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Summers are here and we all avoid to go out in the sun but what about the working people? You all have to go out and face the burning sun right. I know you people use scarfs to save yourself from summer wind and burning sun, but it might affect your styling! Well, in that case I have a solution for you people.

You can style your scarf with your outfit. You just have to figure out the right style of the scarf that will suit your outfit and that is it. You will be all set to rock in a comfortable yet smart outfit.

1. The Double Wrap

Well, for this style, you do not have to make any extra effort. Just wrap your scarf twice around your neck and that’s it. You can do this styling on your shirt or a kurti for your workwears. It will not only look stylish, but it will also give a Indo-western look to your outfit.

You can also try a high messy bun with this style of scarf. This is my go to style because it looks smart with out any extra efforts and with in few seconds I get ready with a smart look.

  How To Style A Scarf This Summer (Step by Step)

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2. The French Knot

If you get a sudden client call for a meeting and you are wearing a casual top, do not worry just use your scarf to make it look more professional. You can try french Knot look with your scarf, it will give your more formal and decent look. Trust me this trick is a life savior, I have tried it so many times.

With this scarf, you can add a cotton blazer to give it a complete formal look. You can also use this style, to pop up your daily wear casual outfit.

Image SourceHow To Style A Scarf This Summer (Step by Step)

3. Shrug It Up With Scarf

This style of scarf is a game of knots. All you have to do is to tie the knot properly according to your body and that is it. A simple tank top with this style of shrug looks super cool in summers.

You can also add two french braided tails to make it look more funky and smart. Also, you can pair it up with all your beachwear. It will give you that flowy and more girlish look.

Image SourceHow To Style A Scarf This Summer (Step by Step)

4. The Double Knot

Again this is one of the simplest way to style a scarf with your daily wear casual outfits. You just have to add two simple knots to your scarf around your neck, to make it look more layered and that is it, you are all set to rock the look.

You can try this style when you do not have any neck accessories to add to your look. I love the way how, this styling can change your whole look without much efforts.

Image SourceHow To Style A Scarf This Summer (Step by Step)

5. The Basic Neck Wrap

This is as simple as double wrap style. You just have to loop a long scarf around your neck and tie a half knot at the end to secure it from falling on your shoulders. That’s it! Ihave used this kind of styles with lots of my Indo-western look.

I have paired this style with a tank top and dhoti pants, also I have paired it with a long fit kurti and jeans with a high bun and long earrings. You can try these styles as well as they look awesome almost on everyone.

How To Style A Scarf This Summer (Step by Step)

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So these are my daily go to tips, to create a comfortable yet stylish look with the scarfs, so that I can feel comfortable and yet look stylish at the same time. You can also try these styles as they will not take that much time to create plus they will look great if paired properly.


  • You can also try the combination of prints and plain kurta, for a proper casual college look. You can also wear it to your office, as the scarf will give you a formal look. Apart from all this styling you can also use your scarfs as your headbands. As we all are aware that 90’s fashion is back, so these scarf headbands will look great on your and give you a trendy look.
  • You can also wrap the scarf around your pony, it will give you a cute look, pair it up with ruffled skirt or mom jeans with a graphic t-shirt and shoes and you are all set to move around the city with your friends.
  • If your do not want to wear the scarf but still you want to carry it, with a thought that it, may come in handy then you can simply tie it on your sling bag or hand bag.
  • You can also use a small scarf as your belt, if in case you do not have the belt and you want to wear your loose dress. Just learn to tie a cute knot at the end that is it. You are all set.

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