Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long & Medium Hair

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For an occasion like a wedding, it must be daunting to pick out and plan everything. The dress, makeup, hairstyles, jewelry, etc. Although everyone focuses on the bride and groom that day, The bridesmaids are the ones there, supporting and making the bride’s wishes come true. So, it is mandatory that they look beautiful and feel beautiful in whatever they are wearing that day. Just like choosing the dresses and their makeup, hairstyle is also key as it plays an important part in their whole look as well.

There are so many different hairstyles and inspirations but people tend to blindly choose the most popular one without even taking account of their face shape, their dress, etc. So, we are here to show you a myriad of hairstyles from luscious curls to voluptuous straight hair so that you can choose a hairstyle that is unique to you.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Young Women

1. Flower Crown

Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Young Women Flower Crown
Image Source: Grace Bailey Hair

For this look, you are going to need to straighten your hair(if you have straight hair, yay!). Keep it in place using hairspray. Take a hairband and attach flowers that go with the theme of the wedding or your dress and wear it. This is a very simple hairstyle and it takes minimum effort and gives maximum beauty.

2. Waves and Pearls

Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Young Women Waves And Pearls
Image Source: Katte Ffox

Embrace a soft wavy look on your hair. Curl your hair with a straightener or a curler to get soft waves. Now put a hairband that has pearls on it, in the back of your head to give it an ethereal look.

3. Pink Waves

Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Young Women Pink Waves
Image Source: Katte Ffox

If you have pink-colored hair, then please do try out this look. Curl your hair and brush them out to get a softer look. Add on some decorative headbands or clips to pull off the look effortlessly.

4. Beachy Waves

Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Young Women Beachy waves
Image Source: Vi Kosto

Are you fond of waves? Or have straight hairs and want to try something different? Well, then this hairstyle will surely rob your heart. With elements randomly pinned, with beachy waves flawlessly complementing the elements, this is irresistible.

5. High ponytail

Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Young Women High ponytail
Image Source: Hair Styles Arina

If you’re looking for a surreal look to compliment your attire, then this hairstyle will be the perfect choice for you! With hairbands effortlessly matching the ponytail to give that diva look, this one is sure to try. Blow-dry your hair, go tell the hairstylist this style is what you’re looking for, and then see the magic happening.

6. Braid for Perfect You!

Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Young Women BRAID for a perfect you!
Image Source: Essex Suffolk UK Wedding Hair

This hairstyle will surely blend smoothly with your attire and makeup. The best part about this hairstyle is, that t is simple and very attractive. With a branch-shaped element blending smoothly with the braid is awestruck.

7. It’s Time for a Bun!

Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Young Women Its Time for a BUN!
Image Source: Hair Styles Arina

High bun for that classy look. With a braided bun, you will look bold, chic, hot, and attractive. So, what are you waiting for? If your taste lies in a bun or you want to try something different with no or fewer elements this is the one!

8. Bun Baby

Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Young Women Bun Baby
Image Source: Hair Styles Arina

Honestly, a bun makes you look bold, sharp, and you! Hands down, this is one of the most elegant ways to style yourself. Looks chic and pleasing. Give this a shot and you’ll never regret this.

9. Messy Bun


Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Young Women Messy Bun
Image Source: Essex Suffolk UK Wedding Hair

Buns always make you look even more attractive and charming. When it comes to messy buns they are just next level! Adding some more elements on top of it is just like walking on a cake. Smooth and satisfying, right?

10. Bun with a Twist

Bun with a TWIST
Image Source: Katte Ffox

As I said earlier, buns make you look perfect. But this time to make you look even more attractive and appealing, here we have buns with a wavy effect. Isn’t this thing awesome? Adding some flower elements will make you look like the center of attraction. Carry this look effortlessly and slay.

11. French Hair Bun

French Hair Bun
Image Source: Hair Styles Arina

Want to try something new? Something different? Which will look absolutely adorable and admirable? Then this is the one you should be looking for! With a twist of French hair bun, this is perfect.

12. Bun with a Braid

Bun with a BRAID
Image Source: All Braids Every Day

If you are someone who doesn’t want many articles and elements covering your hair? Want it simple but chic? Then this one is for you! With a braid covering the front part gracefully with a low messy bun this one will surely rob your heart.

13. Choose the one You like the Most

Choose the one you like the MOST
Image Source: Brushes and Braids

Starting with the first one, this one is for those who love to follow the trend and want to keep their hair open.

The second one is for those, who are more of looking sophisticated and elegant.

The third one is for those whose taste lies in experimenting with their hair. Want to look bold and subtle.

14. Choices for All

Choices for ALL
Image Source: Vi Kosto

All of these looks are wow and super adorable. If you’re into experimenting with your hairs or have wavy hairs and want to try some looks for the same, you should go for this one. Choose the one which matches your outfit and yes, you go girl!

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