printed cloth. At the end of the V, there follows a rundown of customized Potli buttons. I would ask you to get your kurta stitched short if you are favouring this design. Working women can wear this Kurta to their offices or use it for everyday purposes.

7. Circular Closed Neck Pattern

This Potli buttons neck design idea is quite contemporary right now. The neckline is a little below the neck and it happens to be bounded with a contrasting coloured cloth with the Kurta. It is not sealed which particular type of Kurta/Kurti would go with this neck design, you can dance any type of Kurta with the design very well as it is quite popular. The bound of the neckline is surrounded all over with some splendid Potli buttons at a respective distance. Wear this kurta to casual occasions or day parties or hangouts with Plasso or pants.

8. Spread-V pattern

You will agree with me when I will say that V-shaped neckline has always been a classic and exquisite design among the vogue book. If you are worried or concerned about the heavy material of your kurta, that it may get spoilt or may not adopt a unique design then you should tick this design in the very first place. A deep V-neck line will never spoil your kurta or your look or the material. The Deep-V neckline is debased by sassy Potli buttons. As evident by the image, a heavily materialled Kurta would go along the design very well. Frock pattern, long kurtas and even A-line stitched Kurta will be perfect with the design.

9. Half-covered Potli Buttons Pattern

The neckline of the Kurta depicted in the image is in a U-shape. A simple U shape may not look as prominent but when added a little vogue in it then even a U-shape can make you look fancy-pants. The most catching thing about the Kurta’s neck design is its contrivance. Look at how colossally the neckline has been decorated from only one side with the Potli buttons and the other perimeter of the neckline is covered with detailed piping. The Kurta is perfect for young women who want to flaunt new styles to their schools and colleges.

10. The Laced V-neck Pattern

The neckline is clearly in a V-shape but what makes this Potli button neck design idea variant from all other V-shaped necklines? The lace decoration all along with the neck design. The lace is idealistically placed starting from the neckline and covering the Potli buttons down and then again moves upward to cover the neckline. The lace is scoped twice in the neck design here which gives it a more cosmic look. The lace is also called gotta patti and is very easy to be found in any cloth market. This type of design is suitable for A-line kurtas, long Kurtis and suits. Wear it with leggings or pants.

11. Pan-shaped Neck pattern

This kind of neck design is very famous among middle-aged women. The neckline is made into a paan shape or you can also flag it as a leaf-shaped neckline. Generally, a contrasting coloured cloth is chosen with the Kurta material to patch the bounds of the neckline. But it is also suggestive to patch the same coloured cloth as your bottom-wear. This patchwork and the leaf neckline can be made trendy and even more fashionable by adding some Potli buttons to the Kurta. And, therefore at the end of the neckline, some Potli buttons are added. You can use this outfit as daily wear or everyday use.

12. Traditional Neck Pattern

Most of our ethnic wears fail to look as we imagined them to, because of our wrong choice of neck design or stitching mistake. It is therefore important to choose wisely a neck design which is garnishing but also homey at the same time. There is no point in looking good until and unless you are comfortable. This is a highly sober neckline which can be easily adjusted in ethnic wear and will also make you look prime. The neck design can be improved by adding a Dori and a latkan at the back. You can wear this kurta to weddings, parties and other fancy occasions with heavy ornaments and jewellery.

13. Sloped Potli Buttons Pattern

Even this neck design idea is perfectly suited for traditional and ethnic wears. Ask why? I’ll tell you. When you wear a traditional suit or a kurta to a fancy occasion then it is obvious that you will add some neck jewellery. Sometimes, when you have a plain kurta and packed neck design then there is no scope left for jewellery to be added. It is more preferable that if you have a plain material for a kurta and you want to get it stitched for some big occasion then you should pick this neck design.

14. Patch Worked Neck Pattern

A quite consummate neck design with the new-fangled patchworks and on fleek Potli buttons. If you are a woman who always likes to play it funk and enter chic to each occasion then here is yet another idea for you. There is a large patchwork starting from the neck till the bottom of the kurta which is dap to look at and you will kill it once you wear it. The patchwork is done by a contradicting colour compared with the Kurta’s colour. It is then circumscribed from opposite sides with some pleasing stock of Potli buttons. This type of Kurta will look winsome on skinny or slim body type.

15. Sloped Potli and Dori Pattern

Anarkali or frock patterned kurtas will be best suited with this neck design idea. The neckline is seen to be square-shaped and the Potli buttons are attached in a slope moving downwards. You can also get this type of Kurta stitched exactly how it is seen in this picture. Buy two different kinds of printed cloths of similar colour and a nice pretty latkan to be hung on the side. Girls can choose this neck design for some casual fests held in their colleges or schools.

16. Piping and Potli Buttons Pattern

Last but not the least, the neckline of this design is in a U-shape and it is made a standout design by adding some colour of piping and some striking taste of Potli buttons. The design is legitimately elegant and will look sovereign because of its detailed piping. You don’t even have to look twice to note the detailing done by piping the neckline, it is easily notable from a far distance and in a single look. There is also not an overdo of Potli buttons in this design, so if you prefer less of them then do choose this design.

I think you must have selected the most idealistic design you must have found in here for your Kurta/Kurti. You saw a lot among the list ranging from V-shaped, U-shaped, leaf-shaped to piping and wondrous Potli buttons and what not? You must have found the right design for the right occasion, I hope. If you still have any other concerns then feel free to comment. All I have to say to you girls is, “tenu suit, suit karda”.

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