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Get The Perfect Bun By Simple Tips And Tricks

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Decided to make a bun? Then you must learn some rules so that you don’t look like your grandma, because sometimes things that seem simple need a little finesse, like good old buns. Yes, it turns out that even such a simple installation has nuances. The amount of effort we all put into looking effortless, ironically, is either too much, too little, too tight, or too loose. After all, a bun hairstyle is supposed to be easy, isn’t it? But every time we all make a small mistake, and now instead of a trendy bundle, your head is adorned with something that is not very attractive.

How to make the beam perfect? It’s easy, follow our tips and tricks to create a convenient, absolutely amazing, and easy hair bun at home.

5 Interesting Tips For You To Make A Perfect Bundle

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Take Into Account Your Specifics

To make the bundle perfect, pay attention to your figure. Does it sound strange? But if you don’t do that, you risk highlighting your shortcomings.

  • If you are fragile and miniature, don’t make heavy and too voluminous bundles. Otherwise, visually you will look like a lantern.
  • If nature has given you a high height, it is better to give up the high beams.
  • Your neck isn’t a swan at all? Choose a low beam or cover your neck with strands.

Don’t Follow Fashion Blindly

Negligence is a trend now, but don’t take it too literally. Why do you need a sloppy head?

Learn how to make a careless bundle right, that’s not a bad option.

How To Make The Perfect Bundle: Don’t Chase The Volume And Height

Of course, I really want the bundle to be as big as possible. But the main thing here is not to overdo it. Fashion, when our grandmothers wrapped cans in hair, passed, and, thank God.

To make a fashionable volumetric beam, use the following masterclasses.

You can make a low beam in retro style.

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If you’re long enough, use your own braids to give the beam volume.

How To Make The Perfect Bundle: Combine The Incongruous

Sometimes you just want to make a nice lick and a tight bundle. We understand you, but you risk becoming a librarian. Not everybody does, believe me. Even beautiful Jennifer Lopez, who once made a bad bundle, still reaps the fruits in the form of press jokes.

You can do the licked styling but in combination with the volumetric beam.

Or vice versa, a tight bundle in combination with basal volume.

Use our hint!

Forget About The Dirty Hair!

Of course, the bundle is the perfect solution to hide stale hair. But there is a limit to everything! This also applies to the hobbies of styling tools, abusing which, you overload your hair. And this is the enemy of any bundle.

If your hair needs a “tadpiper”, use a dry shampoo, scratch your hair a little at the roots and make a casual bundle.

Remember these rules, and you’ll make the perfect bundle because it’s so stylish and beautiful! And we have prepared the best ideas for you.

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