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Arabic Mehndi Designs for Legs : Awesome Collection

Leg Mehndi Designs - Simple & Easy Henna Patterns for Bridal Feet
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The new trend wide spread in the austere lands of India and Arabian countries. It is the art of imprinting the plain palate body with the paste like dry leaves of henna plant. The clearly woven body smeared with deep red intricate designs of polka dots connected with mandala artifacts, mango dovelets etc., These beautiful designs comprehend the master art of henna design, commonly known as mehndi.

Unlike the typical indian traditional designs decorating every inch of our skin with miniature designs. The henna designs of Arabic countries are beautified by the flower patterns and leafy vines. By leaving a lot of skin to show, they give a simple flamboyant touch to this paste art.

Lets me give you a glimpse of innovative arabic mehndi designs for legs.

Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs for Legs

1. Chained Mango Peaches


This elegant piece of henna design beautifully chained from the lower leg to the thumb toe and the pattern combed along the remaining fingers of the toe. These vine designs combined with hanging baby mango designs. The miniature designs decorating the inner portion. The elegance lies on the left space, which is the actual highlight of arabian hennas. Suit the bride maids with this decoration!

2. Easy Bloomy Designs

Beautiful flowery pattern trending foot mehndi design
Image Source: Henna By Divya

Exquisite designs of flowery pattern collaborated with climber leaves is a new generation henna design. The light shade along with contrasting thick colour beautifies this piece of work. The chained dot pattern vined gives flavour to the leg. Everything is set, now we can go and find the groom?

3. Latest Naive Agenda Climbers

Trending arabic mehndi design for foot
Image Source: Sarahenna

Wild flowery structure fastened with rope designs is unique appealing style to the henna admirers. Austere nature coagulated with kindling leaves gives an aesthetic vanity to this piece of art. Intricately brought up from middle leg to the thumb finger of the toe, with beautifully decorated toe fingers. Planing for something quiet aesthetic, pick on this flashy match!

4. Giant Mango Flower Design for legs of bride

Keri mehndi designs for legs
Image Source: Henna By Divya

In the mood of something voluptuous! Placated in the middle part, which is adorned magnificently by the traditional mango design combined with modern flowery look. Fusion of light and dark shade gives a artistic mantra to this style. With the merging of polka chain dots adds aesthetic masterpiece to this pattern.

5. Flowery Mehndi for Haldi Ceremony

Best Wedding Arabic mehndi designs for bride legs
Image Source: Henna Paradise

Last minute sangeet plans! Wanna make a quick elegant design! Show off your friends, with this pretty design. The clinging flowers draped along with traditional mango designs. This one is one of the most popular arabic designs smeared upon the foot to the thumb finger of the leg.

6. Tattoo Mehndi for Modern Girls

Arabic Tattoo Mehndi Designs for Legs
Image Source: Henna By Divya

This arabic design beautifully cascaded along the leg patterns, with intricate designing. Focussed on the flowery vines commemorated with exquisite shades flairs up elegance to this piece of art. Comeon, ladies pick on this new trendy design suiting your funky attitude.

7. Full Cover Arabic Bridal Mehndi

Arabic Bridal Henna Mehndi Designs for Foot
Image Source: Henna By Divya

Are you a bride with the taste to cover your beautiful legs with western designs. Look on to this design, the colourful flowers teamed up with ultimate mango hangings. The dark shades precised upon the drawings flaunts a visual  pleasure. Brighten your wedding evening with bright designs.

8. Chandelier Arab Mehndi Design for Wedding

Chandelier Arabic mehndi designs for Legs
Image Source: Mehendhi Aura

Interested in this fashionable design? Lets check out its style, the collosal intricacy of minute designs matched up with mango tulip designs with sunflowers in between. The arab modeling of curtain designs along the finger pathway adds a traditional touch to the henna work.

9. Peacock Mehndi Design for Wedding

simple Peacock mehendi designs for legs
Image Source: Henna By Divya

Are you a fan of mehndi design in the mid leg? Lets check out this stand out design of arabic traditions.This peacock designed mehndi work is an exceptional work of art combed with a general wild flowers and finger art. The mid work is of the same designs fum the left end of the feet to the thumb finger. Added with light hanger design along the fingers. Interested?

10. Darkened Stylish Mat Design

bracelet style mehndi design for foot
Image Source: Sarara Mehndi Artist

Lets see something quiet bohemian in style. This design starts up with a bracelet style with intricate mat smears and fan flower pattern. Matched up with a flowing pattern of wild finger-like flowers, ended to the hind finger of the feet. The colour pattern adds beauty to this design with contrasting dark shade outline with light coloured intricacy.

11. Collaborated Mehndi Designs

Modern Arabic Mehndi Designs for Legs
Image Source: Henna By Divya

Looking for a mehndi pair-up. Look on this beautiful design, with the flow from sunflower, mango dovelet, kite design to a viny leaf work. The mat dot pattern gives a arabic touch to this designing. Last embarked with hanging feather like structure on the end of the pathway. The hanging dolls up this design.

12. Simple Elegant Mehndi Design for Dulhan

Simple Elegant Mehndi Design for Foot
Image Source: Henna Paradise

Check on this maggi design. Wandering why am I naming it in a weird way? The answer is simple. It takes only 3 minutes to finish this design. Wanna bet! Now, take your mehndi cone and smear this design with weary flowers bloomed along with small mango patterns. Fill a small part of the feet with mat-dot pattern. The beautiful part of this design is its style portrayed in the fingers with different hangings.

13. Bloomery of Arab – Floral Mehndi Design

wedding ceremony Bridal Flower mehndi designs for legs
Image Source: Henna By Divya

Bloom your wedding ceremony with more flowers, even rounding your beautiful legs with close austerity. The flowery designed mehndi is a flowy milled style with thick outline petals with light shades colouring inside. Lets finish up this design with beautiful hangings.

14. Latest Artistic Mehndi Design

Latest & Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Foot
Image Source: Henna By Shazmam

Use your artistic qualities in your leg. Let me give you some idea, the flower vines and mango peaches are basic pattern of arabic designing. Beautify your design with hanging dot curtain design and standing windows. Try this design with your own artistic imagination, make sure you have cut only a small edge of the cone.

15. Flowery Vines

Traditional Henna Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image Source: Henna By Divya

Want something very dark to lighten your white skin. Then this traditional design is perfect. Now, grab on the cone with a thick edge, smear the henna with flower patterns and mango dotting. Finish it with light touch inside these flowers. Quicken up to the finishing line with matching hangings along the fingers.

16. Imaginative Mehndi

Unique Bridal Mehendi Designs For Feet
Image Source: Henna By Shazmam

Austere is your word. Now, smear your henna cone with this design, based on the simple arabic design beautified with wild leaf patterns and windy designs.Colur this beautiful piece of art with your own imagination and mood.

17. Agenda and Flora Design

Bridal Floral Arabic Mehndi Designs for Foot
Image Source: Henna By Divya

Come on, lets look on this magnificent design. This luxurious art work matched up with elegant peacock and flowery manuals. Beautifully smeared up with thick amount of henna. And, finally finished up with bold hanging designs.

18. Long Dove Design

Easy and Beautiful Mehndi designs for Feet
Image Source: Sarara Mehndi Artist

Craving for an exceptional design!  Chose on this henna art. Focused on the austere flowery art from high leg to the feet leaving a little skin to show off. The beauty of this design is its cover up finger design hanging with curtain walls.

19. Mini Mandala Design

Mini Mandala arabic mehndi designs for legs
Image Source: Henna By Divya

Hah! Atlast some little mandalas. The triple round carved with intricate delicacies of unique internal manifestos,linked up to the second finger with a rose flower. End up your design with the hasty hanging work.

20. Matching Mehndi for Legs & Hands

simple Matching Mehndi Art Designs for Legs
Image Source: Henna By Shazmam

Thinking of something matching to your hands and legs. Comeon, grab on your cone with a little opening, to flow on the henna, combining your imagination with curtain mat design and flowery vines. Match up from your top to bottom with this piece of elegance.

21. Paired Up Mehndi Design

Simple Henna Mehndi Design for Legs Inspirations
Image Source: Sarahenna

Another one special pair design. Now, grab on your cone and flow it with the flowery directory with slanting mango pipes. And, with the same austerity, along the pathways from your upper leg to the tip of your feet. After the removal, apply some coconut oil to darken the mehndi colour.

22. Flair Mehndi Design

simple Bridal Henna Mehandi Designs for Legs
Image Source: Henna By Divya

This beautiful malabar design, is a perfect example for the arabic mehndi art. Starting with the big mango art facing with high outline,fixed on the bracelet design continuing with the flowery designs finished up to the hind leg of the finger. Give a beautiful finishing touch by synthetic hangings of mehndi designing.

Let me give you a few tips to darken the color of mehndi:

  • First after the application of design sprinkle some lemon juice or sugar syrup over your design.
  • And after the removal of mehndi, spread on some coconut oil over your mehndi art. This will surely help to darken the colour.

Hope you ladies, love this post about arabic mehndi designs for legs. For further new idea and tips on fashion and style, visit K4 fashion for interesting news. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

Modern Henna Mehndi Designs For Legs



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