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This year the Panton Institute decided to surprise everybody and gave us not 10 best colors but 20. How did this happen?

The fact is that the researchers took a dozen color favorites on the basis of trends from the New York Fashion Week. Now we have the best colors not only from the American fashion capital but also from London. Now everyone is waiting for the Institute of Color to give us a couple more palettes from Paris and Milan. I think we won’t have to wait long. And now I suggest you get acquainted with the trends of the coming season.

As always in autumn and winter, designers offer to wear more calm and muted shades. Let’s figure out together what colors are in the trend, to whom and how to wear them.

Look Fab This  Season In These Fall And Winter Fashion Colors

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We have two red shades in our arsenal this autumn – Grenadin and Flame Scarlet. Both bright and juicy, they will be tested by many. The shade of grenadine is more suitable for girls with a bright and cold appearance – the color type of winter and summer. Softer and slightly warmer flaming red will be good on beauties with warm shades of appearance.

I put red in the first place in the review for nothing. The designers used it very much in the autumn-winter collections. And the most popular combination with red you know what? Red plus red. Unexpectedly, huh? Now you can wear a red dress with red shoes and pantyhose, not afraid to be called vulgar. Total red forever!

Wine Tint of Tawny Port

In autumn the designers almost always give us one of the burgundy shades, a couple of years ago everybody went crazy on the marsala, and this year we will love the deep shade of ripe grapes and cherries of Tawny Port. It is elegant, complex, and crazy beautiful.

It will be a great companion as coat color. Do you prefer the coat in grey, black or beige? Then add gloves, a scarf, or a hat in this charming shade. We also recommend that you take a closer look at dresses, trousers, and business suits in Tawny Port.

Pale Pink Shades

And another shade from the red family is a very pale pink shade. Extremely delicate, they will emphasize your fragility and vulnerability, add femininity and even naivety.

Sweet autumn and winter trousers in light shades are not worn. Therefore, we suggest leaving this color for the “tops”. Shirts and blouses, including business, elegant dresses, tops and turtlenecks, neck scarves, and jewelry – here is our list of recommended purchases in this color.

Beige Shades

What about without them? We need light base colors that match everything and make us so feminine. There are three shades in the range – Toast (translates as fried bread), Butterum, and Copper Tan (translates as a copper tan). Soft, delicate beige-powder tones, with sandy and copper tint. The shade of butterum, in which you can clearly feel the pink portion, is better suited for beauties with summer type, Toast – good for winter, and copper shade Copper Tan – for warm autumn and spring color types.

In beige shades, we take our favorite jumper, coat, base blouses, and dresses for every day.

Autumn Maple Hue

The spicy tint of Autumn Maple is truly autumn. The name means autumn maple, which is just under the yellowish October foliage. This warm and muted color will look amazing on autumn beauties.

This shade has good sweaters, knitted dresses, coats, and knitted accessories such as bags, scarves, and hats. And this shade fits perfectly into the bohemian images. Different leather goods and suede look especially good.

Shades of Khaki

The designers took up the militarist style, and with it, we got an abundance of khaki shades.

For beauties with warm shades of appearance (autumn and spring), choose a sunnier Lemon Curry, or neutral Golden Olive, the summer type is recommended cooler Golden Lime, and the bright winter beauties should wear these colors away from the face.

The khaki tones are perfectly matched to many other colors, so you can use them as a base color for your wardrobe. What to choose in khaki shades? I recommend coats and jeans, as well as military-style jackets and knitwear.

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Turquoise Shaded Spruce

Shaded Spruce means shady spruce in translation, and really remember our famous blue spruce, a very similar shade. It’s amazing, isn’t it? So deep, velvety, refined. And it is also good for its versatility – it fits all color types. How to wear it? This rich color will look great in any interpretation – both for evening dresses and for everyday trousers. Well, if you like images in neutral shades, then use them as an accent, for example, choose a purse in this dark turquoise tone.

Blue shades

Our collection includes two romantic blue shades – Blue Bell, literally bells, and Marina, which means the harbor. Both names sound poetic and look appropriate. Shades for romantics, subtle and gentle nature. In the shade of Blue Bell I want to imagine a fragile and feminine girl, and in the more daring color of Marina I see an artistic and creative nature.

Walk these blue tones on feminine dresses, jackets, and elegant jumper outfits. And the calm, light blue tones will take root in the office atmosphere. Ideal for interviews and important negotiations.

Dark Blue Shade of Navy Peony

Without the dark blue, how else can we calm down this riot of color? Beautiful basic hue for all times with an interesting name “Sea Peony”. In the dark blue shade is worth buying basic things that you can wear for a long time, very long, every day, for any occasion. Pants, skirts for every day, shirts and blouses, basic jumper, jeans, coats, business bags, suits. Pay attention to this season’s fashionable mix of red and blue – the designer collections were full of this bright and contrasting mix. Let’s take a note!

Otter Coffee Tint

Compared to the beautiful names of all previous shades, this sounds not so eloquent “otter fur”, but of course, the essence is not in the name. We represent one more base shade, universal, non-stigmatizing, and very wearable. You can feel a cold portion in it and it will be more suitable for summer and winter color types than for spring and autumn.

In it, we buy the most basic things – coats and jackets, shoes, bags, basic dresses, and sweaters.

Neutral Grey Shade

You don’t even need a transfer here, do you? Everything is clear and so is neutral grey. It fits perfectly with dark blue Navy Peony or can be used in monochromatic images. Suitable for beauties with cold skin tones, and especially will look great on girls with gray eyes.

Lilac Shade

And the last of the favorites is the stunning Royal Lilac, which means royal lilacs. Girls are weighted, rejoice, it is yours, it is designed for a bright and warm appearance, will emphasize your redhead. Winter and summer can also wear it, but for autumn beauties this shade will not add chic.

The color of Royal Lilac is bright and fresh, I want to raise it as a luxurious accent. We recommend wearing dresses in this color, overalls, and jackets, as well as special things that will be the brightest dominating feature in the image.

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