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Health and fitness when we introduce these two words, they mean good care of body, and giving our body all the great services, it needs. Being fit was always as important as it is now, just the matter is that people are now getting aware about it. The concept of fit came into light when people started facing problems like diabetes, heart attack and few cancers.

The soul reason behind all these illness and ailment is increase in weight. Physical weight increase that is obesity has a great effect on our body.  So, people talking about losing their weight and become healthy should be supported. Not only this being physical fit has become a great trend nowadays. People like to maintain their body, get great abs and for this losing weight is important. Losing weight in a controlled way is good and maintains blood flow. It is generally said that if you work to lose weight, it generally increases life expectancy.

When people generally start maintaining physical fitness, they leave food for it which is not considered healthy at all. So, when you are told to do exercise and follow a healthy you should not compromise with your eating habits. So here we will introduce few snacks that will help you in weight loss diet.

People while they follow regime should take care with the drinks, they take so there is a suggest for them to drink a good amount of water. Don’t take too much of water it will increase bloating. Prefer green tea as an option in the morning. Drink juices made up of tomatoes, kiwis, papaya etc. Post workout, make juice for yourself and do not add sugar in it this will help you in losing weight. Now let us discuss the snacks options.

Healthy Snacks Ideas for Weight Loss

1. Idlis

A famous product made up of rice wheat that is said to be most healthy dish from southern part of India. It is said to have no calories as compared to many food items and is said to be easily digested in like 30 minutes approximately. It has no saturated fats in it, and it does not have cholesterol in it. It pairs up best with pumpkin sambhar that is also considered as a healthy supplement made up from boiled vegetable and is tasty to eat. This snack not only keeps the tummy happy but also helps a lot for weight loss.

2. Yogurt

A healthy by product of milk, it is made up by fermenting milk and lactobacillus together. They are known or called as probiotic product as they have active bacteria inside them. Yogurt has a lot of nutrients like calcium, Vitamin B6, B12, potassium and magnesium trapped inside it. As we know it has a great amount of calcium it is said to help in reducing or cutting down the abdominal fat. It is also said to help people burn fat and reduce its absorption. This way weight loss can take place through this process.

3. Popcorn

Popcorn is said to be a whole grain cereal when all qualities of it is checked. It is a product of maize (Zea mays). It is a variety of corn kernel that is air popped and made into an eatable compound. It is one of the six type of corn. It pops because of the corn kernel which expands and puffs up when it is heated. Pressure from the steam is built till the hull breaks (ruptures), forcing (making) it to open (expand) itself. It is said to have antioxidants in it that helps to reduce the rate of heart disease. It has lutein it that helps eyes. It helps in losing weight as it contains fibers, they have a great amount of fiber and as we know it doesn’t make anybody hungry that early. It is said to have low calories and less carbs that helps in reducing weight too. But to lose weight do not eat commercial, or microwave popcorn product.

4. Corn

Corn is also known as maize in other places. It is of six types and is consumed in many as we have discussed one of the types above. Interesting thing about corn is that it is used as fodder in some places, but majorly it is consumed as a tasty component. It has antioxidants, lutein present in it. It can be consumed by roasting and applying a pinch of salt and lemon in it. It can be boiled and can be consumed that way. As it has fiber which will help consuming place for you in the stomach and make you eat less. But take in care that you do not take butter while you boil or roast your maize, or it will help you more in gaining weight.

5. Egg

Egg is considered as one of the famous and favorite meal or snacks consumed by people. It is consumed in different ways some people generally boil it, some give it a half fry, some people make omlette of it. It is a really common and inexpensive food when it comes to eating something tasty and healthy. It is rich in protein content and helps one to intake great amount of nutrients like vitamin B2, vitamin D, B6, B12 and magnesium. As we know it has a great protein content it helps in losing weight, it keeps metabolism great for a long time. It also has a great hold on energy for a long time and helps in keeping the mood all lightened up.

6. Oats

It belongs to a very famous family called Poaceae. It is a grain taken or derived from grain of its own plant. Eating oatmeal has been considered as an important part of health-conscious people’s lifestyle. It is said to have low carbs and less fats content too. It regulates blood level and bowl timings. It is also great source of antioxidants as well.  It has a great of fiber again and keeps in control the weight when taken properly in right amount. It is very famous meals that halts fat absorption that means no fat, no fats mean slim body. But whenever you make a meal take in care that you don’t eat too much because it will bloat your body.

7. Boiled Pulses

It is a famous grain legume. It includes a group of different kind of crops like dry peas, chickpeas, dry beans, cow peas and lentils. It is a powerhouse of proteins, amino acids and energy. They have various vitamins in it. Boiled pulses when taken with chopped tomatoes and cucumber along with some spices tastes really nice and are is a great stock of energy for people aiming to lose weight. These pulses are known to have a special compound that is released in the stomach to prevent our stomach from the feeling off hunger. It also activates immune system in our body.

8. Salad

When vegetables and fruits that can be eaten raw are finely chopped in different shape is mixed and served together, it is called salad. A garden salad is what commonly people eat it consists of cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes that too of different types (cherry, sun dried), onions too. These are the veggies that has good amount of fiber and nutrients that keeps our hunger strike in our stomach in check. It also helps people to gain great hydration content in spite of taking water too. A suggestion for people who are taking it you can add paneer and cauliflower (boil it a bit), use a bit olive oil to mix spice that will add taste as well as nutrition to the meal.

9. Sprouts

When the grain or few pulses are germinated or are made to germinate is called sprouting. Germinations refers to coming out of shoots and that shoots along with that pulse can be used to grow a new plant altogether. It can be soaked overnight for making sprouts. It is a great source of vitamins and proteins. It is said to have a good amount of fiber in it that can help in keeping one’s stomach full for a very long time. It has nutrition’s like potassium, magnesium and folate in it too. It has few living enzymes in it too that will help in making your gut happy and lose weight. You can serve it with salad for best taste and great results.

10. Barley

It is a cereal grain found and mainly grown in temperate region. It is a famous grass and is known as ‘jau’ here. It is also known as a whole grain as the characteristics of jau matches with that of whole grain. It is said to have a good number of antioxidants in it.  It also has a great amount of vitamin B, potassium and also has magnesium in it. It even has copper and chromium present in it. It is really helpful when it comes to weight loss strategy. It has a great amount of fibers in it that helps in keeping the space up in stomach. It can be taken in a glass with water before you start dinner.

After all the ideas suggested it’s a kind request to keep up your health and not only concentrate on losing weight. Because losing weight more than the need can lead to new kind of ailments too.