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How to Prevent Wrinkles on Neck Naturally

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The life style we are living is full of dirt and pollution which lead us to face many skin problems and wrinkles on the neck are one of them. Aging effect might be one of the reasons of it. Actually, it has been seen that mostly exposed part of the skin get affected because of sun rays, especially for fair skin people. Bad diet, smoking or genetics may also be reason for it.

How will you come to know about winkles? If you don’t know, then let me tell you, the lines and creases that form in your skin. While you will also find some lines on your skin which are deep crevices or furrow. These lines can be found anywhere mostly on the exposed parts like on face, neck, the back of the hands and the tops etc.

There is a process known as Intrinsic aging, it occurs over the span of your lifetime. Our skin around the age of 40-50 starts losing natural oils and made our skin dry, causes loose and saggy skin.

We can’t control these wrinkle generating factors but yes we can treat them in right order. There are several treatments who would be done for wrinkles. But the safest option is to choose some naturals ways. So, We am sharing some of them, here. Hopefully, they will help you.

How to Prevent Wrinkles on Neck Naturally

Be Protective

Whenever, you go out especially in midday use to hide your whole body. The most damaging rays in the sunlight are Ultraviolet rays (UV).There are two types of UV rays:-UVA and UVB. Basically, sunburns are  caused by UVB rays because of which not even wrinkles but skin cancer like diseases also happen. But UVA rays goes deeply into your skin and cause skin aging effect like wrinkles.

So, protecting yourself from sunlight is should be the most essential step for you. Hide your all body parts or if you can then try to minimize your outgoing. Don’t wear off shoulders, spegattis or any body exposure dress. Carrying shrug or stole can be a good option.

Although these are tips to protect yourself from sun rays yet we know it is kinda next to impossible thing for some of us. So, why don’t we go with the option who don’t stop you to shine even in sunshine. You can easily find plenty of remedies for sunscreen on internet but not all of them are useful. We are sharing the most used and effective remedy, here. For this you gonna need1/4 cup Coconut oil, 2 tsp Zinc oxide,1/4 cup pure Aloe vera gel, 25 drops Walnut extract oil ,1 cup Shea butter. Now, Warm shea butter, walnut extract oil and coconut oil in saucepan on light heat. After being warm, let the mixture be cool. Then add aloe vera gel and zinc oxide in proper manner. Make sure Zinc will dissolve completely. Now, your homemade sunscreen is ready. Apply it whenever you go outside.

Use Moisturizer

Good quality moisturizer can bring your skin texture back. Wrinkle occurs when the collagen fibers in the skin breaks down. It is belief that people with oily skin have less chances of having wrinkles because they have much oil to keep their skin moisturized. Moisturizer will prevent wrinkles but yes it can conceal the severity of them. There is a protective oil layer in the skin which helps to hold the water back. When these oils are lost, skin tends to lose this water and becomes dry. Moisturizer act as a barrier and prevent  this loss of water from skin. In a study by Olay, it has been proved that moisturizer reduces wrinkles.

Chemicals can be harsh on your skin. So, we would suggest you a home remedy for it Because alcohol based products can increase problems for your skin especially when it is sensitive. Try the remedy mentioned below:-

Homemade moisturizer

  • Take a ½ Avocado
  • 1 tsp milk
  • 1 tsp honey

Blend ½ avocado and take 1 tsp of crushed avocado. Now mix it milk and honey. After mixing it perfectly, apply this paste on your skin. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it off with warm water.

Change your Diet

It is necessary to feed your skin with vitamins, minerals and proteins which can nourish your skin from inside. External applicable things can protect your skin from outer world but to fight with internal problems like aging effect, you should take care of your diet so that it can take care of your skin. A Diet with enough supplement of vitamin A, C and E can prevent wrinkles. Fruits and vegetables can help you to deal with this problem. Hopefully you have heard the idiom

     “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

The source of these vitamins are mentioned below:-

  • Vitamin A- Carrots, sweet potato, Spinach, Collard greens, Apricots etc
  • Vitamin C- Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Broccoli, Papaya etc
  • Vitamin E- Bell pepper, Peanuts, Corn,
  • Hazelnut, Wheat germ etc.

Stop eating junk or fast food to prevent bad skin effects.

Drink water

The largest organ of our body, skin needs water to function at its best. Less drinking of water can lead tight, rough and flaky skin. Sometimes, it also becomes a cause of soon aging effect. The more you drink water the more you stay hydrate and the fewer wrinkles you will have. Drinking more water increases the elasticity of your skin. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrate.

Do Exercise

Doing exercise can help you to prevent your wrinkles naturally. As some exercises prevent your body to go out of the shape similarly some neck exercises also prevents wrinkles. When you do exercises your muscles get tighter and prevent sagging of your skin.

The very first exercise is to keep your head up towards ceiling, keep your mouth shut. Don’t open and close it regularly as some people use to do this too. Then try to touch your chin. You will feel the muscles of your neck are getting tighten. Do this exercise at least 2 times a day in which you will follow the same steps for 5 times.

Another exercise for neck is to keep your neck towards ceiling then tilt it in left direction and later tilt it in right direction. After doing this notice, where do you have wrinkles on your neck? Rub your hand from the end of the wrinkle upto starting of it. Don’t forget to rub your hand from the bottom of the neck to top of it. Try to do this exercise at least 5 times a day.

Live healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is not all about just having good diet, ofcourse it is related to diet but it is also about the way you live. Keep your head straight while you sit and your chin up. This technique not only reduces your wrinkles but also your double chin even if you don’t have it. Drink more and more water. Don’t smoke, it is hazardous for your health. Give massage to your neck and face on regular basis.

We hope you will adapt all these points to prevent wrinkles because you can hide them from concealers or any other makeup but you can’t prevent them from it. Follow these guidelines to get rid of wrinkles.

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