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A Complete Guide for Beginners – Henna Mehndi Designs

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The flair of Henna Mehndi designs is a largish tradition followed by various cultures. But, if we look at some aspects, we would know that Mehndi is not just a tradition but a lust, a fashion, a fetish. Every age group is equally dedicated to getting their hands done red when it comes to Mehndi.

Mehndi makes every moment joyous and gratified as it involves so much fun, one of them is in a wedding when the bride and groom hide their initials in their Mehndi design and ask each other to find it. Mehndi can become more fun and jovial if you wield it to somebody’s hand or your hand. There is a different kind of solace attached to carving the henna Mehndi design by your hand.

To draw henna Mehndi is not an easy task, you need to learn to hold the tool properly and also learn various patterns concerned with it. If you will learn small intricate patterns then you can easily combine them all to make a well-formed Mehndi design.
Now no more aggrieved desires of drawing Mehndi, if you find it tough then here is a Henna Mehndi learner starter pack for you. Please go through.

Henna Mehndi Designs (Guide for Beginners )

1. The Wrist Patterns

Here is a drop-down of wrist henna Mehndi designs for beginners. You can try this customized list of designs on the wrist of your hands. Or while initializing the design you can set the borders of your design by this pattern. Each design in the given video is unique and fascinating. It involves dots, petals, spirals, leaves, and zig-zag patterns too. Learn these initializing designs and practice them to polish your skills in Henna carving. As it is rightly said a good start means half the task is already done. You can limn these Mehndi designs in wedding functions as it is keenly authentic and intricate.

2. The Freehand Stripes 

The next stone’s throw while learning henna Mehndi designs for you beginners is to know how to bond variant designs with each other. You should know the correct way and the correct design to join two different patterns on your hand. To help here is a list of amazing stripes you can practice to luster your art. With a chain of motifs, flowers, dots, swirly vines and small paisleys, you can festoon the Mehndi design easily. These stripes are also known as beils in Hindi. Your hands will look much exquisite if you style them with haathfools or bangles.

3. Most Amazing Filling Patterns 

If you behold some knowledge about Mehndi designs a bit, you would know some basic patterns like paisleys, mango-shaped leaf or a peacock. Such patterns need to be laden with at most beauty. The following video elicits the unbeaten designs for filling into a Mehndi pattern. With perfect spacings between the patterns and some practice, you will be guaranteed to become a professional in the art. The filling is the toughest part of henna and once you know which pattern to be filled where then you will be able to put out the designs fast and blisteringly. These designs are for beginners and thereby suitable for family parties, poojas, and small functions.

4. Best Types of Grids

In Indian henna Mehndi designs, you need to make the designs look bounteous at every nook and corner of the hand. For that, here is presenting the roaster of best-participating grids and netting patterns to be drawn while making abstruse designs. There are crisscrossed designs with various modest flavors involved in each design. With the crisscrossed design, there are dots, flowers, diamonds, leaves and many more to choose among. Once you will know to net and grid palatably then it is a wrap and you have of course you have mastered Henna Mehndi design.


Here’s something we can both agree on, no art can be made pristine in one day, agree? You need to aim and limber up every day to reach your goal and fulfill your desires. I know you strongly crave to be able to beautifully draw henna Mehndi design. Then do make a note of all the steps and patterns illustrated above. A special suggestion from my side would be to recap making these designs on the back of a steel utensil.
Happy Learning!

Rajasthani full hand mehndi designs for Gangaur Festival

Rajasthani full hand mehndi designs for Gangaur Festival

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