Latest Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis

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Here are some examples of beautiful kurti design in collar. Normally the kurtie is found in oval neck, deep neck and even high neck but here are few amazing designer Kurtis which are all based on collar neck design. Which is hardly found but still these are in demand now a days. Women do like the dresses if these are well designer which shows there styles and personality.

As per all such requirements and demand in the market of style these are created. The designs are very beautifully designed and all the concern has been made on the better color choice of it and the suitable ornaments on the prescribed each kurti.  The suitability of any color choice other than prescribed in the image is mentioned and suitability as per the design suggestions are there. It is collar kurti design which is very trendy and unique. This might be very helpful to choose the better one as per your personality and the requirements of the occasion and function that you have to attend.

Trending Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis

1. Collar Kurti With Sharvani Design

Collar Kurti With Sharvan Latest Collar Neck Designs For Kurtisi DesignEarrings: Apala by Sumit
Juttis: Fizzy Goblet
Styled By: Rhea Kapoor

Collar kurti with sharvani design in white with silver strip. It is a very simple and super amazing design as it can be seen in the image. This is basically combination of two styles collar kurti and sharvani look. Which is seen individually as a different outfit but here it is the combination of both.

This design gives really an innocent look to one who wears it. So, as per that accordance the color suitability to it would be something like peach, baby pink, light green etc. Apart of the white color of the same design.

As per the suitability of this design for the occasion is concerned than it would look good in any official meetings or some casual meetings as such. since, it is very comfortable in carrying and gives a stunning look.

2. Shirt Style Kurti

Shirt Style Kurti Latest Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis

Outfit:  Payal Khandwala
Jewelry: Amrapali Jewels
Shoes: Dior
Styled By: Aastha Sharma

This is a shirt style kurti which is in trend among women. They like this design due to it’s causality and formal look.It is comfortable to carry and suits any official occasion. Even if one is in seek to find outfit for office outfit as for normal days than there is no any issue in choosing it. Since, it suits official environment. As it can be seen in the picture above it has a open casual pajama which suits to kurti and completes the  look. It ends up with a half sleeves.

The color choice which has been made in this, other that that any light color like, sky blue, light yellow, peach, orange color would suit this outfit design.It suits the occasion like any official meetings or ordinary outfit for offices.

3. Shirt Collar And Cap Sleeves

Shirt Collar And Cap Sleeves Latest Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis

Outfit: Payal Khandwala
Jewelry: Tachi
Styled By: Eshaa Amiin

Shirt collar and cap sleeves design is a standard one out of all kurtis. It has a some where a shirt look which is why it is named as it and it’s look ends up with open casual pajama in white. This is very amazing outfit which is generally accepted for any of the official ordinary outfit.

So far as it’s color combination on this design is concerned apart of this than these are any hot color like red, violet, royal green etc. But the pajama look ordinarily looks good in white only but one can choose to make any other combination as per the color of kurti. It shall be chosen by those for whom look and comfort matters together. Since, it gives both benefit in this simper and super cute kurti design.

4. Collar Kurti With Shoulder Straight

Collar Kurti With Shoulder Straight Latest Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis

Outfit: Payal Khandwala
Jewelry: Mahesh Notandass
Styled By: Eshaa Amiin

This is collar kurti with shoulder straight, simply it is a royal look among all the kurti designs due to it’s color and cloth texture. It gives an amazing and standard look to one who choose to wear it.

Generally it suits and official meeting since it is very formal look. Even due to it`s cloth texture it can be worn in any function or occasion also. Here is something different with the pajama as compared with any other design. The cloth color and texture is similar to kurti. Which makes it unique and different.

As far as color choice is concerned than other it any light color would suit this design but at the same time it shall be something royal like royal blue or something. It shall be accepted in any occasion or official meetings. It can also be paired with any long ear-rings also.

5. Shirt Collar Kurti With Half Sleeves

Shirt Collar Kurti With Half Sleeves Latest Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis

Outfit: Otouto
Necklace: En Inde Design
Rings: Silverline JewelleryBhavya Ramesh Jewelry
Sandals: Apraji Tatoor Official
Styled By: Sukriti Grover

Shirt collar kurti with half sleeves is a unique beautiful design. Which is unique due to it’s open ending point. Which is simply a combination of two different colors. Basically the final joint in the design in last of the kurti is similar color as of pajami. It is basically something very traditional as classy as per final look. It is accepted by those are seeking for something casual and classy look of kurti and which may suit any occasion and also in ordinarily day to day outfit for office.

As far as color combination for this outfit is concerned than any dark color and light color in the end join would suit it. If the choice color is for official look than it can be a superb choice. It can be choose for any formal occasions.

6. Collar Kurti With Full Sleeves

Collar Kurti With Full Sleeves Latest Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis

Outfit: Mohammed Mazhar
Earrings: Curio Cottage Jewelry
Juttis: Needle Dust
Styled By: Sukriti Grover

This is design of a collar kurti with full sleeves and it somewhere looks like a beautiful gown at the end due to it’s design and umbrella coverage. It is very different from rest due to it’s end coverage in the design. This is something not exactly official but it suit’s any other function or occasion. Due to it’s beautiful umbrella cone design in the end if it.

If the concern goes to color choice than any light color apart of white color would also suit it like sky blue, peach or some color in light like these.Those who are seeking for beautiful design for other than official look than it would suit it. It can be worn in any official meetings also.

7. Collar Kurti Full Sleeves And Lengthy Pajami

Collar Kurti Full Sleeves And Lengthy Pajami Latest Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis

Outfit: Love Birds Studio
Rings: Irasva Jewellery
Styled By: Rhea Kapoor

Collar kurti full sleeves and lengthy pajami is a beautiful design which is a very stunning look as a final touch. This is a unique design due to it’s check design on it. Because generally it is found that the check design is found in shirts but here it is a collar design with check. As far as color choice is concerned than it suits any hot color or dark color like green, royal blue, hot red or anything like that. Here one thing can be found that the design and the color of the pajami is similar to kurti. Which is why it ends up with a attractive look as a final touch.

Now if the concern comes to the occasion than it suits any occasion even the good thing with this is it would suit, if one tends to wear it for day to day outfit look.

8. Collar Kurti With Coaty

Collar Kurti With Coaty Latest Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis

Outfit: Label De Belle
Jewelry:  Minerali Store
Styled By: Style By Sugandha Sood

Collar kurti with coaty is a simple and somewhere a traditional look. It is very fine and classy as a complete outfit. This design is basically unique due to it’s coaty with the color kurti, which has a design something similar with the end of the kurti design. Other than it the right and left side free cloth ending with layers gives it a final look to it.

Now if the concern is color choice than as per the suitability of the design any light color would suit this outfit design like sky blue, light green etc. This outfit can be worn for any ordinary day to day look in the office and other than formal environment it suits any traditional functions also.

9. Collar Kurti With Open Sleeves

Collar Kurti With Open Sleeves Latest Collar Neck Designs For Kurtis

Outfit: Armine Ohanyan Official
Earrings: Aquamarine Jewellery
Ring: Curio Cottage
Sandals: Zara
Styled By: Sayali Vidya

Collar kurti with open sleeves design is very casual design code in kurtis. This is stunning look as it can be seen in the image. It is simply a look which is informal that means it can be worn in any other than official occasions like informal functions i.e, in family.

The cloth choice made in this design is different. Which is why the color combination for this design of kurti shall also be something royal in choice to complete the outfit and give a wonderful final look to it. In this design we can see that there are basically three color combination one is of basic cloth and rest two is of flower design on it. Which is simply very amazing in the final look.

This outfit looks amazing and suits the occasion like any other than than official meetings like family functions or ordinary kitty parties or something as it. Other than it women can support to wear it in any normal days also as if they wish.

These designer collar Kurtis are well paired with suitable ornaments if those were necessary to complete the entire look to give a gorgeous and wonderful look to a woman. Mostly the women demand for the designs in Kurtis which are well designed for any figure i.e, bit fat or thin. Here are the designs for all kinds of figures so, simply they can view it and nicely make a judgement about them self that which collar kurti design would suit there figure and give a final look as per there personality and choice.

The article is created in such a way that women can simply decide better one as per there requirements. Each one are very different in one self. And as it can be seen all are designer Kurtis. Hence, no one needs to be concerned about the final looks of them in the occasion or function they wear it. Simply, it would be helpful for all age groups and different personalities.

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