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Rule The Internet With These Side Swept Hairstyles

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I’m sure the ponytail is one of your favorite hairstyles, and it’s quite understandable, it’s hard to find a more casual and faster style. Tail-on-side hairstyles are the most versatile and popular hairstyles today. The reason why he is famous amongst most girls is because of his looks, style, and especially hairstyle. The look requires minimal styling, tools, or special techniques, and you can do it with ease.

But why make it trivial, if there are other, more vivid, and even chic options! Making a tail on your side, you will get the favorite hairstyle of Hollywood stars, turn into a romantic person, and attract admiring views. And we’ve picked out the best styles for you, take that on board.

Try These Stunning Side Swept Women Hairstyles

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Tail Of The “Crazy Wiggle”

To make this tail, just twist it by sticking it through a rubber band.

Plunge Into Childhood

Make a high tail “a la” ’80s, but instead of a bright rubber band wrap your own strand of hair around the tail. This is much more elegant!

Tail On Your Side: Prepare For A Social Gathering

You’re gonna need three rubber bands and a good mood for that hairstyle! Make a tail and turn it out, continue in the same vein with the rest of the rubber bands, and the ends of the hair wrapped in a flat.

Cascade Tail

A great way to hit your lover in the heart! Weave a braid from ear to ear, and then fix the remaining hair with an elastic band. Don’t forget to make beautiful curls!

Tail On Your Side: “Cross-Wise”

Forget about the usual and boring tail! Before wrapping your hair with an elastic band, stab a few strands of invisible, crossing them with each other.

Retro Tail

Stick your hair on the top and roll up the buckles, put the invisible, voila, you princess!

Tail On The Side: Beach Option

It’s a great way to keep it going for a long time! Just connect the tail to the pigtail! Scythe is definitely not in danger of anything, but the tail, even if swollen, will create a decent frame for the pigtail.

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Slanting Tail

Another way to combine the incompatible. Make a tail, wrap a strand of hair at its base. And then braid a little pigtail.

Create A Creative Mess

Arm yourself with a texture spray or powder to create a careless tail.

Show Me A Romantic Mood

Screw the side strands together with the strands, and then make a tail. To create the right mood, decorate your hair with a flower.

Elsa’s Hairstyle Variation

Laying the Disney cartoon heroine is remembered by everyone. Use it as an idea for the tail on your side!

A Tail On Your Side For Those In A Hurry

Easy and careless styling, but how great it looks!

Hi, From Holland

Tail and scythe “backward” is a great combination!

Bulky Tail

Divide the hair into two parts with a cross-section. Collect the back of the hair in a high tail and slightly slough to create volume. Hair in front of the smooth and tuck under the tail.

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Tail On The Side, Give Freedom!

Sometimes even a rubber band is not needed to create a tail! Weave a weak pigtail and strengthen it from the side invisible, but let the remaining hair hang freely.

Naughty Hair Tail

Just put your hair on the sides of your hair in a free weave and make a tail on your side. Your disobedient curls will only add chic to your hair!

Tail For Long Hair

Sometimes the length is so hard to control! That’s why the tail on your side can be a great solution. That way you leave your hair on your face without letting it rebel.

Tail On Your Side: Rock and Roll

Cover the Dutch braid in the middle, and spread it out so that it resembles a mohawk. And let the ends of the hair fall on your shoulder. Done! All you need is rock and roll!


This weaving combined with the tail on your side is just great!

Madame Pompadour

Stick a braid out of the front of your hair and twist it in any way you like. Pick up the rest of your hair in the high tail on your side.

Low Tail

Just grab the hair lower than usual!

Tail On The Side for Curly Hair

Even with natural curliness, you can make this styling! Fatigue, fun and beautiful – do it!

Tail On Your Side: Ideas

There are so many variations in this styling that you really have something to work with! Why not try everything?

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