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Strawberry Summer
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Nail art has always depicted your personality and your inner feelings. It adores your fingernails and feet with unique looks depending on your texture of feelings. It heels you deep inside and will make your personality glow. There is no need of talking cause Nail art will do it for you.

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Fruit Nail Art: Let’s Grab The Fruit With Our Nails

Got the rage for this summer

This nail art has the warmth and joy to make our summers worth enjoying by pampering ourselves with enthusiastic nail art. This Nail Art drives self-confidence which makes you happy all day. The glossary touch on the nails is something that we will be pleased to have. If you are having a bad day then you can buckle up painting the orange pulped glossy nail art, which will enhance the funkiness in you and it is a perfect delight to celebrate your day.  A hectic day can turn out to be beautiful with these embellishing nails. This blissful piece of nail art is a must to have and a big tick to the checklist.

Fruit Nail Art Designs 1 Got the rage for this summer
Image Source: Nails By Leahsi

Hush… I am busy painting my nails

This nail art will surely bring “coolness to our eyes”.  One cant keep calm looking at these nails. The glitter on these nails will surely add spark to your day. Well, this watermelon and lemon nail art is promising to beat this winter by making you feel refreshing and light. At the same time, it gives you chills like a lemonade. The glossy border lines with orange and green are blissful to make a charmer glow. This wintry nail art is sophisticated and it is “Too cool to give a dam”.

Fruit Nail Art Designs 1 Hush... I am busy painting my nails
Image Source: Taryn Nails

Simplicity glows in the beauty of delicacy

This optimistic nail art will definitely grab your attention. This nail art is eager to symbolize happiness. This enlightening nail art is beautifully painted with cherries on it to make it look chubby and sober. This nail art will make all of us envy its Tart nature. This nail art is ideal for joyful evenings, which will give the luxury to charm your evening date.

Fruit Nail Art Designs 1 Simplicity glows in the beauty of delicacy
Image Source: Polished Yogi

Blunt Yet Pious to Tackle

This nail art is infrequent in nature. It has the enchantress to mesmerize the craving. This nail art is full of life and it is lazy to handle stress. The transparency look with a perfect picture of the mango shows how lively it is. The glossy tips make it even more “Wannabe”. It is perfect for the free spirits who are too lazy to handle stress.

Fruit Nail Art Designs 1 Blunt Yet Pious to Tackle
Image Source: Nail It Media

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It’s a new perspective of combining

This nail art is the new perspective to combine. This nail art is perfect to debut into fashion. The strawberries, lemons, cherries, and oranges go perfectly with the floral.  It is neatly done showing a sense of funkiness. It is subtle and sober with a dream come true.  With this nail art, it is best to have a high school date.  This nail art seems to be chubby and satisfying to look at.

Fruit Nail Art Designs 1 It's a new perspective of combining
Image Source: Nail It Media

Plumpy on a sunny day

This nail art is “so good to be true”. The perfect oranges matched with a pale and soft color is a win-win. This nail art is synchronizing with the feelings of a sunny day. It gives the vibes to have a perfect outing. It is magnetizing you to feel best. Orange is perfectly dotted in the soft color, which is heaven to witness. There is no reason to say no to this beauty of art.

Fruit Nail Art Designs 1 Plumpy on a sunny day
Image Source: Luminary Nail Systems

In and out with a Trend

This nail art has the characteristics of self-love. This nail art looks consistent. The shape of the nail has a top sharp and classy way to command the world.  The color used is in the track and goes with the flow.  This nail art is perfect to blossom your self-love. It is trendy and catchy and goes with everything. It is perfect for the summer.

Fruit Nail Art Designs 1 In and out with a Trend
Image Source: Daily Nails

Ruling with the Matte

This nail art is confident to rule the fashion. Soft color looks pulpy with the matte look. The matte look is currently a crush. This nail art is the epitome of classy. It is perfectly vibed with an Almond size nail which is adding more power and beauty to the nail art.  Its subtleness is mesmerizing and ruling the world of fashion. It perfectly goes with a chic style and classy outfits.  It is in everyone’s “want to list”.

Ruling with the Matte
Image Source: The Nail Art Babe

Just want to be sassy

This nail art gives a sense of different moods to bloom. It just makes your Monday interesting. The silver paper is completely vibing with the fruits. It is perfectly mismatched but not out of the track. This nail art has a lot of things to share in a day. This nail art makes your work more fun.

Just wanting to be sassy
Image Source: The Nail Alchemist

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Just too much to handle

This nail art is perfect to make your mood light up. The guava print is too chubby to handle. It is perfectly blended to start a fresh day. The matte look on it just shines the best. It just perfectly match with your flora outfits to get out on a sunny day. It is modest to set into each frame.

Just too much to handle
Image Source: Whats Up Nails

Shine bright like a diamond

This nail art is glossy with a funky vibe. The shine is just so blooming and bright. It just gets the funny and funky side in you. The pineapple print is just like a milkshake with a smooth touch of shine. It is

Shine bright like a diamond
Image Source: Nails By Kimmie

Spice it up!!

Hot pink is never out of trend and cherry on the top is you can never go wrong with pink. And if sparkles come into the picture then no one can stop you to take on the world. some say jewels are a girl’s best friend, then what about perfectly manicured nails with hot pink and with a glossy finish? Level it up by adding a  dragonfruit to finish the look for the summer to give out a sweet and funky look. This look is an absolute showstopper! you can wear this look for valentines day or for your birthday, it will never disappoint you.

  Spice it up!!
Image Source: Zenstationails

Bamboozled! Really!?

Want to keep it subtle yet elegant?  Rain dews are not just alluring but cheer our mood out. What if I say that you can create an elegant look by tossing up some Rain dews on your nails, Yes! you heard it right.  Create a look by painting your personalized canvas with Rain dews to give out a fresh and enchanting look. This eye-catching trend is in vogue. To make it look realistic you can always use dried flowers like lavender or simply you can use fruits. This trend is an absolute trendsetter you can wear it in summer, winter, fall.

Bambozzled! Really!?
Image Source: Nail Pro Magazine

La La Land !!

We grew up listening to fairytales and wished to dazzle the world with our charm. Well that being said, we can take that one step by adorning our nails with sparkles by using a transparent base, topping it with an illusion of stars by strategic use of the white paint. You can go with some geometric patterns or with some citrus fruit patterns to complete the look. Nail art does not need to be perfect, it just needs to be you.

La La Land !!
Image Source: Pinkiesupco

A Rendezvous with monochrome!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we all know the monochrome theme ruled an era of Nail art’s history and it still continues to do so. Experiments have revolutionized the way we look at monochrome themes now. Mixing funk with the classic is likely to top the chart this year. Get your nails a life by adding that funky flavor with fresh citrus fruits. Space on our nails definitely might get filled but your desire to add and adorn it might never get fulfilled.

A Rendezvous with monochrome!
Image Source: Claws By Menis

Summer evening!

The perfect way to rock the summer look is to complete it with nail art by tossing some fresh, funky fruits onto your canvas. Fruit nail art never goes out of trend in fact they are pitch-perfect for summer. There is no right or wrong way of doing this. You can experiment with neon colors with smaller fruits and patterns or you can keep the base transparent with larger fruit patterns, In fact, you can also create an illusion of rain by tossing some rain dews onto your nails. If you want to level it up, try out some rhinestones on top of it and it will hit the right chord!

Summer evening!
Image Source: Diamond Nails Mr

The Cherry Bomb

So here we are starting with all the cherry lovers here. The fruit, cherry is an excellent antioxidant and rich in several vitamins. Drawing them onto your nails is just going to make you crave for some! Talking about this nail art – the base has been kept blue and upon that we have cherries drawn on each nail. A pretty poppy design I’d say.

Fruit Nail Art Designs The Cherry Bomb
Image Source: Stefanie

Strawberry Summer

Do you know what happiness looks like? A basket that is full of strawberries! Or say nails that look like strawberries? This nail art comprises of two nails painted in dark pink color while in the other two we have very cute strawberries drawn. The light pink splash of color beside it makes up for a very cute design.

Fruit Nail Art Designs Strawberry Summer
Image Source: Laeya Nail Design

The Avocado Nails

Calling in all the avocado lovers here! Now avocado is one fruit that holds much power as the fruit has the ability to make one feel fuller between meals as it contains fatty acids. So to honor the power of avocado – why not draw them on your nails? This design comprises the cutest avocados drawn on the center of two nails. The color combination used here is shades of green.

Fruit Nail Art Designs The Avocado Nails
Image Source: What’s Up Nails

Strawberry Seeds

Another nail art dedicated to strawberry lovers. The nail shade used for this is dark pink. This design is different from what you saw above as it has strawberry seeds drawn instead of the fruit itself. The seeds have been drawn on a white base with a pink border around them.

Fruit Nail Art Designs Strawberry Seeds
Image Source: Julia

The Grape Nail Art Design

Now we all know the health benefits of consuming grapes – it is a fruit that contains nutrients that gives you healthier skin and hair and protects your cells against cancer. Well, it’s time to get those grapes onto your nails. The color purple has been used here. We have cute grapes drawn on two of the nails on a white base. I personally love the drip effect on the nails beside it.

Fruit Nail Art Designs The Grape Nail Art Design
Image Source: Unnie Beauty Room

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For The Love Of Mangoes And Bananas

If you ask someone what their favorite fruit for summers was – you’d definitely find bananas or mangoes in their answer. This nail art is specially dedicated to the same. One of the left nails has a mango made on it while that on the right one has a peeled-off banana. If you look closely, you’ll also notice shiny embellishments on the banana. The rest of the nails have been painted aqua blue.

Fruit Nail Art Designs For The Love Of Mangoes And Bananas
Image Source: Olga Yakovleva Nail

Let’s Go Bananas!

These ones are for those who love the fruit banana. A very quirky and fun design to try out. We have two nails with a yellow background drawn into funny faces/expressions. Then on another nail with a white base, we have a banana with a funny face. The other one is filled with yellow glitter.

Lets Go Bananas !
Image Source: Scuola Jicostruzione Unghie

Tangy Orange

Did anyone else crave a sip of orange juice right now? Because same. The base of these nails has been kept transparent. The cuticles have been painted yellow which has taken quite a wavy end. Alas, we have the smallest oranges drawn on top of the yellow base. How cute is this design?

Tangy Orange
Image Source: Nail pro

The Fruity Pop

Confused about choosing one among many of your favorite fruits? Don’t worry since we’ve got you all covered. This nail art design with a translucent base covers many fruits like lemon, strawberries, kiwi, orange, and watermelon. What a juicy design, ain’t it? The entire design looks very vibrant and colorful.

The Fruity Pop
Image Source: Nikki’s Nails

Fruity Pop

Here in this design, we have grape, lemons, and mango embellishments made at the tip of the nails such that they are popping out. The other nails have golden glitter on them. Overall fun and fruity design.

Fruity Pop
Image Source: Hcpai

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All Fruits On My Nails

This design is similar to the one you saw above except that it has a lot more fruits in it – like musk melon, kiwi, grapes, orange, lemon, etc. These all have been made in the form of fruit embellishments which are all popping out at the tip of the nail with a translucent base.

All Fruits On My Nails
Image Source: Sty Nail

 Strawberry And Her Friends

Just another trendy nail art where strawberry is chilling with her fellow fruit friends. I mean, how fun does this design look? We have two strawberries drawn here along with the rest of the nails drawn on a checkered base with fruits like kiwi, apple, and watermelon on top of it.

Strawberry And Her Friends
Image Source: High Care Beauty

Orange Or Lemon?

The perfect gel pedicure is here right in front of you. The design is rather simple but the choice of fruits here is what is giving this design a pop of color! Confused about choosing between orange and lemon? What if you got to choose both? One foot here has been drawn using orange nail paint with an orange drawn on the big toe while the other foot is based on the lemon theme.

Orange Or Lemon ?
Image Source: Nail Room

Peachy PEACH

It’s very well known to all that peach is a type of stone fruit that is rich in Vitamin E and has many other benefits such as it helps keep your eyesight strong and keeping your digestion running smoothly. Well, it’s time to draw this healthy fruit on your nails and make it your favorite fruit this season! Now, this design has a peach-colored base with small cute peach plants drawn on them.

Fruit Nail Art Designs PEACHY PEACH 
Image Source: Polished Looks


How cool do these almond-shaped nails look? This nail art has been dedicated to the juicy, sodium, and fat-free fruit – STRAWBERRY. The base used here is matte yellow. On top of each nail, we have the sassiest strawberries drawn. The expressions drawn upon each strawberry are such an everyday mood!

Fruit Nail Art Designs SASSY STRAWBERRIES 
Image Source: Courtney


This design is for all the grape lovers out there! The fruit is rich in Vitamin C and E. It also contains high antioxidant content that may prevent chronic diseases. The base here is matte white with grapes drawn in different shades on every nail – green, violet, red and blue.

Fruit Nail Art Designs GRAPE GLAM
Image Source: Bianka


The fruit pear is undoubtedly one of the healthiest fruit out there with tons of benefits like it reduces the chances of diabetes, improves heart rate, and helps you lose weight. This nail design comprises a sparkly yellow base and one sparkly white nail on top of which we have two pears drawn.

Fruit Nail Art Designs THE PEARS ART 
Image Source: Sandy

You’re One in a MELON

What’s that on fruit that is always there to help you beat away the summer heat? – WATERMELONS. It is very well known to all that watermelons contain hydrating components. It also helps improve your heart health. So it’s time to draw this juicy fruit on your nails. Now, these round-shaped nails have been painted in a combination of baby pink and sea green nail paint. We have tiny watermelon seeds drawn too.

Fruit Nail Art Designs YOU'RE ONE IN A MELON
Image Source: Nail Artistry By Kylie

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Here’s another watermelon-inspired nail design. We have nails colored in the combination of dark green and red – the colors of the watermelon. We also have the watermelon drawn on two nails as an embellishment. Such a juicy design, ain’t it?

Image Source: Izabela Grolik


Now if you wish to paint your nails with more than one fruit then this design’s for you. The base here has been painted in baby pink and white alternatively. We have a variety of fruits drawn over each nail including bananas, peaches, strawberries, and watermelons.

Fruit Nail Art Designs FRUITY SEASON 
Image Source: Nhu Dao


These tiny little blueberries are here to steal your heart! You should know that blueberries are known as the king of antioxidant fruits. This design comprises of three nails with a nude background with the cutest berries drawn on them The other two nails have been painted in shades of blue.

Fruit Nail Art Designs BERRY BLAST
Image Source: Tessa

Let’s go BANANAS 

Here’s the fruit that is rich in potassium, sugars, and natural fibers. So let this design make you go all bananas! This art comprises nails with a peachy base with bananas drawn upon it. Quite a simple yet fun design for you to try.

Fruit Nail Art Designs  LET'S GO BANANAS 
Image Source: Claudia


It’s time to listen to your doctor because he said an apple a day keeps him away! Now there are never-ending health benefits of an apple – they are diabetes-friendly, helps in preventing cancer, and help in controlling blood pressure. Coming to this nail design, we have a glossy base with apples drawn on each in the color peach. What’s the cutest part about this design is the little bears drawn near the apples.

Fruit Nail Art Designs APPLE AND BEARS
Image Source: Midorinail

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This nail art is dedicated to the fruits orange and lime. We have nails painted neon green for the lime and another nail where we have the orange drawn. This design would surely show your love for these citrus fruits.

Image Source: Sarah Nailsj


How beautiful do these acrylic nails look? Now we have a lot of embellishments used for this design – like small lemons and glitter. I love how elegant these nails look. After all, lemons are here to give you clear skin and cancer-fighting benefits!

Image Source: Natalie


What’s better than eating strawberries dipped in chocolate? Now if you are ready to carry off these stunning long nails then this is it for you! We have the long cuticles of these nails painted in pink and we have strawberry embellishments with chocolate dripping from its base. Total glam nail vibes here!

The ORANGE Nails

Yet another orange nail design for you. Now, these are simply the nail extensions here and a step-by-step guideline in the form of pictures to show you how these orange nails are drawn. If you wish to ditch the nail salon and do it yourself, you could take help from here.  Looks quite perfect right?

Image Source: KJ Negle

In this hottest season, you can paint funky and fun designs to chill in the summer and to pamper yourself. Fruit nail art is the best in the summer season to make you feel blissful and bubbly to enjoy your day with the trending fashion.  ” There is no keeping calm because it is the time to be busy being glam“.

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