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Mehendi designs for Feet 2021

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Any festival be it big or small is absolutely incomplete without mehndi which is the favorite thing among women across the globe and it would be fair to say that it unites them in a close knit bond. The attractiveness of a simple Mehndi design can’t be expressed through words because simple words won’t suffice the beauty of it. It includes different elements in various shapes, sizes and colors but are extraordinarily beautiful and loved by all. We are here to add feathers to your collection of mehndi look book with Mehndi designs for Feet.

Foot Mehndi designs have gained immense popularity specially among the brides to be. They are open to experiments and don’t want to limit the beauty of this art only to their hands. The simple and easy mehndi designs on your feet give you a satisfying and pleasant feeling and often enhance the beauty of the feet. The proper use of space and elements which suit the feet definitely requires a skill and is not easy to do. So, to lower that burden we have some of the best mehndi designs for your foot from Mufiidah Peero which you should definitely try out this season.

Mehendi designs for Feet

1. Flowers and Leaves

Flowers and Leaves Mehendi designs for Feet

If you think mehndi designs on the front side of the foot is too mainstream then how about a design on the back which is uncommon but you can make it popular by indulging in something unique. You can create floral motifs which are the highlighting points of the mehndi design along with creating shading effect. Complement those flowers with leaves and complete this beautiful design.

2. Swirling around with Roses

Swirling around with Roses Mehendi designs for Feet

Roses have become common in the modern mehndi designs that we apply today. It is not usually created with perfection but created in a different manner represented here with thick lines. You can also create different flowers and add the shading effect and draw bold patterned leaves along with thin strokes of circular patterns or as we call it swirls.

3. Bold and Filled-up Designs

Bold and Filled-up Mehendi designs for Feet

If you want to opt for a simple pattern which is hassle free and less time taking but still want to make it worth it then you can choose this simple design. It just uses a simple floral motif with thick strokes at its border and the insides are filled up with light shading and create filled up leaves design along with the flowers which cover the feet partially. Choose this partially fulfilled design if you want something simple and sober.

4. Half Foot Designs

Half Foot Mehendi designs for Feet

You don’t have to completely cover your foot with mehndi designs instead you can choose to keep it bare by covering it with intricate designs on the fingers with circular swirls of thin strokes and filled up tear drop motifs. After this you can create two different floral motifs on different foot just like this design.

5. Intricate side Mehndi

Intricate side Mehendi designs for Feet

If you don’t like too much mehndi on your foot then you can opt for this lovely side foot design which has a similar design through out but is beautifully crafted with an eye for the little details. You just need a little bit of patience so that this design can turn out to be so beautiful.

6. Floral Affair on side Foot

Floral Affair on side Foot Mehendi designs for Feet

Modernization has taken a toll on our daily lifestyle where we incorporate these in the small details of our life. The mehndi designs used earlier have changed over time and we have come across various flowers in a little bit of modish manner. You can create this elaborate design using flowers, leaves of thick strokes along with the shading effect.

7. Peacock Leaves

Peacock Leaves Mehendi designs for Feet

Simplicity is elegance. Less is more and it speaks volume in itself. We have been fascinated by peacock leaves since a long time and it has always charmed us. So, you can use those peacock leaves as inspiration in your design in a spiral manner by adding different elements which complement the focal point of the design.

8. Dotted design

Dotted Mehendi designs for Feet

When we talk of dots in mehndi design you might think of it as simple small elements which are used to give a final touch but what if you don’t use them just to give a final touch and they are the highlighting points of your entire mehndi design which is depicted through this design. This design appears pleasant and is simple to use as well.

9. Playing with Bigger Elements

Playing with Bigger Elements Mehendi designs for Feet

Surely women love intricate and small details in their mehndi designs but sometimes putting in so much effort when you have little time can turn out to be a mess. Hence you can use bigger elements like these flowers along with simple dots and leaves and create a magnificent design.

10. Emphasize on Small Details

Emphasize on Small Details Mehendi designs for Feet

The more you utilize your creative imagination, the more the stunning designs turn out to be. With simple modifications you can give the traditional designs a completely modern appearance. Here the artist has used circular swirls along with roses and created a shading effect which is perfect for a side foot design.

11. The Beauty of Bold Strokes

The Beauty of Bold Strokes Mehendi designs for Feet

The distinguishing feature of foot mehndi design is that you can blend it well with the hands .If you want to create a fuller appearance while using simple and minimum elements then you can choose this design where the use of bold strokes is the best thing about it which is extraordinary but equally appealing.

12. Netted Flower Figures

Netted Flower Figures Mehendi designs for Feet

The jaala design or the netted figures is a very common element and can be used along with different elements. It is a simple pattern which is visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing as well. It definitely distinguishes you from the crowd and makes you stand out.

13. Filled up Bold Designs

Filled up Bold Mehendi designs for Feet

Usually filled up bold designs in the form of thick and dark strokes are not preferred since women think it takes away the attention and does not have much options when we narrow down the choices. However here’s a design for you which can definitely be an inspiration for you all with its simplicity and elegance so, do try it out.

14. Intricate Side Florals

Intricate Side Florals Mehendi designs for Feet

There’s no proper definition for creativity and it has endless outcomes when it comes to adorning different mehndi designs. The floral designs are never really outdated and can be termed as a timeless classic. You can go for the intricate floral designs on your side feet and keep the front side bare.

15. Complement your Hands

Complement your Hands Mehendi designs for Feet

When you have a full hand proper Bollywood style mehndi design then you ought to have something equally beautiful to complement those hands. However if you don’t wish to go overboard with the designs then you can choose this design. Neither too simple nor too gorgeous you can keep it bare yet cover it all the way from foot to legs this way.

16. Minimalist Flowers

Minimalist Flowers Mehendi designs for Feet

While women love gorgeous and elaborate designs there are some of us who love to keep it minimum yet classy. You can go for this design which is absolutely simple and less time taking. You don’t have to spend hours choosing for the perfect fit, because you can go for these simple designs easily.

17. Jaala Design

Jaala Design Mehendi designs for Feet

If as a bride you want to adorn your feet then the jaala design is the most preferred one by all. Here the jaala design is more like a checkered design along with the flowers which is something unique and extra ordinary which is a bit different from what we have come across all along and would love to try it out.

18. Walk along with Flowers

Walk along with Flowers Mehendi designs for Feet

Mehndi designs are considered auspicious for a bride so begin your bridal journey by walking along with flowers. This design oozes gorgeousness and charm out of it with the use of thick strokes all along which make your feet look pretty and can be definitely be a show stealer.

19. Moroccan Design

Moroccan Mehendi designs for Feet

The mehndi artist has done a tremendous job and we can’t help but stare in awe of this design which is absolutely breath-taking. For all the brides out there make sure to bookmark this design in your collection and take a note of how this artist has combined different small designs and inculcated them in a beautiful manner.

20. Elaborate Full Mehndi design

Elaborate Full Mehendi designs for Feet

With different types of Mehndi design in the market like Arabic, Khafif and others you can go for a refreshing and modern look on your full foot mehndi design and choose this for your bridal design. It has simple elements which can be easily created but what makes it worth it is the little details that has been crafted with unconditional love.

The conventional designs have its own charm while the modern touch to those conventional designs adds a golden feather to it. Mehndi is one such art which never ceases to amaze us with its simple beauty and the appearance exemplifies the same. The mehndi designs for feet are exceptionally wonderful and are even considered auspicious as it signifies the contact where the earth and feet get together. More or less you get ample amount of space to let out those creative designs. So, grab that mehndi cone and gear up this bridal season with these beautiful and amazing designs.

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