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Are you looking for bridal back hand mehndi designs? Here are easy backhand full mehndi designs for brides.

The foremost important part of the outfit of a bride is the mehendi designs on her hand and legs. Every bride’s wish is to wear a unique as well as a beautiful mehendi design for her wedding, the most important day of her life. Applying Mehendi designs has been going on in Indian weddings for years now. It has become a tradition eventually. Every tradition has its hidden meaning, mehendi is applied to every bride to relieve her of the stress and tension as henna is best known for its cooling the nerve ending of the body when applied in hands and legs. As soon as the wedding season starts each year, we hunt for the latest bridal mehendi designs and the saree collections and many more.

Weddings are the most eagerly awaited events, as it’s time to celebrate and bring families together. The brides especially show a keen interest in shopping for trendy apparel and accessories. Culture and tradition are an integral part of Indian marriages. All the folks keenly participate in the mehndi ceremony for the bride and bridegroom. It’s extremely popular among the ladies who don’t fail in showcasing their art through Instagram stories and Facebook pictures. The ladies flaunt their Arabic, Indian, Moroccan, Minimalist, Rajasthani, designs with their matching and elegant saris and lehengas. Mehndi displays magical florals, chains, mazes, dots and vines interwoven charmingly into a piece of art. The mehndi is also worn on occasions like Holi, Lohri, and Raksha Bandhan which signifies its prominence of it. Colored and glitter mehndi is the latest addition. It symbolizes the bride’s love and affection for the husband through the art.  There are selected bridal backhand mehendi designs from Neeta Desai Sharma just for you in this article.

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Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Designs

1. Exquisite Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Exquisite Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Mehndi is an adornment for the new brides which defines their personality. It offers them a sense of modernity and culture that describes their dreams and desires. The squares design with dots within seems to originate out of dreamland. The patterns on the fingers are beautifully woven into threads. Flowers and interlaced lines on the back of the hand look ravishing and angelic. Mehndi has become an essential part of mood and festivities. Beautiful nails complement the overall patterns decorated on the hand. The printed bridal outfit will balance the bewitching patterns and the bride is bound to get praised by her friends. 

2. Elegant Leaf Backhand Mehndi Designs

Elegant Leaf Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

The brides excitedly wait for the marriages to fulfill their wish of adorning their hands with Mehndi. The best sort out professional is invited to complete their wish, who are proficient in the field. They meticulously use their magic wand and fill their hands and feet with magical patterns. The bridal look is incomplete without adorning mehndi. The back of the hand is intricately filled with small leaves, parallel running lines on the side of the hand, boxes with dots and chain-like arrangements. The finger ends are locked in closed knit curved chains engulfing the look. Ravishing bridal yellow lehenga blends beautifully with sophisticated mehndi designs.

3. Grand Marbled Backhand Mehndi Designs

Grand Marbled Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Mehndi is the staple ingredient of marriages that offer panache, and style to the mood. It weaves everyone into it and adds color and fun to its best. The design at the back of the hand is prudently entwined into lines and chain-like patterns with intermittent leaves attached to it. The circular flower-like patterns are enclosed within thin mesh-like lines. The palms are adorned with mazes on either side of the hand and fingers gently locked in soft nets of tiny circles, dots, and squares. The design has a fusion of modernity and rustiness which enhances the beauty of the bride on the wedding day. The attractive nails enhance the entire art, which is meticulously designed. Beautiful red or yellow lehengas, or embellished saris are a perfect match with the mehndi.

4. Entrancing Labyrinth Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Entrancing Labyrinth Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

The native Indians like nature especially florals, leaves, blossoms that depict life. Festivities like Diwali, Dussehra, Holi are about celebrating life. Mehndi is an old art that has found its place in the wedding and festive seasons. Art expresses innate feeling and desires through intricate forms and patterns. The design is beautifully blended into art with tiny flowers arranged across the palms in between charmingly woven mesh of leaves. The square patterns enclose miniature dots with the ends deeply woven into vast shrines adorned with multiple discs. Bridal Benarasi lehenga teamed with a golden jhumkas humans will enhance the look.  

5. Stunning Fusion Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Stunning Fusion Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Mehndi is an art form that has created a special niche for itself among women. The art blends of Indian, Arabic, Moroccan cultures are reflected in the subtle and elusive patterns and shapes. The design on the fingers is entwined within a delicate line of leaves closed within circular chains at the ends. The discs on the palm are intricately decorated with flowery boxes and leafy vines. The wrist is diligently fenced with tiny meshes of outlines running around in a circular style.  Below is beautiful loops floating in the blocks of designs and engulfed by a curvy meshed line. Attractively embroidered lehenga or saris with golden and silver lining will well match the mehndi. However, a beautiful smile too will be topping.

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6. Bordered Flowery Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Bordered Flowery Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Indian women love beautifying themselves elegantly during parties, festivities, and weddings. Mehndi is one of them. The fingers are neatly woven into circular threads in the form of rings. Palm is gorgeously adorned with a blanket of flowers bordered with a maze of petals. Circular chains enclose the elegant piece together. Overall stunning curvy lines decorate the hand which leaves the entire art stunningly masterpiece. The glittering nails are the icing on the tops which perch like proud shrines. The design on the hand will look stunning with deeply brocade lehengas or Kanchipuram saris. The bride will radiate beauty adorning the matching jhumkas, and bangle with the attire.

7. Rajasthani Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Rajasthani Bridal Back Hand Mehndi

Rajasthani weddings are about exotic pomp, culture, tradition, food, and color. Weddings are incomplete without the Mehndi. The stunning brides are adorned meticulously with the art on their legs, feet, and hands. The designs on their hands exhibit a fusion of splendor and custom. The fingers are stunningly enclosed with thin meshes, with tips surrounded by rings of curvy lines. The palm is decorated with spectacular spherical and curvaceous patterns meshed alongside thin lines. Exquisite alleys of leaves and meshes interlock the entire hand. Kanchipuram saris, embellished vibrant floral lehengas, and tops accessorized with jhumkas, and bangles, and maang tikka will perfectly match the occasion.

8. Magnificent Floral Entwined Back Hand Design

Magnificent Floral Entwined Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Mehndi is an art form that magnificently radiates inner feelings and emotion. They have evolved into ecstatic and extravagant designs with a need to gratify women’s preferences. The fingers are locked attractively under a blanket of dots and slanting lines. Palms display an interplay of flowers and leaves amidst the thin mesh of gorgeous lines. The hands are immersed in checkered leaves guarding the dots within. The neat interlace of vines and flowers displays the detail and diligence of the artist. A jeweled maang tikka, earrings, and a matching necklace is the flawless combination with sequin embellished lehenga and sari to illuminate the bride. 

9. Bridal Classic Lotus Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Bridal Classic Lotus Back Hand Design

Mehndi is an ornament adorned by women to express their love for elegance and style. Elaborate patterns have evolved over the year to gratify the tastes of the ideal Indian bride. The fingers are stunningly interlaced in a chain of tiny rings. The Lotus at the center is gracefully immersed in a sea surrounded by a beautiful tiny maze of outlines. The entire hand is meticulously adorned with criss-cross lines, floral, and ting meshes depicting mystery and magnificence. A pair of flowery jhumkas, a matching maang tikka, and a necklace are perfect with a beautiful laced sari.

10. Graceful Chain Leaves Mehndi Design

Graceful Chain Leaves Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Women are lovers of style and culture. They give a lot of attention to detail and fashion which is exhibited in their choice of apparel and accessories. Their fondness for Mehndi has created a market for elaborate designs and patterns. The fingers are beautifully woven with unique lines, floral patterns. A minute train of leaves passes along the palm surrounded by a sea of vivid interwoven curvy lines, flowers, and mazes. The gorgeous red nails balance the overall design. Beautiful Kanchipuram saris or handcrafted lehengas with jhumkas, matching earrings, necklaces, and bangles are perfect for a wedding.

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11. Mystifying Vines Bridal Design

Mystifying Vines Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Women are lovers of art and culture. Their exuberance is reflected in their choice of apparel, jewelry which has created a market for the latest trends and fashion. Mehndi is the most quintessential art during the wedding season which brides keenly immerse themselves.  The mystifying vines on the fingers are breathtaking. They are beautifully crowned with loops of diverse patterns. Circular allays of leaves, bold lines, engulf the hand intricately like a hand-woven glove. The design can be paired with a beautiful, printed, or brocade lehenga and a vibrant top. The look can be accessorized with golden earrings, and matching green and blue neckpieces.   

12. Charming Rose  Bridal design

Charming Rose  Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Weddings are the season’s best time of the year as it’s time to go shopping. The brides take the utmost pride in selecting their dream outfits for the marriage. Mehndi is an integral part of their adornment as it shows cases their love for their husband. The design on the fingers is enclosed delicately with flowery nets. The lovely rose is perched in the sea of tiny outlines and mazes. The hand is intricately decorated with floral, squares, spots, lines, and loops. Pink nails enhance the look. Silk Kanchipuram saris or floral embroidery lehengas with matching earrings, and the necklace is a perfect way to enhance the look.

13. Mystifying Jewel Bridal Design

Mystifying Jewel Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

The hand is beautifully adorned with chain flowers framed against a mogul window. The borders are intricately woven into thin patterns. Fingers are locked with thin leafy wires stunningly hanging from above. The hand is immersed with floral patterns and interwoven within by tiny meshes. Two beautiful roses are framed picturesquely around mysterious labyrinths. The design will surely wow the bride who is prepared to impress her husband. Shiny sequin lehengas, with similar earrings and necklaces, will get the attention of her friends. The bride is bound to frame the art in her Instagram profile.   

14. Flowery Net Bridal Design

Flowery Net Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Instagram stories and hashtags have become the latest hubs for fashion. Artists don’t fail to surprise the folks with the newest trends in genres of apparel, jewelry, bridal mehndi, and nail art. Ladies drool over the unique bridal mehndi designs and don’t fail to experiment. The fingers are gently entwined with vines, and enclosed with stunning rings. The floral net is classily submerged in the curvy outlines interwoven intricately. The hand is stunningly decorated with circular nets forming a web with intricate curls. A vibrant netted lehenga with matching metallic earrings and necklace is the USP for the wedding.


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Indo-Arabic Mehandi Design

Indo-Arabic Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Indo-Arabic designs are combinations of the bold lines and the significant spaces in the Arabic style and the intricate designs of the Indian mehendi style. It is one of the most wanted types of mehendi design by the brides. It is famous for the beautiful bold lines and the spaces between the intricate mehendi designs which make each pattern highlighted and outstanding. This design is known for the elegance and uniqueness created by the bold lines separating each pattern from one and another. The mehendi design above is one of the latest bridal backhand  mehendi designs. It is composed of intricate chequered, highlighting dots, leaves and  floral patterns which allow the design to be beautiful and elegant in a way. This design has the complexity of the Indian mehendi designs as well as the simplicity and the uniqueness of the Arabic mehendi designs. Try this mehendi design if you are looking for an Indo-Arabic mehendi design.

Leafy Motif Mehandi Design

Leafy Motif Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Leafy motif mehendi designs are as famous as the paisley mehendi designs but eventually, they have started to be one of the favorites of many young girls. Leafy motif mehendi designs are the henna designs which are mainly composed of leaf patterns. This mehendi design usually represents the importance of nature and trees in our culture. The mehendi design above is mostly composed of chequered patterns mainly formed by the leaves instead of lines. It makes the leaves look like grapevines. This leafy motif mehendi design is known for its simplicity and border designs. Border designs are trendy as well as considered to be modern mehendi designs. They make the whole mehendi design look stylish and simple. Don’t be confused if you want to apply a leafy motif mehendi design for your wedding, just apply it as it is gonna look beautiful in your hands.

 Indo-Western Mehandi Design

Indo-Western Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Just like Indo-Arabic, Indo- western is also a fusion but it is a fusion of the Indian and Western or contemporary mehendi designs. Indo-Western designs are applied nowadays by many brides. It is one of the common types of mehendi design but it is loved almost by every bride. The mehendi design above is one of the best Indo-Western mehendi designs as it is different and graceful in its way. It is composed of floral, chequered, mandala and dome patterns. It consists of the intricate patterns of the Indian mehendi design and the western and unique patterns of the western or contemporary mehendi design. This mehendi design also has a border design with intricate patterns on the forearm which makes it look like Indian accessorizing. The spaces between several patterns and the dots help in highlighting and making each pattern stand out from one another. If you are looking for an Indo-Western mehendi design, do try this as it will offer a different and modern look to your hand.

 Pakistani Mehandi Design

Pakistani Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Pakistani mehendi designs are known for traditionally representing their culture through mehendi designs. These designs mainly focus on patterns such as mandalas, domes, leafy motifs and doors of mosque. Though these designs represent their origin, they are loved by many brides regardless of their origin. It is a well-known type of mehendi design which is traditional and appealing in nature. The mehendi design above is one of the best Pakistani designs that is composed of dome patterns with intricate designs, paisley patterns, leafy motifs, and border designs. The domes and the leafy motifs are the main patterns that make the above design as a Pakistani bridal backhand mehendi design. If you are the bride hunting for a good Pakistani mehendi design, do go for this design. It will be like magic in your hands.

 Multi-Origin Mehandi Design

Multi-Origin Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Multi-Origin mehendi design is a fusion of various henna designs from different origins and regions. This is a unique and new type of mehendi design which is an elegant and sophisticated style. The mehendi design above is mainly composed of floral pattern like Indian mehendi design, leafy motif and dome patterns with intricate design like Pakistani mehendi design, diamond patterns of the Moroccan mehendi design and bold line and fine spaces which highlight the other patterns like those in Arabic mehendi designs. This mehendi design has border designs with intricate patterns which is classy and magnificent in style. It has a complexity, uniqueness and simplicity at the same time which takes the mehendi design to a whole new level. If you are searching for something new and different type of mehendi design, then this the the perfect design for you.

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 Floral And Leafy Motif Indian Mehandi Design

The floral and leafy motif mehendi design is beautiful and just amazing in its every aspect. Its common among brides and many young girls to apply floral or leafy or a fusion of both motifs to the hand but it never loses its love from many brides. It is ravishing and has never lost in being in trend these days. The mehendi design above is mainly composed of floral patterns in the forearm and leafy motifs on the back hand. It is one the famous and trendy floral and leafy motif Indian mehendi design. The bold leafy motifs of the design are absolutely elegant and fashionable too. At the same time, it is also a common traditional bridal backhand mehendi design. If you want a traditional mehendi look on your hands for your special day, do opt for the above design as it would be flawless on your hands.

Arabic Mehandi Design

Arabic Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

The Arabic mehendi design is best known for its bold lines and fine spaces between the patterns in its design which makes each pattern stand out from each other. The mehendi design above is one of the traditional and alluring designs which is defined by its leafy motifs and border designs with intricate pattern on the forehand. It is truly composed of leafy patterns in a trail on the fingers, chequered pattern and border designs with intricate designs too. It is known for its simplicity and the organised and defined patterns in the mehendi design. If you are looking for a new and trendy Arabic design, then this is it. It is a perfect choice of Arabic design for adding to your bridal beauty.

 Punjabi Mehandi Design

Punjabi Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Punjabi mehendi designs are famous for their intricate and bold patterns of the henna design which is really pretty and attractive. It is one of the heavily worked type of mehendi design which is desired by many brides and young women in India. The mehendi design above mostly consists of lines and intricate patterns and also intricate leafy and floral motifs which make the mehendi design look even more appealing and different from others. It also has chequered and dots in the form of chain patterns. Do try this mehendi design if you want a good looking as well as trnsdy and latest type of bridal punjabi mehendi design.

 Indian Mehandi Design

Indian Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Indian mehendi designs are known for their intricate heavily worked henna designs. It is a type of henna design which is applied by many brides all over India. The Indian mehendi design above is an amazing and intricately worked mehendi design. It is a new Indian mehendi design of 2021 and it mainly consists of paisleys, floral motifs, dots that form design and border patterns which are almost as pristine as it could ever be. This floral motif henna design is just ideal if you are hunting the internet or pinterest or instagram for Indian mehendi design. Indian mehendi design are the favourites of many brides.

 Chequered Mehandi Design

Chequered Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Chequered mehendi design is a design which looks like an even woven pattern of diamonds with intricate design in henna. It gives a smooth, geometric as well as a lovely expression on the hands. It is one of a familiar mehendi design. The chequered mehendi design above mainly consists of the chequered pattern with intricate design, floral and border designs which makes the bridal backhand mehendi design look contemporary as well as ravishing.This is a mehendi design which is latest and famous nowadays. It is not a complicated design as such but its simplicity gives a certain level of elegance and artistry to it. If you are looking for a chequered bridal backhand mehendi design, then do try this as it is the perfect and ideal design for you.

 Floral Indian Mehandi Design

Floral Indian Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Bridal backhand mehendi designs are what mainly brides search for as they want their backhand design to look as perfect as the front hand design. Floral motif Indian mehendi designs are becoming the favourites by many young girls and brides these days. Even these designs are the most common among the other designs. The mehendi design above consists of leafy motifs in a trail,floral motifs, chequered pattern and some intricate patterns and designs among them. This is a latest Indian mehendi design. Don’t hesitate to pick this Indian mehendi design, this is just one of the best Indian henna design.

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 Floral And Leafy Motif Arabic Design

Floral And Leafy Motif Arabic Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Floral and leafy motif Arabic mehendi design is mehendi design which is known for the floral and leafy patterns which stand out with the help of bold lines and spaces in between the patterns. These designs are admired and loved by almost everyone in India as well as the other regions. It is a traditional design which is applied to appreciate the beauty and significance of nature. The mehendi design above mostly consists of floral and leafy patterns in a trail and also chequered pattern defined by thin lines and each check pattern has a flower design. If you are ever planning to apply a floral and leafy motifs Arabic design as it is the latest and a ravishing henna design.

The fusion of Indian and Arabic design in Mehndi has beautifully brought the cultures together. Mehndi has developed into an art form that testimony of the marriage of bride and bridegroom. It has evolved itself from modest even circular patterns to intricate and complex designs with ease to gratify the tastes of the women folks and young girls. Arabic, Moroccan, Rajasthan, Indian, design boasts of elegance and style. Women take great pride in flaunting their art on social media platforms. One can pair their mehndi with vibrant lehengas, sequined saris, and Kurtis to look dapper in marriages, parties, or festivals. The common and popular designs are Dulha Dulhan motifs, Mirror works, Lotus and Rose patterns, and Animal patterns. Mehndi has become synonymous with festivity. 

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These are the few bridal backhand mehendi design ideas. If you are the bride, then go for the latest 2021 mehendi designs. These are the best mehendi designs of 2021 so far.

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