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Unique Feet Mehndi Designs for Indian Women 2023

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Unique Feet Mehndi Designs for stylish look!

Since ages, Mehndi holds a great cultural significance in Indian traditions. All the year round, calendar is filled with festivals and weddings that are incomplete without Mehndi. Modern trends have revolutionized the mehndi designs and styles. Brides and newly weds apply henna at various occasions like, Teej and Karwa Chauth, during the first few years of marriage. Mehndi Ceremony is the most celebrated Indian pre-wedding ritual. Bride and women of the family apply Mehndi and enjoy dance and feasting.

Henna or Mehndi is also known worldwide for its medicinal properties. In early times, it was used as a cosmetic due to its therapeutic features. It’s usage has now expanded to the West, where it is used as a tattoo or body art. Feet Mehndi designs have evolved with latest trends. Now, not only brides but most women prefer feet mehndi designs that are in vogue. Here are some simple feet mehndi designs that you can apply on various occasions.

Simple & Unique Feet Mehndi Designs

1. Elegant Floral Bel Mehndi Design

Elegant Floral Bel Mehndi Design
Image Source: Sara Henna Seattle

A very simple traditional floral bel pattern on feet is evergreen. The flower motif is drawn into a paisley pattern along with spiral motifs. The toes are decorated with vine leaves. The clarity and neatness of this artwork is highly commendable. This design is suitable for festivities like Teej and Rakhi.

2. Shaded Bel Feet Mehndi Design

Shaded Bel Feet Mehndi Design for bride
Image Source: Sara Henna Seattle

A very basic shaded flower design with leaves. The dotted flower buds add to its beauty. This design is so simple that you can DIY. Older women who do not prefer much experiments with mehndi design can surely go for this one.

Difficulty in drawing your favorite pattern? Read complete mehndi guide for beginners.

3. Minimalistic Feet Mehndi

Simple Minimalistic Feet Mehndi Designs for Bride
Image Source: Henna Treasures Artists

This design gives such a fresh look! This mirror effect henna design consists intricate work and sheer artistic skills. The anklet illusion created by the design is marvelous. We again witness very intricate work on the toes as well. Even brides who prefer minimal mehndi can rock this modern look. Make sure your footwear is open-toe.

4. Paisley Design Feet Mehndi

Keri Mehndi design for bridal feet
Image Source: Henna by Divya

A very significant element of Arabic Mehndi design is the paisley pattern. A big and beautiful ‘kairi’ is the centre of attraction here. It is delightfully accompanied by spiral leaf bel on the sides. It is apt for occasions like baby shower or ‘god bharai’ in Hindu traditions.

5. Bichua style Feet Mehndi Design

Bichua style Feet Mehndi Design for Bridal
Image Source: Sara Henna Seattle

This is a perfect example of well executed mehndi design. A haathphool inspired mehndi design that compliments your ‘bichuas’. Newly weds must try this feet mehndi design on their first Karwa Chauth or Diwali.

6. Simple Floral Feet Mehndi

Simple Floral Feet Henna Mehndi Designs downlaod
Image Source: henna al ain

This looks so appealing! A very simple yet beautiful design that even young girls can try. This design will look super cute on lil feet too. This pretty flower stem can be applied on various occasions like Eid or Diwali. A sleek payal will perfectly complement the mehndi design.

7. Shaded Rose Feet Mehndi Design

Shaded Rose Feet Henna Mehendi Designs
Image Source: henna al ain

An advanced version in the shaded feet mehndi designs. The roses are drawn with such precision that you can not resist this. Pair it up with heels to show off those alluring roses.

8. Name on Toe Mehndi Design

Name on Toe Mehndi Design
Image Source: Sara Henna Seattle

A geometric pattern flower mehndi design that creates the illusion of a chandelier. The unique element of the design is the Groom’s name on the toe ring. A modern twist to the tradition of writing Groom’s name with henna. While many households might not approve of this, you can have your wedding hashtag or your pet’s name too.

9. Bold Arabic Feet Mehndi Design

Bold Arabic Feet Mehndi Designs for women
Image Source: Kashmiri Mahendi Artistica

This feet mehndi design is a contemporary mix of Arabic paisley and Indian jaal pattern. The highlighted paisley pattern leaves a bold stain on the feet. We highly recommend brides to incorporate this pattern in their bridal feet mehndi.

Read https://www.k4fashion.com/arabic-mehndi-designs-for-legs/ to find more Arabic mehndi designs for feet.

10. Jewelry inspired Beautiful Feet Mehndi

Jewelry inspired Beautiful Feet Henna Mehandi Designs
Image Source: Sara Henna Seattle

This feet henna design consists of artistic flowers connected by dotted chains. The dotted chains add glam to the henna designs and are much in trend. The toes have a similar flower and leaf motif. Make sure your sandals highlight the amazing floral pattern. This henna vibe is perfect for ‘Teej’ festival.

11. Geometric Pattern Feet Mehndi Design

Geometric Pattern Feet Mehndi Designs
Image Source: Henna by Divya

Geometric patterns are the oldest form of henna designs that date back to ancient times. These patterns have a great cultural history. The pattern is extended into anklet like design for a filled look. A go to feet mehndi pattern for your first ‘Karwa Chauth’.

12. Boho style Feet Mehndi

Boho style Feet Henna Mehndi Art
Image Source: Henna Paradise

This is a freestyle feet mehndi design that is so adorable. The spiral and flower motifs in this design emit a very fresh vibe. Such a casual design that even bridesmaid can put on this feet mehndi!

13. Simple Jaal style Feet Mehndi Design

Simple Jaali style Feet Mehendi Designs
Image Source: Henna Paradise

A henna design that is quite in vogue! This design is so simple and easy that you can DIY. Wear ‘juttis’ to highlight your beautiful artwork. A very suitable design for Eid and Rakshabandhan.

14. Modern Bridal Feet Mehndi Design

Modern Bridal Feet Mehndi Designs
Image Source: Henna Paradise

Such stylish design is hard to resist for millennial brides. It is a beautiful combination of contemporary designs. The middle toes with a unique leaf pattern are a highlighting feature of this feet mehndi. For sure, footwear has to be open-toe for this design.

15. Floral Feather Feet Henna Design

Floral Feather Feet Legs Mehndi Henna Designs
Image Source: Henna by Divya

Yet another favorite feet henna design, that gives a modern look. The feather and flower perfectly go along with each other in this chic design. The dotted anklet chain completes the glam look. Boss babes, this has to be your temporary tattoo! And yes, heels of course!

16. Traditional Arabic Mehndi Design for Feet & Hand

Traditional Arabic Mehndi Designs for Legs download
Image Source: Henna Paradise

You can never go wrong with a traditional design. This Arabic pattern completes your ethnic look for any occasion, whether Eid or Diwali. To keep it simple, go for a same pattern on both hands and feet. The paisley and flower motifs are a basic element of the Arabic mehndi design.

Did you screenshot all those adorable designs? Comment down your favorite feet mehndi design for the upcoming festive season. Don’t forget to share it with your favorite ladies.

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