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Weddings are the most talked about event in India. Everyone has different ideas when it comes to their wedding. Some likes it to be very intimate gathering while others wants a big fat Indian wedding. Weddings make two people irrefutable stars of the whole event, i.e, bride and groom. There is no such detail as a small detail, every thing needs to be taken care of properly. From the food menu, to the wedding venue, flowers for the mandap to the decoration flowers for the stage. everything needs a proper plan and procedure. We have already done articles on wedding decoration ideas so we decided on doing one article on bridal chair decoration ideas as well.

Bridal chairs are often decorated with flowers, sashes, colourful fabrics. So we have shortlisted creating ideas that will be helpful for your wedding as well, it will give an idea on how you want your wedding chair to look like.

1. Falling marigold flower chair

Falling marigold flower chair seat for bride

Image Source: Tanvi & Co.

This is a beautiful Bridal chair decoration idea which has marigold flower decoration around it with falling mogra flowers working in contrast. This bridal chair will be suitable for the mehendi ceremony. With a proper sitting under a tent which is also colourful look so beautiful and decorative.

2. Indian wedding chair decoration idea

Indian wedding chair decoration idea for bridal seat

Image Source: Decor By Dinaz

This is a bridal throne for mehndi function. With a delicate floral waterfall with he beautiful blue contrasting back drop, this setup is so gorgeous and mesmerising. Don’t forget the beautiful pink and white flowers on the top of the throne. They look so delicate, with the customised printed cushion this bridal chair setting is beautiful. You can get a similar seating for yourself, ask your event planner to get soothing as dreamy as this decor.

3. Bride and groom seating!

Bride and groom seating area decoration ideas

Image Source: The Wedding Galore

Bride and groom chair decoration inspiration can be taken from the above picture. Vibrant tassels falling down the ceiling , with  turquoise blue and hot pink drapes falling from the back, giving it a beautiful backdrop, and the amazing floral decorations. This is a perfect setup for a Mehndi function .

4. Gorgeous named seating style

Gorgeous named seating style Haldi Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Image Source: Ātisuto Events

Well the dreamiest flower combination which has marigold flowers and Bougainvillea flowers in it and names of Dulha and dulhan written on the it with such beauty who would ignore this wedding chair decoration idea. If you are having all the wedding ceremonies together then this is a great sitting area for the bride and groom. Golden bench with yellow pillows on it to complete the look is the smallest of detailing that have been taken care of.

5. Hanging Floral basket backdrop

Hanging Floral basket backdrop Haldi Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Image Source: With Love, Nilma

For the mehndi ceremony, this beautiful stage was designed for the bride and groom to sit. With the hanging flower baskets in the back drop and bougainvillaea flowers at the ground for them on their feet, this decor is so gorgeous. The colour ordinated stage with aqua blue, hot pink and white colours in it this is a beautiful setup. This event was designed by with love, Nilma. Their team did a great job in designing and executing such wonderful design .

6. Whimsy bridal seating

Whimsy bridal seating Haldi Mehndi Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Image Source: Ātisuto Events

The backdrop of boho rug and wicker sheets on a golden frame with the diwan of leather cover on it. Everything is matching perfectly. This beautiful bridal seating strikes extremely unconventional but so creative, vibrant and gorgeous. The designs are kept to be minimal which is even more attractive as it is not looking gaudy.

7.Wedding ceremony stage

Wedding ceremony stage Haldi Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Image Source: Tanvi & Co.

This beautiful yellow stage is perfect for a haldi ceremony and a mehndi ceremony as well. The beautiful swing covered with yellow flowers all over it with green leaves giving it a very natural look is an amazing setup. With the marigold flowers falling in the backdrop it is looking so stunning as the space is open which gives it natural sunlight effect as well.

8. Authentic Indian backdrop

Authentic Indian backdrop Haldi Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Image Source: Infinite Memories

With the banshee fabric used for creating the backdrop and the seat cover for the swing this is pure Indian design for mehndi decor. Two beautiful elephant statues on the either side of the swing gives it a royal vibe. The marigold flowers placed around the swing makes everything look so beautiful.

9. Dream catcher backdrop!

Dream catcher backdrop Mehndi Sangeet Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Image Source: BigBash Entertainment

This decor is so in and very trendy. The dream catcher backdrop and floral decorations makes this swing looks so beautiful. The swing is also of rustic colour giving the whole decor a regal look. This swing seating is appropriate for the. brides and also for the grooms as well. This beautiful decor is so gorgeous and stunning that it has become “the choice” while deciding on the wedding decorations.

10. Chair decorations for party

Chair decorations for party sangeet Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Image Source: Aash Studio

Setting up seating areas in open spaces gives so many opportunities to create almost any kind of decor. It can be bohemian, romantic, floral or filled with lights. This sitting seems a perfect setting for a cosy romantic evening. It can be with your friends for a small party before getting married. Or a date that you have arranged for your partner. This setting is gorgeous and very simple which makes it even more romantic and attractive.

11. Chandelier and falling light backdrop wedding chair!

Chandelier and falling light backdrop wedding chair

Image Source: With Love, Nilma

This is the perfect wedding chair for the reception. The chandelier is such a beautiful addition to this decor. The huge flower pots on the one side of the sofa for the bore and groom and the falling lights in the background makes this stage perfect and romantic . Pictures for the couple can be clicked here as they have dim romantic lights which will be very good for pictures.

These are some extremely stunning and gorgeous decor ideas for the bridal chair. Based on the ceremony na theme you can choose one of these ideas for yourself. They will make your ceremony extra special since you will choose it by yourself. Weddings with amazing pictures and beautiful backdrops are always memorable.

K4 Fashion have tried their best with the research and then they have shortlisted these bridal chair decor ideas which are exquisite and extremely gorgeous. Choose one Foy yourself.

Have a memorable and amazing wedding!

Simple & Stylish Decoration Ideas for Haldi Function

Simple & Stylish Decoration Ideas for Haldi Function

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