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HO HO HO! Merry Christmas! Aren’t we all too excited to hear these greeting words? I’m sure you all are since the year’s coming to an end and with a few months left – the number of festivals lined up is too many. One of them includes Christmas – the happiest time of the year, commemorating the birth of Lord Jesus, observed on 25th December with millions of people celebrating the festival with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Well, for us girls out there – Christmas definitely gives us another reason to get all dressed up and look like the absolute queens that we all are! Starting from sparkly dresses, winter boots, accessories and what else are we forgetting here? NAILS!

If you’re having a hard time deciding on what manicure to get this Christmas? Then don’t worry, you’re at the right place. Now, since we definitely want you girls to visit your nearest nail art salon this Christmas – here are a few nail art inspirations that you can surely try out!

Christmas Nail Art Designs

Santa Claus’ Present

Christmas nail art designs Santa Claus' Present
Image Source: Emma

Well, this ought to be the aptest nail art design for Christmas! I mean since when are we listening to stories our parents narrated to us about Santa Claus coming to town on Christmas and filling our large socks with gifts we ask for? Now we all fell for such stories as kids, didn’t we? It’s time to bring some of our childhood memories back in the form of this nail art and tell Santa that even though he doesn’t exist for real, he definitely makes this festival special and fun for us! Everything about these nails looks perfect, starting from the cute little Santa’s face, his suit, the sparkly silver nail, and the overall look is just perfect!

The Sweet Candy Cane

Christmas nail art designs The Sweet Candy Cane
Image Source: Emily Farrell Emily Farrell

Who’s all in for sweets and candies this Christmas? If you’re looking for a rather simple yet cute nail art design – then this one’s just the right fit for you! The design also shows a candy cane, which is associated with the festival – the white of the cane can represent the purity of Jesus Christ and the red stripes are for the blood he shed when he died on the cross. Also, these nails fit perfectly onto the red and white color theme of Christmas.

Eat Your Greens

Christmas nail art designs Eat Your Greens
Image Source: Monika mayer

Well, isn’t that what our moms are tired of telling us 24/7? I guess their wishes just came true this Christmas! In case you’re getting your nails done for the first time and want to go for something very simple and not fancy – then this design’s a great option for you. This is totally minimalistic – with the cutest Christmas tree popping out in between. Also, it all thumps up if green is your favorite color!

The Stars And Candies

Christmas nail art designs The Stars And Candies
Image Source: Nail Chark

This design almost feels too close to decorating a Christmas tree, doesn’t it? The stars, candies, and all those colors are giving all the feels of it! So if you are looking for something artistic and colorful then you should definitely consider this design. The shimmery nail paint makes the overall look of these nails really chic and eye-catchy.

In A One Horse Open Sleigh

Christmas nail art designs In A One Horse Open Sleigh
Image Source: Colores de Carol

How did you think that we could forget Santa’s ride this Christmas? Here’s the perfect design for all those who’re all into fall for this cute little reindeer here. Also, the light green color is all for wins here. This design totally gives out all the Christmas feels and it’ll look all fine on your nails!

The Sweet Candy

Christmas nail art designs The Sweet Candy
Image Source: Nail Art Cheltenham

Here’s another minimalistic yet cute candy cane design. Again, a great option if you’re getting your nails done for the first time and are a bit skeptical about how it turns out. Well, nothing could go wrong with this simple design. The glossy finish of the nails oozes out sophistication !

The Christmas Tree Twins 

Christmas nail art designs The Christmas Tree Twins 
Image Source: sierra Unsicker 

If you’re looking for something classy yet chic – then you should look out for this design. The two small Christmas trees look way too cute and the sparkling silver nails are what gives out all the chic feels here. It’ll look just perfect with a little red dress.

All Here For Reindeer

Christmas nail art designs All Here For Reindeer
Image Source: Luise

Another perfect design symbolizes Santa’s ride here. Each of the nails here showcases the reindeer’s antlers. I think the shades of brown here are what make this design stand out. So if you are thinking about playing with some colors on your nails this Christmas or are deciding to wear something brown – say an overcoat or brown boots – then this design’s a perfect fit for you!

The Greenery

Christmas nail art designs The Greenery
Image Source: Rachel

Here’s another design for the green lovers out there! The unusual combination and mix of the color green and white are what makes this design unique and stand out. The pine trees in the middle give this look a pretty finish. These are just perfect if you wish to twin with your Christmas tree this year!

For The Love Of Jesus

Christmas nail art designs For The Love Of Jesus
Image Source: Scratch Magazine 

I absolutely love how elegant and unique this design is! The matte nude base of these nails is just giving it a classy look. It’s almost difficult to take your eyes off the sparkly hearts. It’s the perfect design if you wish to go for something totally elegant. I love how these nails still include all the Christmas colors.

The Glittery Affair

Christmas nail art designs The Glittery Affair
Image Source: Emily Farrel

Who’s all in for a sparkly Christmas this year? Well, these nails surely got you covered. The frost on top of the nail is here to give us all the winter feels! The glossy finish of the nails just makes it so much more elegant and pretty! Also, if you’re dress code says white, then what’s stopping you from getting matching nails to your outfit?

Paint Me Red

Paint Me Red
Image Source: Nails By Alisha

If you’re someone who’s going to follow the Christmas color theme of red and white – then this design’s here to make you feel all pretty. It’ll go well with a white top, a red skirt and black boots.  Also, a cherry on the top for candy cane lovers again. The little frost can definitely not be ignored. This can definitely be your go-to nail this Christmas.

The Christmas Present

The Christmas Present
Image Source: Bryony Howell

Who loves Christmas for the presents ? This design definitely gives all the right feels for the gift lovers out there. Also, how pretty is the white sparkly nail paint? Again, these nails ‘d be perfect if you wish to go all red and white this Christmas. The candy cane seems to be almost everybody’s favorite afterall.

A Nutcracker Christmas

A Nutcracker Christmas
Image Source: gracie

How cute are these regal little soldiers? For those who don’t know it yet – nutcrackers have become an iconic symbol of the Christmas season. According to German folklore, nutcrackers were given as keepsakes to bring good luck to families and protect the home. So if you’re looking for meaningful nail art, then this one’s just the right pick for you. This shade of blue is absolutely breathtaking, ain’t it?

The Starry Christmas Night

The Starry Christmas Night
Image Source: Basia Góral

Now this nail art is absolutely stunning! Inspired by the night sky -this star-studded and shimmery nail art is just a masterpiece, which stands out quite beautifully with the candy canes. This design is a perfect fit if you’re letting that little black dress (LBD) out of your closet this Christmas! And who doesn’t like the color black ? It’s the color of sophistication.

Icy Elements

Icy Elements
Image Source: Nails Fascination

The edgiest and chic nail art of this season is here to allure you, ladies! Oh, and did someone say long nails? With this nail art design, you’re surely going to stand out in the crowd. So if you’re looking for something bold and edgy – go for this design! The embellishments upon these nails are so perfectly fitted!

Winter Frost And Candies

Winter Frost And Candies
Image Source: Zoey

If you’re looking for a design that perfectly showcases your love for the winter season as well as the festival itself – then this design’s got your attention! The little frost on the edge of one of the nails, the candy floss, the color combinations used is all just perfect. The matte finish on top of the nails just makes it look elegant.

So these were all the inspirations we could bring to you – minimal, chic, elegant, glossy, matte finish, and whatnot. I guess it’s definitely going to be a hard time for you to choose from so many potential designs. But in the end, we hope you’ll be all hyped.


Excited about the Christmas? Or maybe just can’t wait for the Christmas sceneries all around. Those bells, the Christmas trees and colourful ribbons in the air. Then why wait now? Try applying these beautiful Christmas nail art designs which will keep on giving you Christmas vibes. So keep on reading to know what’s the best nail art designs you can try out this Christmas. So, what are waiting for? Start reading now!

White is the best background

Christmas Nail Art Designs White is the best background
Image Source: Alma

How about trying a combo of vibrant red glitter nail art and a Christmas bell-like combo of colours. This Christmas nail art design would be perfect for the people who love giving a try to vibrant designs. You just need to put a bit of effort and you will come out with the best Christmas nail art designs ever. You can also refer to the picture for the help you need. Apply his extraordinary nail art and make your nails look incredible!

Trees and polka dots- the best combo!

Christmas Nail Art Designs Trees and polka dots- the best combo!
Image Source: Alison

Love going simple yet elegant? Then this Christmas nail art design is for you! Try out this amazing polka dot background with simple Christmas trees on it. Make three Christmas trees on any one of the nails with the polka dots background you would like to. Yes, it’s that simple! For people who don’t like to put much effort into their nail art yet want to peep out with a unique style, this is it! Try for yourself and see the results…

Stylish reindeer and snowflakes this Christmas

Christmas Nail Art Designs Stylish reindeer and snowflakes this Christmas
Image Source: Brooklyn

Winters and Christmas are a perfect pair! To proceed, begin with making snowflake tattoos in your Christmas nail art designs. Then opt for a cute reindeer face as reindeer is the creature who becomes the most important at the time of Christmas. Make a cute cartoon reindeer face and then sum it up with a striped nail art look. With this nail art design, you end by getting a vibrant and cute look!

Missing Santa? Make one now!

Christmas Nail Art Designs Missing Santa? Make one now!
Image Source: Maggie

Distributing Santa’s features and drawing them in your Christmas nail art designs. Make Santa’s head on one of your nails. Then move to the next nail making Santa’s lower body. Next to that make his upper body with his famous belt that he wears. Then end it up with making the cute cap that he wears. And that’s how you completed your cute Santa!

Reindeer with various styles

Christmas Nail Art Designs Reindeer with various styles
Image Source: Nicoya Grobman

The reindeer is the most important creature during Christmas. Of course, he is, being in charge of bringing the Santa through long distances. That’s the reason why your Santa can give you the best gifts that too on time! So now, let’s draw various reindeer in differing poses. You can take a look at the picture and start drawing your imaginative nail art. Every reindeer will have a different scarf worn on their neck. You can also alter their facial expressions as shown in the picture.

Santa and polka dots with jingle bells!

Christmas Nail Art Designs Santa and polka dots with jingle bells!
Image Source: Nails by Panthi

That jingle bell song still resides in our hearts with our favourite Santa. So this time we will try to draw both of them in our nail art designs. Start with striped nail art of red, white and golden nail art. Then begin with making Santa’s cute face. After that switch to the next nail and draw jingle bells. You can also draw other artistic figures related to Christmas if you like to. This is how you will be ready with your new Christmas nail art design.

Candy nail art with red glitters all around!

Christmas Nail Art Designs Candy nail art with red glitters all around!
Image Source: Sierra Unsicker

Red and white candy with red glitter nail art would give you an impressive nail art design. The candy designs can be applied by you on the first two nails and subsequently, you can move to the next nails with the simple red glittery look. People who don’t love investing much of their time into nail art-like stuff can opt for this look.

Red Christmas tree and stars

Christmas Nail Art Designs Red Christmas tree and stars
Image Source: Alex

The main theme of Christmas is red and white because Santa dresses in both these colours only. So you can also start your hits as nail art design with the same colours. There’s a lot to experiment with. Be it a snowflake tattoo or be the Christmas tree or a red heart, there’s a lot to explore. So start exploring nail art as well. Now, start with making snowflakes, hearts, stars and Christmas tree designs on the respective nails.

Santa and red is the best colour combo

Christmas Nail Art Designs Santa and red is the best colour combo
Image Source: Naomi Keller

Santa is red, his attire is red and his cap too. So red colour is what Santa wears. Now it’s your turn to take up that red colour into your Christmas nail art design. Apply simple red nail colour into all of your mails except one. In the one nail that you have left, begin with making a cute Santa face. Santa with long beards and a round nose! Looks cute right! This will eventually make you look cuter when you make this your nail art design. On one of the nails from your other hand, go for striped nail art having a combo of red and white colour. Look at the picture to get a more clear concept and start your nail art!

Reindeer and snowflakes with red background

Christmas Nail Art Designs Reindeer and snowflakes with red background
Image Source: Manji Nails

Red is an amazing colour. The colour of love and liveliness. A colour that makes you look beautiful and can be worn on any occasion. You just need to make some good nail art to intensify the look. First, start with any of the nails from your hand and make a cute reindeer outline with perfect horns. Then go to the next hand and pick another nail on which you are going to carve the snowflakes’ tattoos. And that’s how it’s done! This chic look will shoot up the glamour quotient of your attire manifoldly without you even realizing it!

Christmas trees and a variety of creatures

Christmas Nail Art Designs Christmas trees and a variety of creatures 
Image Source: Antoinette

Every imagined about octopus and whales celebrating Christmas? Sounds humorous right! So bring that humour into your nail art. Now start with dark glitter nail art adding sparkling factor into it. Get your two nails done with the same nail art. Then head over to the other leftover nails. Make octopus in one and whale in another and you have done your nail art right! Omg! Creativity at its peak!

Santa cap be your Christmas nail art

Christmas Nail Art Designs Santa cap be your Christmas nail art
Image Source: Jackie

Santa’s cap is so fascinating. Cute and beautiful at the same time. So now, it’s time to make the same hat as your nail art design. Just go with drawing Santa’s hat on the edge of your nails. The Cap should look exactly like the one shown in the picture. Metallic red colour and white would make a wonderful combo over and above that!

Make your nail look like a decorated room!

Make your nail look like a decorated room!
Image Source: Nail Art Agvzla

Dolls and half-burnt candles into your nail art design would sound weird to some. But if you are the one who’s always ready to take risks and try something that other people haven’t still tried, this nail art is especially for you. You should try your hands-on on this one Start with a white nail art design of snowflakes tattoos. Now, make a half-burnt candle with all side accessories which are used for descriptions. Then make a doll and bells on another. Sum up the look with the snowflakes yet again! This effervescently will make you the archduchess in the house.

Glitter nail art with Christmas tree and ribbons

Glitter nail art with Christmas tree and ribbons
Image Source: Karmen

Silver glittery nail art is of course eye-catching. So apply it over the edge of your nail, up to half of the nail. Try this on alternate nails. For the remaining alternate nails, switch to ribbon look and Christmas tree. You can also use crystal 3D nail art for the completion of the look.  Do try to make the theme majorly red. This stiletto will unquestionably enhance the look and you would come up with an amazing Christmas nail art design.

Christmas is all about gifts and decorations

Christmas is all about gifts and decorations 
Image Source: Le Boudoir D Anna

The gift ribbons on the top of your gift box look so amazing right! The same way they will, when you make them your nail art design. Start with making ribbons the first and then giving shimmery effects. Then you can go for making a striped look with red and white nail colour. At last, complete the look by again adding some ribbons and shimmery effects to your nail art. Have a look at this picture and try it out.

Missing Christmas is overrated, so start celebrating from now with the exclusive Christmas nail art designs. Try out all the amazing nail arts according to your taste and make your nails celebrate Christmas too! It’s just not about the attire or your hairstyle but also about small things that go unnoticed. Your nail art designs will complete your Christmas look this year and make you the most incredible sought-after person in your pack. Then, Why hold yourself back? Try them out now!


Matte green with green colour splash

Christmas Nail Art Designs Matte green with green colour splash
Image Source: Nails Fascination

Dark green is the colour of Christmas trees. So if you yearn to make dark green your special colour in nail art, there’s probably no loss! Start with applying matte dark green colour in any two nails, you would like to start with. Then apply a coat of nude colour to any of the leftover nails. As you end up with that, add a star with vibrant nail art over the edge of the same nail. At the last nail, end up applying the nail art over the whole nail. And this is how you are done!

3D nail art with Christmas tree

Christmas Nail Art Designs 3D nail art with Christmas tree
Image Source: Nails Fascination

Nail extensions are always a yes! This is because they are cool and give a final terrific look. To begin with, try vibrant nail art designs on your nail extension. Also, try using a 3D crystal nail art design. Begin with the first nail and then make it look flamboyant with white nail art acrylic strokes. Take a look at the picture for the best reference. Then make a Christmas tree on the other nail and a ribbon on the next one. Sum up by dividing your nail extension and applying nail art in divisions.

Snowflakes Themed Nail Art Design

Christmas Nail Art Designs Snowflakes themed nail art design
Image Source: Perrine NB

This is a rather bold and classy Christmas nail art design. Shiny gold and darkest green nail paint are used to paint the index and the pinky fingernails of both hands. Then darkest green nail polish with white snowflakes with golden border patterns are used on the rest of the fingernails.

Christmas Plaids Nail Art Design

Christmas Nail Art Designs Christmas plaids nail art design
Image Source: Sophia Maria G

Best suited for short nails, this Christmas nail art design is done with Plaid-like markings on all the fingernails using red, white, and black nail polish. Something simple that you can go for.

Christmas Characters Nail Art Design

Christmas characters nail art design
Image Source: Vic

Different Christmas personas can be seen in this nail art design. The base is done with glittery green. And then above them, characters such as Santa’s face, candies, stars, hearts, and gift wraps are painted using white and red nail polish.

Another Snowflake Theme Nail Art Design

Christmas Nail Art Designs Another snowflake theme nail art design
Image Source: Nails By Paulin

It is again kind of similar to the first design we saw. But the distinguishing factor is that shiny and glittered nail polish is used fully on the fingernails and only one snowflake is painted on the ring fingernail.

Christmas Candy Inspired Nail Art Design

Christmas candy inspired nail art design
Image Source: Aleida Perez

The sweet treat of the festival is used as a theme for the below nail artwork. Candy-like patterns are painted on all the nails using white and red nail polish.

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Christmas Tree Theme Nail Art Design

Christmas tree theme nail art design
Image Source: Makeup BY HW

Here, the famous Christmas trees are used as an inspiration for the below nail artwork. The index and the pinky are, done in simple yet shiny dark green nail polish, and then for the rest skins-pink nail paint is used as the base, and tree shapes are drawn over them.

Christmas in Black Nail Art Design

Christmas Nail Art Designs Christmas in black nail art design
Image Source: Amanda Roberts

Chocolaty black nail polish is used as the base coat and then characters like Christmas light and Christmas tree are painted above them using white and color nail polish.

Christmas Elves Nail Art Design

Christmas Nail Art Designs Christmas elves nail art design
Image Source: Polished Pinkies Pro

This is gorgeous nail artwork. In deep blood red nail polish as the base coat, Santa’s belt, Santa’s elves, snow, and a star painted on the fingernails in white. If you have manicured acrylic nails, then surely try this one design.

Christmas Candy Cane Nail Art Design

Christmas Nail Art Designs Christmas candy cane nail art design
Image Source: Byfrancesca

This looks so cute and lovely. Pinkish-nude nail polish is used on the fingernails and then candy canes are marked on the sides completing the whole design.

Another Christmas Tree Nail Art Design

Christmas Nail Art Designs Another Christmas tree nail art design
Image Source: Courtney Cook

Shades of green and pink are used for this nail artwork. One glitters and the other has two Christmas trees on it, while one has stripes. If you are looking for something simple and classy, go for this design.

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Christmas Dots Nail Art Design

Christmas Nail Art Designs Christmas dots nail art design
Image Source: Lara

This is a basic and very simple nail artwork. Nude nail polish has been used for the base coat and then dots in white and red are done on the borders.

Santa and Reindeer Nail Art Design

Christmas Nail Art Designs Santa and reindeer nail art design
Image Source: Cam Otteson

The below we have another cute nail art design. Santa Clause’s face, a reindeer, and Christmas lights are seen and major nail paints used here are in white, red, and green.

Rainbow Christmas Nail Art Design

Christmas Nail Art Designs Rainbow Christmas nail art design
Image Source: Fashion Nails Salon

Wow, such long nails! And what a unique Christmas nail art design we have here! Variations of colors such as blue, yellow, pink, green, gray, black, and white are used and then complete the look with the beautiful small water beads.

Christmas Jewels Nail Art Design

Christmas jewels nail art design
Image Source: Mon Mon Nail

Perfectly suited for the festival and some kind of party, the nail art below has white rhinestones attached and then patterns like a Christmas tree and snowflakes are made using gold, brownish-black, and white nail polish.

Another Jewel Stones Nail Art Design

Another jewel stones nail art design
Image Source: Nailxnailed

Pink, red, nude, and white nail paints are used as the base coat. Then peals, stickers, and love lockets in diamonds and gold chains are glued to enhance the overall look. Such a gorgeous and amazing design it is! And this is the heaviest design on the list.

Christmas Personas Nail Art Design

Christmas personas nail art design
Image Source: Nail A La Mode

This is another design suited for shorter nails. Characters like a gift, a sock, a reindeer, a Christmas, and a  flower-leaf crown with a star are done using the matted red, white, green, and gold nail polish.

Christmas Tree and Star Nail Art Design

Christmas tree and star nail art design
Image Source: Guah Nail

Golden glitters have filled up the design to form stars and then a Christmas tree with colorful stones over nude nail polish on all the fingernails. This is not heavy but looks beautiful.

The Christmas holidays are the perfect time for you to get your nails manicured and get them ready with Christmasy designs and patterns. From applying different nail polish colors to getting stickers or stones to make your designs unique is what you wish for by painting them yourself or by a professional nail artist. There are many designs available online whether you can search them or by surfing your social media you will come across them.

They can be lovely or bold or romantic, whatever your preferences are. By giving you the above list, we hope to have eased your burden in extensive searching for Christmas nail art designs. And we are sure that you have enjoyed taking a glimpse of the list and now all you have to do is apply whichever you fell in love with. So what are you waiting for? Have fun painting your fingernails! Adios!

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