28 Different Types Of Socks You Should Know

Types of Socks For Men and Women
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We might not think about socks too often but we also can’t deny the fact that they are as important as any other piece of clothing. They make a significant part of a of our footwear. Socks help us to avoid the nasty shoe bites and also protect our feet from the friction caused by the shoes while walking

Not many of us know that there are various distinct types of socks based on their length, the weather in which they should be worn and also the sports that one can play while wearing them. One should be aware of all kinds of socks that he can wear according to the need.

So, here are 28 different types of socks that you should know so that you can make an informed choice while choosing your socks.

28 Different Types Of Socks

1. Slip On Socks

Slip on socks are thin and they are used to wear with loafers in general. They are also considered to be perfect for the ballerina shoes. These socks are also called no show socks as they can’t be seen out of the footwear. It is best suited for people who don’t like their socks to be seen out side their footwear.

2. Ankle Length Socks

Different Types Of Socks You Should Know

Ankle length socks are the socks that end around the ankle bone of the feet covering the entire ankle area. They rise till just above the shoes. These socks are most preferred by runners. They are also worn with sneakers. These socks also go by the name “Low cut socks”. These socks also prevent blisters.

3. Quarter Length Socks

Different Types Of Socks You Should Know

Quarter length socks reach just above the ankle and below the calf. They give protection to the feet from blisters as well as shoe bites. These kind of socks are mostly preferred by the men nowadays to wear with the formal outfits as they have an elite look.

4. Crew Length Socks

Different Types Of Socks You Should Know

Crew length socks have a length of 6 to 8 inches.  People who go for hiking and other sports prefer  crew length socks. These socks don’t look masculine or feminine so can be worn by any gender. They come in both plain and printed forms.

5. Mid-Calf Length Socks

Socks Designs for men and Women

This is the general name given to socks that end midway between the ankle and the knee. These socks are mostly used by school going children. They can also be worn by professionals with formal outfits. They are a good choice for both men and women. They are also the best for children.

6. Calf Length Socks

Socks Designs for men and Women

Calf Length socks are generally worn with shorts, skirts and casual dresses. They offer both warmth as well as protection. Calf length socks are preferred when you want to give yourself a very casual look. These socks are generally worn by girls and boys.

7. Knee Length Socks

Socks Designs for Women

Knee length socks are generally worn by women who love to wear boots. These socks have a high fashion quotient. They give complete protection against tough weathers and are highly suitable for outdoor activities. These kinds of socks were also worn by girls with school uniforms in olden days. However that time is long gone.

8. Thigh High Socks

Socks Designs for Women

Thigh high socks reach upto the thighs and can even go higher. They can also be called as thigh high socks. They are made up of polyester and cotton. They can be worn for whole day as they are very comfortable to wear. They have a thin and soft texture. They are mostly worn with mini skirts and shorts. Kids were them with school uniforms as well.

9. Transparent Socks

Socks Designs for Kids and Women

Transparent socks are worn in summer time as they have no ability to keep the feet warm but protects them from tanning. They are made up of cotton, polyester and spandex. They are transparent with minimal cloth on ankle, heels and toes.

10. Frill Socks

Socks Designs for Kids Girl

These cute pair of cotton socks with hearts and a frill are the cutest one on this list. They look beautiful on babies as well as girls. They come in a various colors to match with different dresses. It is an excellent choice for children when it comes to birthdays, parties and other functions. They are highly comfortable as they are made of cotton.

11. Tulle Socks

Net Socks Designs for Women

These socks are made from nylon tulle material that is of a highly superior quality. They can’t be stretched too much and are loose fitted. With toes, heels and tops in a fine knit fabric, they are strong and will resist snags and tears. Created from a sheer fabric, they are not bulky inside your shoes and they add a small amount of warmth to your feet. You can wear normal tulle socks in various ways but these beaded tulle socks are best paired with a short dress.

12. Lace Socks

Lace Socks Designs for Girl and Women

Lace socks as we can understand by the name, are made up of lace material. These are also worn in Summers. Lace socks are generally worn with bellies. They look attractive and can be styled with different footwears. They come in different colors so you can always match them with the outfit.

13. Fishnet Socks

Fish Net Socks Designs for Women

Fishnet socks are for women. They are in a fishnet pattern extending from the feet to lower calves or ankles. Fishnet socks have a high fashion quotient. They were introduced in 1930 but their fashion came back in trend during 2017. They are light and you can be experimental with these socks. These socks are especially made for women. They come in just two colors, that are, black and white. They are generally worn for parties and go best with stylish outfits.

14. Fence Net Socks

Net Socks Designs for Women

These socks form a part of the exotic apparel. They are generally made of a mixture of acrylic and spandex material. They are very sexy and have a geometric pattern. Also it can be noted that one size fits all. They are worn by women with short dresses. They give a sexy look to he outfit.

15. Gel Socks

Socks Designs for men and Women

Gel socks are an amazing form of socks to have as they work like foot creams. You won’t feel the need to apply foot cream if you were these socks as they have a lining of hydrating gel along with Vit E and Jojoba oil content. You have to keep them in refrigeration before use. Just wear it at night for a few days and your feet would turn soft and the cracks will heal.

16. Yoga Socks/Ballet Grip Socks

Yoga Socks Designs for men and Women

Just as the name suggests, ballet grip socks are designed for activities that require good grip. They can be used for yoga, ballet and other activities. These socks give you the ability and confidence to concentrate upon the acitivies you’re performing without the fear of loosing grip, slipping and falling down. It also keeps the feet clean and dry. The sole has a dot pattern as shown in the image that increases the grip.

17. Compression Socks

Socks Designs for men and Women

These type of socks are worn to overcome soreness and swelling. They are created in a way that they apply pressure on the lower part of the legs. They come in different lengths and colors and even in different degrees of compression. They can be worn in day time but should be removed at the end of the day.

18. Football Socks

Football Socks Designs for men and Women

These socks are specially made for football or soccer players. They are cushioned at the heels and foot which makes them a lot more comfortable than normal socks. The fabric that is used in these socks allows easy airflow and ventilation. The top has tight elastic to prevent it from drooping down while running as football requires a lot of running.

19. Baseball Stirrups Socks

Baseball Socks Designs for men

Stirrup socks were a part of the uniform of the baseball players in the 1900s. Slowly this style of socks faded away. However, the old style of these socks is returning all the way back. Stirrup socks donot have feet and they are worn on white socks as shown in the picture.

20. Ski Socks

Sports Socks Designs for men and Women

Just as the name suggests, Ski socks are specially designed for Skiing. These are kind of socks have a thick padding on the shin to protect the person from injuries. They are warm to enhance protection from frostbite. They come in different colors and designs.

21. Snowboard Socks

Socks Designs for men and Women

Both ski and snowboard socks are quite similar except some of the things. Ski and snowboard boots have substantial differences, requiring certain features from a sock. Ski socks tend to have more padding on the shin to enhance comfort and eliminate the shin bang from the front of the ski boots. On the other hand, snowboard socks are designed with an integrated forward lean to eliminate bunching in critical areas while riding. Apart from these, both are warm enough to fight freezing cold weather.

22. Winter Socks

Winter Snowmen Socks Designs for men and Women

Winters are a time in which it becomes most important to cover yourself up with as much clothes as possible. In winter the feet get really cold and it becomes difficult for people to walk around. These winter socks are made up of such material that they keep your feet warm to fight the cold temperature of the winters.

23. Cozy Wintery Socks

Knitting Socks Designs for men and Women

What to do when the winters get out of hand and normal winter socks don’t work? Get these cosy wintery socks! These socks are knitted from wool to keep your feet warm during extreme winter. Go ahead and get yourself a couple of these warm winter socks to keep yourself warm in the winters. Also, making them is so easy that you can knit them yourself too.

24. Leg Warmer Socks

Crochet Socks Designs for men and Women

Leg Warmers are the favorite kind of socks worn during winter time. They are generally made from natural cotton yarn which is a good sweat absorber. They are in trend mostly preferred by girls as they can wear them on jeans as well as on a skirt making the dress look unique.

25. Moccasin Slipper Socks

Slipper Socks Designs for kids

Another kind of socks best worn in winters are the moccasin style slipper socks. These socks keep the feet and toes warm. The leather used is of a washable kind. The leather is stitched on to the cotton socks. These types of socks come in a variety of colors and funky kind of designs. They are best suited and mostly worn by children. As the children find it difficult to wear shoes whole day long, these socks are the best option to prevent them from catching cold in winters due to bare feet.

26. Split Toe Socks

toe Socks Designs for Women

Most of the Indian women wear footwear with a toe grip which makes it problematic for them to wear socks with such kind of footwear. It becomes a task to walk around in the winter as the normal socks are difficult to wear with chappals or sandals. However, this problem has a solution too. These Split Toe Socks solve this problem making them a must have for women in winters. It can be worn with chappals or any footwear with a toe grip. The socks have a compartment for the big toe thumb and the remaining toes have another compartment making them most comfortable to wear.

27. Cotton Socks

Cotton Socks Designs for men and Women

Cotton is an extremely versatile fabric. It is a natural fabric and has many qualities making it the best option for every piece of clothing. Coming to the socks, the perfect mix of cotton in the socks will feel extremely soft on your feet. While some cotton socks may feel like they constrain your feet due to increased friction, the right type of cotton combined with a good fitting pair of socks will only feel good on your feet. So, whenever in a dilemma, choose cotton socks. They come in different colors to add to your pleasure of having them.

28. Funky Socks

Funky Socks Designs for Girls

If we think so much before wearing an outfit, then why don’t we give a second thought to the socks that we wear. There are various kinds of funky socks available in the market that you can pair with your outfits. They wouldn’t just add color and style to your look but would also give it a fresh and unique vibe as not many people do that. Funky socks are available in different styles like striped print, polka dots and even in florescent color and floral prints.

So, these were 28 kinds of socks that you must know to pair them with your footwear and also use them in different ways on different occassions to make your life easier. Don’t wait and just go get the pair of socks you needed but never knew existed!

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