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Full Body Whitening Method With Lemon & Coconut Oil

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Simple natural remedy is what we, girls keep hunting for in YouTube or various other websites we find on google or Pinterest. We want a really simple and easy to do natural remedy at home which only uses the basic available household ingredients. Whitening the whole body has always been in our mind generally when it comes to natural remedy and we have always fancied about having a flawless and an even body skin tone. This simple whitening technique not only whitens your body but it also nourishes your body also. Genuinely, Sometimes it is so hard to find time also because of the busy work schedule we go through everyday but don’t worry girls, you can use this specific natural remedy for full body whitening method at night too.

This natural remedy consists of number of ingredients and also ensure that you use the right amount as directed as well. It is quite easy to do this natural remedy and ensure that you have an empty spray bottle to store the whitening formula before you start preparing. The steps and ingredients are given below.

Ingredients Used In The Formula:

  • Two Medium Sized Lemon
  • Two Teaspoons of Coconut Oil
  • Two Teaspoons of Glycerin
  • Three Teaspoon of Rose Water
  • One Cup Luke Warm Water

Steps To Do The Formula:

  • First wash your hands thoroughly and take a clean bowl. After this, cut both the lemon into two equal halves and then squeeze the lemon juice from each half of the lemon using either your hands or squeezers. Lemon is a natural ingredient which is well known as a skin lightening and whitening agent. It is also a natural exfoliated which helps in removing the dark spots on your skin and also the pigmented cells as well as your dead skin cells too. Due to the vitamin C in lemon, it reduces the melanin production of your skin making it light and more bright.
  • Then add two teaspoons of coconut oil to the lemon juice and mix it well.
    Coconut oil is famous natural ingredient as it acts as a moisturising agent that lightens the skin tone as well as reduces the darkening of the skin and also helps in removing dark scars on your skin. Coconut oil is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Hence don’t hesitate in making this formula as it won’t damage your skin or cause any breakouts.
  • After this add two teaspoons of glycerine to the formula in the bowl and mix it well. Glycerin always keeps your skin moisturised as well as hydrated preventing any bad breakouts or dryness to your skin. It helps in maintaining your skin young and also gives a certain glow to your skin. It also reduces acnes and keeps the skin smooth and soft. It is a safe as well as a gentle natural ingredient that can be added to the formula.
  • Then, add three teaspoons of rose water to the mixture and mix it thoroughly. Rose water is a well known natural ingredient which is added to many skin products for its anti-inflammatory property. It also cleanses your skin and helps in lightening your skin. Rose water is also used to remove and control the excess oil on our skin.
  • Finally the last step, you can complete making the skin whitening formula by adding one cup of water to keep it a little diluted and not too concentrated because of the various other ingredients in the formula. Then fill the formula in a clean empty spray bottle. You should also ensure that you don’t use too much of water as it might be too diluted which might not help the formula to actually lighten your skin. Hence add the right amount of water.

How To Use It:

You can use this skin whitening formula at night after you have come home from work. First begin by shaking the spray bottle for a few times and then you can spray it onto your skin whichever body part you want to lighten. Then rub it all over your skin and massage for a few minutes. After this, you can either wash your skin after thirty minutes or even leave it overnight and take a bath in the morning. Leaving it overnight will give you much better and effective results but ensure that you wake up a little early and wash it off. First test it on your hand not see if it actually works and suits your skin and then apply it on your skin wherever you wish to lighten.

This is an effective as well as a simple and easy natural remedy which absolutely helps in lightening and whitening your skin tone. It also helps in making your skin glow and gives you a beautiful flawless skin. Do try this natural remedy as it works really well on your skin and it also gives you the desirable results.

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