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Homemade Aloevera Hair Oil for Double Hair Growth – No Hair Fall

Homemade Aloevera Hair Oil for Double Hair Growth – No Hair Fall
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Aloe Vera also known as “Gwar patha” has been considered a very special ingredient for so many things. It can be used for your skin, weight loss and also for your hair as well. This is one ingredient even used by many cosmetic companies while making skin products or different beauty products. It is not a surprise that in Indian household Aloe vera is grown in their kitchen gardens.

Aloe vera contains anti oxidants, have anti bacterial properties in it, it can help in reducing the burning effect from the skin, some people even intake aloe vera juice to keep themselves fit. This one plant has enough properties to keep you fit in almost all aspects- skin, scalp and weight.

Aloe vera has so many nutrients and properties in it that makes it a very important medicinal plant. Vitamins like Vitamin A, C and E are anti oxidants. It has enzymes like lipase, catalase and amylase in it. Aloe vera contains minerals like calcium, chromium and copper as well.

K4 Fashion is focussing only on one aspect- i.e, Hair growth. through aloe vera. Aloe vera can be applied directly on your hair to give it a smoothening effect or else you can also use Aloe vera hair oil. The video below will tell us about how to make Homemade Aloe vera hair oil to get the beautiful long locks.

Homemade Aloevera Hair Oil for Hair Growth


  • Aloe vera leaf
  • Coconut oil
  • Small pan
  • Hot boiling water
  • Wooden spoon
  • Knife
  • Bowl
  • Strainer


  1. Take a long leaf of aloe vera.
  2. Now with the help of a knife, cut the aloe vera leaf into small pieces, cube shaped. Make Sure that pieces are not too small but not too big.
  3. Now in a small pan take coconut oil.
  4. Put the pieces of aloe vera in the coconut oil.
  5. Place a huge bowl filled with water on the gas stove.
  6. Now let the water boil.
  7. Once you see the water warming up place the pan inside the bowl.
  8. You don’t have to heat the coconut oil directly, just the warmth from the hot water should reach the oil.
  9. With the help of a wooden spoon stir the mixture of oil and aloe vera so that the gel of aloe vera gets mixed with the oil easily .
  10. Let the pan sit inside the water until it completely cools down.
  11. Now strain the oil with the help of a strainer.
  12. Your aloe vera oil is ready.

You can apply this oil on your scalp and massage it with soft hands. Keep it in your head for at least 1 hour before you wash your hair off. Use only mild shampoo.

You can also keep this oil in your head for over night.

Homemade Aloe vera hair oil will help activate new hair growth and also this oil will keep your hair nourished and your hair fall will eventually decrease. Homemade Aloe vera hair oil will be able to give your hair the nutrients it has been lacking and will keep your locks lustrous and soft.

Aloe vera hair oil will also decrease your dandruff problems and will help you in getting rid of the itchy problem in your scalp that you have been facing.

Aloe vera hair oil can also be used on your skin. Don’t leave it for long but this oil can keep your skin shiny as well. This oil has been used for treating the acne problem that 80% of Indian people have these days. Aloe vera can be applied directly on your face.

Aloe vera holds such distinct properties that it can be used for multi purposes. These days Aloe vera gel comes, aloe vera juices are available in market, as well as face washes with aloe vera in it, even there is a ready made oil available in the market.

This product has qualities that can be very useful for long run.

So go and grab an aloe vera leaf, make your oil at home and apply it to avoid hair shredding, promote hair growth and keeping those hair locks long and beautiful.

Why can we not boil the oil directly? If we boil it directly the aloe vera might burn and the smell will not be good. So the warmth of the water is used to make aloe vera oil.

Can we apply aloe vera directly on scalp? Yes, you can apply Aloe Vera directly on your scalp with the oil comes in handy and will be easier to apply as well.

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