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Indian Bridal Dupatta: Drape It In Style

Pretty In Pink
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The wedding season in India is the hottest and most happening season as it brings along a hell of a lot of excitement, preparations, and joy among both the bride and groom’s families and friends. Talking specifically about girls, their Wedding is the most special and auspicious occasion in her life. A bride’s obviously excited to dress up for her big day and look like the absolute queen that she is.

This involves a lot of research, shopping, preparations, and time. Out of everything, the outfit of the bride is chosen after a lot of market hopping and discussions. Brides in India usually wear a lehenga or saree as per traditions at their wedding. The outfit’s usually red in color due to its auspicious significance.  Here in this article, we have listed down a few Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles and how you can make it in style.

Feel free to look up and find your inspiration on how you’d like to drape your dupatta on your big day!

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Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles

Patch Me Up

Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles Patch Me Up
Image Source: Baussy Beauty

As the name suggests, the patchwork of this dupatta is to die for. The dupatta here is again sheer with the prettiest patchwork. Its mirror work with white borders. Pair it up with your lehenga to slay!

That Pink Glow

Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles That Pink Glow
Image Source: Rushi Gole Photography

If you’re choosing to go all pink on your wedding day, then this inspiration is for you. The dupatta here is as beautiful as the lehenga itself. It is sheer with a very minimal design at the borders. Perfect to give you that wedding glow!

Red Sheer Dupatta

Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles Red Sheer Dupatta
Image Source: Tanya

If you are skeptical about choosing white for your big day and wish to stick to the usual red then you could pair up your lehenga with this beautiful red sheer dupatta with glasswork at its border. You could choose the dupatta in accordance with the lehenga you choose to wear.

The Jaipuri Print Dupatta

Indian Bridal Dupatta StylesThe Jaipuri Print Dupatta
Image Source: Shradha Luthra

Now if you’re a bride from Jaipur or you are obsessed with the city’s Jaipuri prints then you could look up to this style. The print is the basic horizontal lines drawn with silver work on top of them. You could wear it covering your head from the back and slay at your wedding!

Color Me All Red

Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles Color Me All Red
Image Source: Shradha Luthra

Velvet lehengas are a perfect choice if you are planning to get married in winter. It keeps you warm to an extent and also keeps you in fashion. This dark red velvet lehenga seems to have come straight out of a dream! The dupatta is red sheer with a design on its borders matching with the print of the lehenga. It has been draped from the front and then onto the head at the back.

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Pastel Season

Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles Pastel Season
Image Source: Akriti By Ritika and Shakun

Now if you wish to ditch the usual red and pink that brides all over India usually choose for their wedding then the pastel colors are in trend these days. This peachy shade lehenga looks absolutely stunning with all the patterns on top of it. The net dupatta compliments the entire outfit perfectly!

Pretty Patterns

Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles
Image Source: Anshikaaggarwal

The vivid mixture of patterns and colors here is all for the wins. The dupatta is of dark pink color with designs on top of it that are complimenting the lehenga. The dupatta has been placed over the shoulders here instead of the usual head drape.

Shine Bright In Red

Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles Shine Bright In Red
Image Source: Makeup by Rhea Nagpal

Seems like red has become the color of the wedding season. A yet another net dupatta with embroidery on top of it as well as on the borders. The mix and match of colors here of the outfit and jewelry are quite interesting – the red outfit has been paired up with green and gold jewelry.

Tangy Net Dupatta

Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles Tangy Net Dupatta
Image Source: Chitra Banerjee

Orange is now a very pretty color but then not every bride decides to wear an orange outfit on their big day but like – Look at this lehenga set! It looks ethereal. The dupatta is a shade lighter than the lehenga and choli with blue borders. Blue and orange go together like bread and jam.

Pretty In Pink

Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles Pretty In Pink
Image Source: Delhi Velvet

Pink is one color that is always going to make your outfit stand out and look pretty. This entire set is here to fulfill your big fat wedding dreams. The pink dupatta is netted and has floral designs on it and we are all here for it!

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Rebel In Red

Rebel In Red
Image Source: Hania Aamir

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to feel like in this set – like a rebel who’s all set to kick start a new journey of her life. The entire fit is red with golden embroidery on top of it. The dupatta has been put over the hands where you have to hold it to not let it fall off.

Maroon Lehenga Set

Maroon Lehenga Set
Image Source: Ritika Kadam Hair Artist

The maroon color definitely signifies royalty and simplicity and if that’s what you’re looking for then this is your color for this wedding! The dupatta here has been tucked inside a belt-like thing that actually can prevent it from falling off.

Lady In Maroon

Lady In Maroon


Image Source: Gurman Photography and Films

This set is a combination of maroon and baby pink. The lehenga choli here is maroon and the dupatta is baby pink in color and is netted along with the velvet maroon border that compliments the set.

The Mirror Work Dupatta

Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles The Mirror Work Dupatta
Image Source: Makeup Priyanka Aggarwal

I’d say this entire outfit would look pretty pale and simple if the small mirror work on top of it is removed. So the small mirror work is what is adding all the glam to this look. The dupatta seems to be chiffon red with similar mirror work.

Red Bridal Outfit

Red Bridal Outfit
Image Source: Olivia Anugraha

Red definitely outnumbers all the other colors during the wedding season. A yet another red fit. The dupatta here is again netted with a very pretty border design.

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Bridal Glam

Bridal Glam


Image Source: Olivia Anugraha

The color of this set is somewhere between red and pink or say what you’ll get when you mix these two colors. The accessories here are for a win. The dupatta has been draped simply over the shoulder.

Mix And Match

Mix And Match
Image Source: Shahid Naar

This fit is a combination of green and red. The dupatta again has been draped at one side over the shoulder. You could add on green jewelry as shown here and also if you want to add on uber coolness to your entire look then ditch the traditional jutis and go for shoe queen!

Green And Red Lehenga Set

Green And Red Lehenga Set
Image Source: Zero Gravity Photography Mumbai

I honestly love when you combine red and green together. Both these colors scream out ethnicity and royalty! The dupatta here is draped over the shoulders making it look as if you’ve worn a saree.

The Sheer Dupatta

Indian Bridal Dupatta Styles The Sheer Dupatta
Image Source: Tanya

Sheer dupattas can never go out of style and here’s the proof! This gorgeous set of red velvet lehenga has been paired with this white sheer dupatta with a red border. I love how the dupatta gives a modern touch to this entire outfit.

So that’s a wrap on this article. We hope you could find both fit and dupatta inspirations out of the options we listed out for you. Wedding season’s here and so is the most rocking bride ever and that is you! So go out there and slay on your big day queen!

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