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Excessive Hand Washing Killing Your Skin? Check These Remedies to Heal Dry Hands

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This crucial time of pandemic forced all of us to wash our hands in regular twenty minutes. The Centre for Disease Control refers to hand washing as ”do-it-yourself vaccine”. Of course it is the most important step towards our safety, nowadays. But have you ever think, the alcohol-based hand washes you are told to use, how much harmful are they for your soft hands? The natural oils present in your skin get affected by harsh chemicals. Although we know over use of such alcohol based hand washes can be proved as harmful for our hand yet we are forced to use them. But wait for a while, we still have other options to deal with this rough problem.

Excessive use of anything can cause harm. Many companies are launching their hand washes by saying that they don’t have any harsh chemicals but they still contain toxic ingredients. It means even the hand washes which label theirself as natural one are also kind of chemical container. Let’s see some ways which can help you to keep your hands healed and soft. So, here we go:-

Have knowledge of ingredients

Have For making your hands safe and soft you should be aware of their effects upon the skin. Before choosing any hand wash you should have a look on their chemicals. Avoid soaps or hand washes containing toxic ingredients like triclosan,sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens etc. In short, use soaps or hand washes containing natural ingredients and take care of your hand because without use of chemicals, any kind of soap or hand wash can’t be made.

Drink water

This step doesn’t have any other substitute. Water is vital for healthy skin. This is the most essential step to adapt, for not making only your hands healthy but also keeping your skin hydrate. According to doctors, we need to drink at least 2 litre or eight glasses of water each day. It helps to maintain the optimal body temperature, keeping the skin moist. So, drink more and more water.

Use Moisturizer

Put some moisture in your thirsty skin to keep it hydrate. Continuous use of chemicals can kill your skin’s moisture or oil present in your skin. Your dry hands do not need medical attention but yes they definetly need some cure otherwise they can be turn into cracks and fissures. The ingredients used in the moisturizer help dry skin to supply a little bit of water in it.

The best option for nowadays to keep your skin soft and moisturized is 100% white petroleum, Vaseline. You can also go with any other moisturizer which suits you and maintain moisture for whole day.

Aware of temperature

As you have heard either too much cold or too much hotness, both are not good for our skin. But it is a season of hot–sizzling summer. The increasing temperature of nowadays is not good for skin. Hot air  commonly known by the name of loo also plays major role in making your skin dry. Try to reduce your outgoing. It seems little difficult but you can also choose good sunscreen as a substitute of it. If you frequently do works related to water like washing dishes, clothes, cleaning house or any other, then you should prefer to wear gloves.

Also remember to use less hair dryer because hot air can also make your skin dry.

Don’t use hot water

Hot water can whisks away the natural oils in the skin which help it to retain moisture. You can take bath with lukewarm water. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer even after having bath with normal water because chemical containing soaps can be harsh on your skin. So, apply moisturizer as soon as possible after bath.

Use moisturising soaps

As I mentioned above, soaps can be harsh on your sensitive skin. So, before going for any soap wait for a while and think, are you buying the correct one? The question arises here, if not anyone then which one? The soaps with natural oil extracts and good moisturizing quality should be the top choice for sensitive skin. Like Dove, Nivea Cream Care, Himalaya Herbal Honey, The body shop shea soap, Soulflower moisturizing milk chocolate etc. If you are comfortable with any other then don’t hesitate to use it.

Prevent dry hands

As much as possible you should try to   prevent your hands from getting dry. You can carry a bottle of lotion and applying it whole day. If you don’t want to stick with this solution, then try these natural things to keep your skin healed and hydrate for whole day. Glycerin, jojoba oil, milk cream, cocoa butter, aloe vera etc, if you don’t have any of them then try to go with the products who have these ingredient’s extracts.

Do overnight treatment

People with dry hands should also do some work overnight. The application of any cream or moisturizer at night can provide you a golden chance to let it be applied on your hand for long time. People used to apply different kinds of night cream for attaining their moisture back.

Use natural ingredients

You can add raw or cooked oats to your bathing water, it will rejuvenate the skin of not even your hands but also your body.  Applying olive oil can be proven beneficial to you for more than one reason. But let’s see its benefits for hands. Olive oil will penetrate deep into the hands and provide a long-lasting shield of moisture to keep hand smooth and supple. It can protect the nails and take care of cuticles. Aloe vera gel has cooling properties. It provides soothing effect to dry skin. We suggest you to go for pure aloe gel, however market gels have contain chemicals. Aloe vera is also known for its healing effect. It used to boost the healing effect of skin by increasing skin cell reproduction eight times more than natural.

Keep surrounding clean

It seems a little point but many of us don’t adapt it our life. Dirt nearby your place can cause infection or any other skin problem. Try to stay clean and maintain cleanliness around yourself. Keep your hands cleans but don’t forget to apply hand cream after washing them. Washing hands can make them clean but also dry.

At last, we want to suggest you that If you have an extremely dry skin problem and not finding any cure of it. Then please, have a visit to a good Dermatologist. Hopefully, these guidelines will help you.

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