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Printed Clothing: Try Something New Like A Queen

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Adding bold patterns or prints to your look is the easiest way to show that you have put genuine thought into your outfit but the real question is how to pair clothes with different patterns? For many years, combining clothes with different patterns and prints in a single look has been considered fashionable and stylish. We will tell you some important secrets of combining prints.

We will show you how to dress so that the image looks harmonious, not vulgar. We’ll also learn the secrets to mixing patterns and prints with some styling guidelines.

Styling Tips To Combine Different Prints In Your Clothes

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Start Small

If you’re not sure what you can do, start by including one print in your wardrobe. When you learn how to combine one print with monochrome things, connect a second print. How do I do that?

Simply replace one of the plain things in the ensemble with a small print in the same color.

And only when you can confidently wear two prints at the same time, you can connect a third print by the same method.

Combine Different Size Prints

When creating a combination of two or three prints, select them so that each of the patterns has its own “size” of elements. A large print for the accent, a medium print for the second most important, and a small print for the background.

The Color Of Prints Should Overlap

Your image will look more holistic if you combine colors competently. One of the colors used in the pattern should be repeated somewhere else in the suit. For a simple look, you can use the following rule :

We take two monophonic prints in different colors and select the third pattern that mixes these two colors.

The Combination Of Things With The Same Print

Combinations of the same print with different sizes usually look good. For example, you can mix and match large black spots on a white background with small white spots on a black background.

Combinations Of Different Geometric Prints

Feel free to combine peas, stripes, and cells – if you follow the rules of size and color you will not miss your way.

Combine Naturalistic And Fantasy Prints With Geometric

Large floral prints are difficult to combine. But they can be combined with strict geometric patterns. For example, a pea print can look good with a floral print.

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Leopard Plus Geometry

By the way, it’s not so difficult here anymore – we follow our rules about color and scale and get perfect images.

Leopard Plus Flowers

It’s probably the most difficult combination. First of all, it is important that the leopard print is not very clear and contrasting, that it merges into a single color spot from far away and becomes a “background”. And it is equally important to trace the color unity of the prints. Look at the skirt, it has similar shades. Thanks to this the image looks harmonious.

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