Dress Shopping Tips for Indian Father of the Bride

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The wedding of his little princess is always a dream for a father. Maybe it is a wedding through which a girl is entering into a new life but that day is equally or we can say more important to her father. For every Bride, her father is the most important person in her life and she wishes that her father also look as good as her at her wedding. Things are changing themselves with the passage of time. Those days are gone when no one noticed that much Bride’s family especially her father in the wedding and Bride’s father himself standing just for fulfilling his duties.

A Bride’s father has to maintain his class for that he should take care of his looks. You may get familiar with topics related to Bride and Groom’s attire but nowadays the whole family’s dress-up became a new fashion during the wedding. Now, the Fashion industry also highlights and attracts us with new attires for Bride’s father. Indian weddings are rich in culture and mostly we also prefer to wear traditional bedizen in marriages. Here we suggest you some brands from whom you can either purchase dresses for Bride’s father or you can take designs and can give them for stitching.

Manayvar, Kalki fashion, Anita Dongre, Mohe, and many others are brands in India that designs beautiful accoutre for weddings. Maybe you have so many articles and videos based on Groom and Bride’s attire but today we will discuss dress shopping tips for one of the most important people in the wedding, the Bride’s father.

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Fashion tips & inspiration for the father of the bride

1. Bride’s Father should dress well

It becomes difficult to choose a dress especially when you are going to wear that one at your princess’s wedding. There are plenty of wedding costumes are available for Bride’s father in the market but you have to choose which dress is going perfectly with your looks and size. Accessories with sherwani, Kurta Pajama, Dhoti kurta rocks nowadays.

The bride’s father can also look dashing and substantial by using accessories with his attire. But yes, he should check them already with his dress. Sometimes, Jewellery does not suit everyone.

2. Be focused to choose a shop

Shopping for special occasions always puts us in confusion about what to buy and where we should go to get the best outfit for the best times of life. To solve this huge problem you have to be a little choosy and have to spend some time over it. It’s hard to choose a shop and make a plan of what to buy when it comes to Indian wedding shopping. Normally, it does not clear in our mind what we have to wear or nowadays which fashion is in trend. You do not get a trendy dress for Bride’s Father easily in the traditional market until you are sure what you are going to wear.

So, we suggest you go with online shopping but yes if your city has showrooms of brands who make attires related to weddings then don’t forget to check them out.

3. Manage group and time to shop

The bride’s father should go shopping around six months before the wedding. There are plenty of things which have to be done during the wedding and he will not get time to have look upon his dress. Bride’s father should go shopping with a small group and with those people who can give him honest reviews regarding his attire so that he can buy the best outfit for him. If you are going with the local market then you should have been done research about that shop.

You can also check them online as most offline shops don’t go with fashion flow. Yeah!! He should not go with everyone’s views otherwise he might not be able to fulfill his own expectation regarding his dress.

4. Budget

A small term that somehow always becomes an obstacle in our dreams and may influence Bride’s father’s dress too. But yes with some tips he can dress as nicely as he wants to do. Firstly, he should determine his budget. Style or which kind of dress is he going to wear should be already cleared in his mind, this will help him to find a relevant range of expense. If his selected costume is costly or not affordable to purchase then he can also hire a good tailor for him to stitch a fabulous dress. Somehow, if he is not even able to purchase or hire a tailor for himself, he can also contact some nearby boutiques to manage clothes on rent.

These days wearing dresses on rent is kinda profitable.

5. Theme

Make sure Bride’s father will wear a dress that coordinates with the wedding theme. Otherwise, his dress will make him feel odd out and uncomfortable. Nowadays, the theme is trending, you have seen many weddings having different-different themes. So, when a theme unites a family, he should look like one of the most handsome men. But the bad thing is that you will not get easily theme-based dresses, so maybe have to go for an experienced/familiar tailor.

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6. Don’t stick on one dress

Many kinds of fashionable dresses are already available in the market, so we suggest you not to stuck in one dress. Surely, he must have an idea which dress is he has to wear at the wedding but he should try on everything if he has time. When Bride’s father goes shopping, he should try every dress which matches the idea in his mind, take some pictures of himself in those dresses.

These pictures will help him to find the exact dream/expected attire.

7. Nowadays styles

We will try to suggest to you some styles which are rocking today’s weddings and we wish they will help you to find your ideal dress. Recently, Indo-western wedding dresses have raised a new fashion limit. A fusion of western and Indian culture makes dresses even more attractive. Bride’s father should have looked upon dresses like “Elegant sherwanis”, “Bandhgala”, “wedding suits”, “Nehru jacket, kurta and pants”, “Gold wire embroidered sherwanis”, ”Printed sherwanis”, ”Multicoloured kurta- pajama” there are many more adorable dresses you can check them out too.

We wish these some points will help Bride’s father to choose a dream dress for his princess’s wedding.

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