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Arabic Mehndi Design for Front Hands

Arabic Mehendi Design for Front Hands
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Mehndi is a form of body art which got its origin from muslim culture in earlier times. This mehndi is used to create beautiful designs on the hands and on the feet of the men and women. Usually you will find women applying them on their hands if there is some festival coming or during the weddings.

Mehndi is even applied on brides hands and grooms hands. It is considered very important part of wedding ceremony and is very auspicious as well. There are several designs of mehendi, like Arabic mehndi, Indian mehndi, western mehndi designs, Indo-arabic mehndi designs. There are various kinds. Usually during celebrations all around India, mehndi is extremely popular in the Indian culture, irrespective of their castes, and gender.

Arabic Mehndi designs for front hands can be of wide variety of designs. It can be easy and simple while it can have a lot of flowers with leaves in it with proper fillings as well. Depends on your choice and the Mehndi artist how he/she wants to do it.

Arabic Mehndi Design for Front Hands

Useful Tips Before applying Mehndi

Some things that you need to remember before applying mehndi are-

  • Eat properly as for some hours you will not be able to use your hands to eat or to do any kind of activity which involves you hands.
  • Wear the comfiest clothes and not something heavy as it might trouble you a little later.
  • I would suggest you to wash your hair before zpplyingmehnd as if you will wash it after applying mehndi, your mehndi will fade very easily which is not a good idea.
  • Try not to move your hands a lot as it might be problematic for the mehndi wali to apply mehndi properly.
  • Remove bangles and rings from your hands as well , as it might create problem for the Mehndi artist to draw.

These are some of the tips that you can use before applying the mehndi. They might seem silly at first, but are extremely useful and makes sense as well.

Few characteristics of Arabic Mehndi

  • Arabic mehndi designs are free flowing in nature with a lot of flowers and leaves in it. Arabic mehndi design for front hands focuses more on the palm area rather than the wrist area.
  • It is not the kind of mehndi which fills the whole hand but it is done in layers which makes it even more special.
  • It is called Arabic mehndi because it has its roots from Persian and Arabic culture.
  • These arabic designs are suitable for women who don’t like to fill up their hands and like to go for minimalist look.

The above are the few characteristics of Arabic Mehndi which makes it so different from other kinds of mehndi designs.

Mehndi for Auspicious Occasions

In India, mehndi is applied on all the auspicious occasions like when you have a baby shower, during weddings, during Karva-chauth, Diwali, holi, Eid, you name it and Mehndi is applied on that occasion. It is considered very important for women after their marriages especially. During Navratras, Durga Puja, Teej and Bhai Dooj as well every women gets their hands on mehendi. Mehndi artist are booked in advance so that there is no problem on the day of occasion.

Do’s and Dont’s after applying the mehndi

There are certain Do’s and Dont’s after applying the mehndi. Lets start with the Do’s

  • You should apply Mustard oil or ghee after you remove your mehndi once it is all dried up. It helps in keeping your hands warm.
  • You should put some balm or Vicks, rub it well all around the place where you have applied mehndi.
  • To get darker colour, you should keep mehndi on your palms for as long as possible. This will help the colour to directly get in touch with your skin giving it a naturally darker look.
  • Apply a mixture of lemon and sugar. Use cotton to apply it on the dry mehndi. It will help to get darker colour of the Mehndi.
  • Book your manicure and pedicure appointments for two days earlier than the application of mehndi. Try to keep your hands also waxed before that.

Certain dont’s that needs your attention are-

  • Don’t wash your hand after peeling off the mehndi as water can fade up the mehndi colour and it will not be as dark as it should be and it will fade away very quickly.
  • Don’t use the mixture of sugar and lemon a lot. Just a little is enough. As if you willl us eat more it will simple salute in the mehndi and it will get faded very easily.

These are some of the things that you should always follow before and after applying the mehndi. They will certainly help you a lot. Try it out once.

Now many questions just be popping in your head regarding the Mehndi. Let me start with it-

How long one should keep Mehndi in their hands to get dark colour?

Ideally 5-6 hours are enough to get the dark colour of the mehndi to get on your hands. The darker the mehndi is the better it looks on hands, as then you can see the design properly. It looks gorgeous .

Can Vicks be used to get dark coloured mehndi?

Well the answer to this question is yes. Any other balm will also work but mostly people tend to use Vicks . Simply rub it on your palms and see its effects.

How long does the mehndi lasts in hands?

Usually it starts fading after 4 days. But it can stay as along as a week, not more than that as it starts fading very easily. More your hands come in contact with the water the more they start fading.

Which oil is best suited to apply after removing the mehndi?

Usually people use mustard oil to rub in their hands. You can also apply ghee on your hands. Both are perfectly fine. Just keep that in mind that you should not be allergic to mustard oil.

We hope that this article was helpful for you. This article comprises of the do’s and one’s as well the characteristics of Arabic Mehndi designs. It is also answering the henna related questions for you. If there is anything else in your mind regarding Mehndi then don’t hesitate. Just ask in the comment section. We are happy to help you by all means.

Modern Mehndi Designs for Hands By Henna CKG

Modern Mehndi Designs for Hands By Henna CKG

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